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Testimonials“River House offers a welcoming, stress-free, well-controlled environment where my mother can be herself, not be judged, and be an integral part of a very special community.
One of our caregivers, Michael Leach, shared the meaning of River House in his monthly column for NCR. Moving house in a dream indicates that you will chance your job and do something else, you will go on your education on different branch. Cleaning house in a dream indicates that you will make arrangments and you will increase your earning. Painting house in a dream indicates that you will pay your own debts easily and begin to save Money. Overflowing into house in a dream you will get inheritence withouth working.It symbolizes inheritence or premium.
Leaving the house in a dream indicates that you will get rid of your troubles,yf he leaves his house properly it indicates that he will spend some Money.If he leaves the house happily it indicates that he will solve the problem without expense. To see that your house is under construction in a dream indicates that you will fresh start and you will getr id of troublesome in the past. Meaning is the premiere episode of the 3rd season of House which first aired on September 5, 2006. If the overarching plot of the entire series is wondering if House will ever be redeemed, Meaning gives us a glimpse of what might have happened if House had later succeeded in repairing his damaged leg. However, at the end of Season 2, in the midst of hallucinations, House devises a treatment plan and even in his delirious state manages to communicate it.
The mystery case is soon solved, and House shows empathy towards the cancer survivor, performing tendon surgery to relieve his pain to the great relief and gratitude of the man's wife.
House's inability to make "progress" with the cancer survivor soon starts to manifest itself as physical pain in his leg. House resigns himself to not getting his way, but it turns out Cuddy trusts House's judgment more than she lets on. This episode was nominated for an American Society of Cinematographers award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Episodic TV Series. An uncommunicative man who had been treated for brain cancer and is currently confined to an electric wheelchair suddenly drives the wheelchair into his family's pool in an apparent suicide attempt. Meanwhile, thanks to the fact he was treated with ketamine during treatment for his gunshot injury, House's leg is pain free and he is running eight miles before coming into work each morning. Chase tells House the patient flinched when they inserted a needle for the test, meaning the woman's muscle and nerve control are slowly getting better. Wilson is also astounded that a patient thanked House, and that he was with the family during surgery. However, when House does more tests and can’t find anything, Cuddy finally gives in and approves the surgery. The team is dissecting the wheelchair patient's medical history and finds 214 symptoms, all of which go on the whiteboard.
House can't understand why the patient gagged during the endoscopy while he was under anesthetic. Wilson finds House despondent in his office, expecting him to try to inject the patient instead. The episode ends with House entering Wilson's office, taking one of Wilson's prescription pads, and writing himself a prescription for Vicodin.
It is also revealed that it's been two months since House received ketamine which helped him regain the full use of his right leg once again. House breaks into Wilson's office and writes a script for himself, knowingly forging Wilson's signature in the process. When Wilson and House discuss the levels of happiness, they are drawing from The Four Levels of Happiness developed in Greek philosophy and later worked into early Christian teachings.
Although it is perfectly plausible that House could give up his cane after the pain in his leg disappears, it is unlikely that he could walk without a limp given the continuing absence of his thigh muscle. When the team write up Richard's numerous symptoms on the whiteboard, they misspell diarrhea as "diarea" in one place even though it is spelled correctly in at least three other places on the whiteboard. Actually, an adrenal insufficiency caused by a pituitary or hypothamalic dysfunction is not diagnosed as Addison's disease but as an secondary or tertiary adrenal insufficiency, respectively.

House, to the team after he almost killed the patient twice: Redo every blood test he's ever had.
Wilson, interrupting: No, you don't because you've been stuffing Vicodin every five minutes since you turned middle aged.
Wilson: I think you want me to feel sorry for you and either do the end-around on Cuddy or give you the drugs.
House: (to Cuddy) For the first time in years I've got no opiates in my body, now you question my judgment. Learn the Meaning of the Rose’s Colors to determine which color you want for your next purchase. If someone whose  grave is seen in the house is death normally,it indicates that he waits for your pray.
By this time, it is clear that House's underlying personality (his distrust of other people and his brusque way of dealing with both superiors and subordinates) pre-date his infarction by decades. Over the summer, we wonder what will become of House after having been shot, and we are hopeful when we see that the incident has ironically done him a lot of good. The first is a true medical mystery—a woman who his paralyzed but shows no sign of trauma.
However, House soon realizes that despite his connection to the cancer survivor's family, he has derived no satisfaction from the case.
As the "treatment" for the cancer survivor puts the patient's life at risk over and over again, House appears to be caught in a downward spiral until he comes up with another "Hail Mary" at the last minute. This is not the first instance, nor will it be the last, where House's instincts in taking on a seemingly routine case wind up with him hitting a home run.
