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Cancer’s symbol is the crab and crabs often live in the inter -tidal zone of the oceans.
Having to protect themselves from other creatures and animals, crabs have a hard shell that not only protects them , yet also becomes their home. The combination of Venus-Mars or Venus, Mars or Rahu creates adultery and character flaw.There would be no extra marital affairs happens when Venus is auspicious and strong or the seventh house and its owner in good position.
Those with the cancer sign may also develop a hard shell or exterior when it comes to their personality, protecting themselves in attempts to no make themselves vulnerable to possible outside threats and people. The symbol of the Crab also embodies pinching claws, making things easier to grab onto. On this day, Lord Rama has been worshiped.The effect of anxiety and fascination decreases by doing fast on mohini Ekadashi. When Venus is offended or it lost its auspiciousness or it become weak or main planet is weak then person take interest in others.
It also happens when Jupiter relates with seventh house and its owner or there are no net on Venus Mountain.
Those with the Cancer sign, may have a tough time letting go of the past and are extremely protective and dedicated to people they care about. However, Moon denotes most of the conditions of mother.You might face mental stress and problems if you do not respect your mother.
One should keep his head on south side and leg on west side at the time of sleep.One should avoid keeping his head on north side. It happens when the color of hand is clear and the horoscope of husband-wife matches completely.Extra marital affair happens when Jupiter is strong and Moon is weak.

This may also mean that they have a difficult time letting go of people and past hurt and pain as well. Cancer folk can be nuturing and protect you with their shell, however they can also perhaps appear smothering sometimes.Being a water sign and water in the astrological world symbolizing emotion, those with the Cancer sign can be quite emotional characters. If there is combination of Venus and Rahu or there are two similar marriage line and Venus Mountain is more upward. The tides and currents in the ocean churn and sometimes make ripples, sometimes creating large crashing waves. He can get the benefits of Godan (donation of 1000 cows).Lord Vishnu or his incarnations are the main god for the Ekadashi.
People do not get stability in their life.Moon can be strengthened by giving respect to mother.
Those whose radix is 2, 4 or 8 they do more extra marital affair.Husband-wife does not love each other when Jupiter and Moon are impaired. Sometimes the emotional state of those with the Cancer sign, run so deep that they cannot even put words to their feelings at times.The key planet of Cancer is the moon. The moon is constantly changing, yet races around the earth always coming back again once a month.
You can do Ardhmatsheydrash, Ustradashan, Dhanurashan, Hastpadoaashan, Halashan, Sarvangashan and Shirshashan. You can wash your eyes with cold water or triphala.Take almond, saunf and mishri in equal amounts.

It strengthens the Moon, Jupiter and Venus.On the above cases, grind the watermelon seeds and poppy seeds. The moon is often connected to women’s menstrual cycles and have often been tied to the lunar rhythm. The moon is key in house of Cancer and the moon often also signifies emotions and emotional states. Extra marital affair happens if there are many planets positioned in seventh house.On the above case, one should chant 3 rosaries of Namah Shivay in evening.
Those in Cancer, have an innate knowing of not only their own feelings, yet also the feelings of others . Based upon this intuition, it also helps them nurture and protect other people in their lives.  Is your sun sign Cancer? It is helpful to get rid of blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, headache, stress, insomnia and depression. Some people do not have time for their life partner.On the above cases, you should sit in front of the god and accept your guilt.

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