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For his book, Preiss commissioned a young artist named John Jude Palencar (who went on to design the covers for the Eragon series) to create a dozen paintings.
However, fans of the mystery continue to mine the Palencar paintings and Preiss’s poems for clues.
For the last few years, I’ve written about unsolved crimes, hunting down serial killers and crooked politicians in Cleveland (we have more than our fair share of both). My first call was to Preiss’s widow and what she said got my heart racing again, the way I felt when I first saw that book in the Bedford library so many years ago. On Friday, I leave for Chicago to interview the Goonies who found the treasure there, back in 1984. The US Farm Security Administration commissioned hundreds of thousands of photos in the 1930s and 40s, representing an unparalleled record of the times. Moving into the house we just bought, I found to my delight a mysterious locked safe at the back of a closet.
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A Reddit post six months ago introduced the book to a new generation of web-savvy puzzlers.
For the last five years he has been investigating the strange disappearance of UMass student Maura Murray.
Unfortunately, as revealed in an exhibition curated by Bill McDowell, many of the shots were badly damaged with hole punches. My mother had taken me to the little library in Bedford, outside Cleveland, and in the stacks there, I discovered this small bound book with a strange painting on the cover that hinted at some fantastic mystery.
It’s creator, Byron Preiss, was inspired by the book, Masquerade, which was published in the U.K. If you want to travel deeply into the rabbit hole, an old message board called Quest4Treasure goes into greater detail.
I took the book home with me and read about the twelve keys Byron Preiss had buried in cities across North America.
There was no way to cheat, either, as metal detectors would never pick up the ceramic casque or keys.

Written and illustrated by Kit Williams, Masquerade contained fifteen paintings that pointed to the location of a buried treasure, in this case, a rabbit pendant made of gold and jewels. A crew is coming along to film a documentary, produced by Tyler Davidson and his gang at Low Spark Films (Take Shelter, The Signal).
And I fretted that, by the time I was sixteen and had the freedom a driver’s license could afford, all the keys would be found.
And each key could be turned into the publisher, who would hand over a gem worth around $1,000.

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