House suggests exploratory surgery to look for a spinal tumor, even though they don't know exactly where on the spine to look. He points out that House never says he wants to help someone, he comes in with a prediction of catastrophe.
House, people get aching joints, cramps—they put on an ice pack, they take some ibuprofin.
Cuddy: You've been back at work 24 hours and you're already playing hide-and-seek in a woman's spine! Cuddy: Twenty-four times a year you come storming into my office spouting that you can help someone. Foreman: It's a little weird to discuss the case while you're staring at your blood on the floor. If you see someone’s grave that is living normally,it indicates that he expects you somethings. Not only has his leg pain disappeared, he has once again embraced the physical lifestyle he had to abandon. However, the choice of the second is just a mystery to his close colleagues—a cancer survivor who clearly has no medical mystery attached to him that House takes on just so he can help another human being. Despite Wilson's assurances that House can't expect this to happen overnight, House creates a new medical mystery out of the cancer survivor, convincing his team, Wilson and Cuddy that his sober judgment can no longer be trusted.
However, Wilson becomes convinced that if House finds out he was right, there will be no stopping him in future.
House thinks it is promising the father attempted suicide because it shows his brain is still active.
They go to the woman patient's surgery when House spots that one of her toenails is cracked and discolored.
House wants to look into his brain for cancer, but the amount of dye necessary would be life threatening. He wakes her by knocking on her window and tells her that the patient dove into the pool because he was overheating.
Wilson reminds Cuddy that House was just lucky this time, and if he tells House, he won't back down.
So either we figure out what's causing blood to build up around her heart, or I follow her around with a needle for the rest of her life.
Maybe you did when I couldn't walk, when I was a sick puppy that you could nurture back to health.

In addition to that, the only other essential ingredient required is that the property (building, tent or vessel) entered into or entered upon must be used as a human dwelling or a place of worship or a place for the custody of property. He quickly solves one, but his team and Cuddy worry that he’s obsessing so hard about finding a cure for the second that he might actually kill the patient.
The exercise has improved his mood to the point where work is something to be embraced, not avoided. However, this is where Cuddy decides to draw the line—not at the dangerous tests, but at the relatively safe diagnostic trial.
The episode also lays the foundation for events later in Season 3—the fight over keeping his blood stained carpet and the eventual development of the Tritter story arc. Cuddy tells him that she has a 26 year old woman who is paralyzed from the neck down despite no obvious injuries.
The wife thanks House, astounding Cameron, who has never seen a patient thank House before. He puts her on her back and draws blood from her pericardium, showing it's a genuine heart problem. Cameron gets very uncomfortable until House tells her he did it to prove she was only interested in him while he was ill. He thinks he has hypothalmic damage that has shut down his adrenal glands causing Addison's Disease. Cuddy is despondent, but all of a sudden the patient starts moving and releases the seat belt on his wheelchair.
When Cuddy says she can't do it, Wilson reminds her everybody lies as the strains of You can't always get what you want start to play. You obviously have a better understanding of this man who drools in front of your TV set 24 hours a day. However, the word ‘building’ does.Building is defined a structure intended for affording some sort of protection the persons dwelling inside it or for the property placed therein for custody. Meanwhile, House's leg pain increases and his desperation for Vicodin grows until he steals one of Wilson's prescription pads. However, by the end of the episode, it's clear that the optimism is over and that House will one again be House. He also agrees to take the case of the guy who drove into his pool even though there does not appear to be any real diagnostic problem. He then starts on what to do about the wheelchair bound man, and suggests tendon surgery to deal with pain from his atrophied muscles. When she demands he tell her why the wife thanked him, House avoids answering by quickly running away. The mere surrounding of an open space or ground by a wall or fence of any kind cannot be deemed to convert the open space itself into a building and trespass thereon does not amount to house trespass.A cattle enclosure which was merely a piece of ground enclosed on one side by a wall and on the other side by thorn hedge was not considered to be a building. Although the wife realizes the test is risky, she admits her husband is all but dead and consents to the test.
A tin shed open from three sides and adjoining a shop was not considered to be a building.In order to constitute an offence under Section 442, the entry must be necessarily illegal.
House says it’s because he may be able to treat the patient for his pain, but Wilson doesn’t believe him. No one can be convicted of the offence of house-trespass if he enters into the house of another by leave or licence.To consider a building used as human dwelling, building need not be used as a place of permanent residence. Similarly, a Railway waiting room is also a building used as a human dwelling.The explanation to Section 442 states what amounts to entry. The Explanation provides that “the introduction of any part of the criminal trespasser’s body” into the property amounts to entry, sufficient to constitute an offence of ‘house-trespass’.Thus, putting a hand on the hole in the wall of a house is not trespass, but putting hand through the hole is sufficient to constitute house-trespassing.
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