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I have many people write to me and ask if the Law of Attraction can help them overcome their addictions.
But first we have to understand what an addiction is and how it affects your subconscious mind. But anything that you depend on, that you give yourself in order to get some kind of “high” or good feeling, is an addiction. They want to distract themselves from the low self-worth that they feel, and so they escape.
The Hypnotic Secret will help you change your mindset and eliminate the fears and beliefs in your subconscious mind that are fueling the addiction.
The more you focus on the positive, instead of the reasons you are avoiding the addiction, the easier it becomes to stop.
And when you use this technique along with the Hypnotic Secret, you have a recipe for success. One more thing—make sure you have supportive people in your life who understand what you are trying to do, who can encourage you to focus on the positives instead of bringing you down.

Make your good list and keep looking at it, to remind yourself that success is within your reach.
He considers himself a soul surgeon; just as the body may require physical surgery to remove something that is threatening, Dov uses his skills and techniques to perform precision laser surgery on the mind and soul, to repair the wounds that threaten our emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
Dov is a specialist in the psychology of leadership, influence, peak performance, communication and the power of the mind. As a renowned professional speaker, author, and television personality, Dov is a man who lives with passion every day of his life. Why the “Spiritual” part?Have you ever heard someone say "Oh, I tried that Law of Attraction stuff and it just didn't work"? It's about how your can reach inside to find your true, empowering spirit - then reach beyond old limitations to get what's been missing in your life. But whatever your chosen addiction, chances are it’s not helping you in your life—and that’s not a positive thing.
These are the things you don’t want in your life, so you are going to throw them away and stop focusing on them.

Focus on the things you want to bring into your life, the kinds of relationships you want, the job you want, the health you want…you get the picture.
He is recognized as the world's leading authority in “Quantum Resonance Fields" (QRF), the science of how our beliefs, emotions and thinking effect and sculpt every aspect of our lives. It's because of what Rhonda Bryne left out of "The Secret" and what the self-improve- ment gurus fail to tell you. Your mind will try to “trick” you into going back to the old ways—that’s when you look at your “good things” list, and call a friend who will remind you that you can do it! Sometimes we think about smoking, food addictions, caffeine addictions, sex addictions, gambling addictions, or others.

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