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We registered and picked up our tote bags last night, so we are at the ACC to people watch.
As the registration hall gets crowded, we meet up with Grant Torre ’17, who is also attending the festival. After abandoning Grant to enter a 21-plus area that promises free tacos, we head to the Paramount Theatre for the premiere of Richard Linklater’s latest film, Everybody Wants Some, which chronicles one freshman baseball player’s first weekend of college in 1980. We make our way to the disco party, but only stay for Wood’s introduction – which is accompanied by a few hundred free hotdogs — and scramble into the midnight short film screening next door, which stick sort of stick to a horror theme.
After a strange, exhausted Q&A session with the creators of the short films, we head home on a Lyft driven by a Bernie Bro. Annabelle Sala, of Ballston Lake, participates in the Daily Gazette sponsored Sawyer Fredericks look-a-like contest at Proctors in Schenectady on Monday, May 18, 2015. The Daily Ukulele Gazette, by UKULELE MIKE LYNCH: UpToDate news articles, videos, tutorials, product reviews and photos for ukulele enthusiasts worldwide.
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We know this sounds like hyperbole (writers at this paper have a history of exaggerating suffering) but it is true. Lines aren’t too long yet, but everyone keeps anxiously talking about how bad the traffic will be once Obama gets here.

We assume he’s trying to sell us something and are not particularly responsive, but he just wants to be friendly! He promises to lead us to free food, and turns out to be a master hunter-gatherer: he leads us to a McDonalds-hosted party that no one asked for, and it is amazing.
It is dark, and aside from a short season six clip and an Iron Throne photo-op, it doesn’t offer much. Robot a few blocks down was more impressive — a ferris wheel, custom t-shirts, and assortment of arcade games have been constructed in the name of anarchy. A full review of the film is on the way, but more importantly: we made our first Line Friend! It’s particularly affecting to watch such a love letter during our last college spring break, but we try not to dwell on it. He describes his admiration for Sanders and open-carry gun laws, and bemoans the “Drumpf supporters” picking fights on his Facebook statuses. City Reporter Haley Viccaro worked the parade crowd at the staging area of SCCC prior to the Annual Gazette Holiday Parade along State Street in Schenectady Saturday, November 21, 2015.
City Reporter Haley Viccaro walked the entire route of the parade getting hugs, high fives and selfies at the Annual Gazette Holiday Parade along State Street in Schenectady Saturday, November 21, 2015.
50% of readers have an HHI of $50,000-$149,999 The Schenectady Daily Gazette offers ROP and insert advertising opportunities in its daily and Sunday circulation.
The blogs will recap the fun people we met, the weird events we witnessed, and how many free tacos we consumed.

It is called M Loft, which is questionable branding, but we agree to stop mocking it when we find out they’re making custom burgers and sundaes. The ferris wheel, in keeping with its rustic, off-season Coney Island design, was too fast and possibly dangerous, but very enjoyable. A SXSW veteran, she informs of a disco party happening later that evening that will be DJed by Elijah Wood. Two unexpected themes are common across the films: sexualized father-son relationships and blowjobs. Echo Media has direct relationships with over 7,500 newspapers providing tremendous local coverage.
We also try out the virtual reality experience, because in 2016 parties hosted by McDonald’s have virtual reality experiences. We also receive our first package of company swag here: a PricewaterhouseCooper representative approaches us with tote bags, and assures us that the irony of handing out his wares here was not lost on him. weekly
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