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Names, places and any other identifying information may have been edited to protect the privacy of the Person. First of all this unique Message to you is one of Movement forward in LIFE(15) indicating that presently you are within a certain degree of Personal suffering, perhaps of a Relationship or Financial nature.
PRAYER(9) is a most excellent method of uniting yourself to the Infinite, however please remember this. Please note that whenever I put a Number in brackets next to a particular LIFE(15) State of Being this represents their immutable Oneness. 4) Stay in contact with ME(23) so I may answer questions as they arise, especially if you begin learning Self Empowering Meditation, a Meditation which I Created over 10 years ago and make excellent use of daily. So as you gradually begin to infuse your Being with LIFE(15) WISDOM(77) it creates an AMAZING(55) foundation upon which your level of WISDOM(77) keeps growing and growing and growing . I have been going through a spiritual journey with the love of my life and I often go back to my childhood home 4776. I`m emotionally moved by your words and your Journey of TRUTH(33) that you have undertaken.
In 6 months you are still within the beginning of your complete transformation into TRUTH(33), however you certainly sound like you are well along your path to Grander living and the realization of living FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15), which is a very natural extension of living TRUTH(33).
Perhaps a year ago I was blessed with the finest defining of TRUTH(33) within this Precious Earth of Ours following a most intense Dream. Simple in words and of surface understanding but can become quite challenging to live within this World, and even our very own Society where the norm is to lie, cheat and manipulate to get ahead in LIFE(15), some even simply want to reduce another for their own sick Personal Gratification.
The Number 47 in LIFE(15) Meaning is I AM(47), which is in regard to the Eternal element within the Person; I AM(47) in essence is your Spiritual Self that has the capability of experiencing the Eternal while in Human form under very specific conditions, such as deep Meditation, and of course your I AM(47) State of Being can live on in the Eternal if the Person has indeed opened their Hearts and Mind to TRUTH(33), and live it daily to the very best of their ability. I will now consider Interpreting this mystery phone Number, however before I begin I must warn you if indeed it is a mystery phone Number it is best not to call it for I cannot predict who or what awaits you once you call.
Now to the Meaning of the mystery Number but in a way the words I have just spoken are the essence of what I need to share with you Stacey. So in an odd kind of way with this mystery phone Number I have spoken my Heart yet without Interpreting the Number as such, I need you to share with more of the particulars of this mystery Number if you need me to speak further on the Numbers themselves. Maintain your FREEDOM(7) of Self and the continuance of your Spiritual Journey of TRUTH(33) first and foremost Stacey.
I had a dream of a passage that I tried to take to get to my love but I couldnt get through.
Dreams therefore present themselves in a myriad of forms and emotions mixing together quite often deep seated feelings, Personal characteristics and your day to day experiences into a unique presentation, a movie of sorts whereby you are always the main character. I AM(47) here for you always Stacey and remember STRENGTH(18), remain strong in the Person you are, in your path of TRUTH(33) and in your independent SPIRIT(30), do not let another in particular take that from you.
It feels good to hear from you again, but I`m sorry you are having these challenges within your LOVE(14). There are several Numbers and even Letters within Thee Trinity Creation® that point THE WAY(36) Unifying you with your LOVE(14) in Marriage, although there is not a State of Being specifically called Marriage. Ultimately however it takes the two of you to make the DECISION(21) and follow through with it. Yes I can give you a full Interpretation of your Dream, however since I know so little of you and your LIFE(15) it will be in general terms, then you need to apply my response to the particulars of your everyday living. The Number 1 is without doubt FUN(1) which you should concentrate on those areas that DO NOT reduce the wholeness of your Person but that is simply Goodness of Enjoyment. Whenever I use a State of Being delivered to ME(23) the Evening of August 25, 1988: The Year of THE MIRACLE(88), it is the Number for that State of Being or Self within your everyday living. I put the Number in brackets following Its specific State of Being to make the association more Powerful. Well if indeed you are seeing the Numbers 321 and 312 continuously this simply adds credibility to my Interpretation of your previous Dream, for in Meaning the Number 3 is THE SYSTEM(3), which is THE SYSTEM(3) of TRUTH(33) irrefutably Thee Trinity Creation, and the Number 21 in particular along with the Number 12 correlate so very well to your overall Dream Message and to your very LIFE(15). In LIFE(15) Meaning the Number 21 is DECISION(21) and the Number 12 is FULFILLMENT(12), so once again I say YOU MUST go forth Gloria making the DECISION(21) for FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15), and there is without doubt PROSPERITY(93) coming your way if you heed the Messages contained within your Dreams and the re-occurring Numbers, 321 and 312 that are calling out to you.
I Believe this is My time, time for me to be happy, time for my life to be full of joy, and time for nothing but abundance to enter into my life- financial abundance everything I touch I have the Midas Touch. Your Numbers are indeed Magnificent, of course to the Person I AM(47) ALL NUMBERS are indeed Magnificent for each calls out to ME(23) in tones of LOVE(14), TRUTH(33) and PROSPERITY(93) in LIFE(15) all in Devotion my Dearest Wife and 4 young boys. I do wish you the very best of luck Gloria with your Lottery ticket unfortunately 'luck' is NOT and element within the Celestial COMMUNICATION(48) of 1988, and please maintain Allen as a friend, do not let it cross over into something other unless both you and he are ready to make a LIFE(15) long Commitment to one another in PURITY(11) of Being and TRUTH(33) of LOVE(14).
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Hence the Message is guiding you to a better way in LIFE(15), within the many complexities of this everyday living and of far too much manipulation and deceit. While lying in bed just prior to falling asleep you Pray in COMPLETE ABANDONMENT to THE POWER(96) of LIFE (15) itself, and ask for what is most vital to you within your present everyday living and of a future nature. I can certainly be of tremendous help to you as you continue forth along your Journey of living TRUTH(33) and growing in LIFE(15) WISDOM(77). The Number 76 is ACHIEVEMENT(76), and you are in the process of Achieving LIFE(15) in the Eternal and realizing FULFILLMENT(12) in LIFE(15) while here on Earth through your Journey of living TRUTH(33). Always be wary of the unknown when it involves your everyday living for there are many who take advantage of those whose Heart is Pure with TRUTH(33) as their way.
I will here repeat a line from one of my previous emails to you because I genuinely care for you. However it ends in the Number 18 which in Meaning is STRENGTH(18), remain strong resisting temptations that you cannot with some degree of certainty assess as working within the realm of TRUTH(33). However before you can live your Fullness of Being you must as well become very aware of those who might be reducing the Fullness of the Person you are for their own benefit. As far as the Dream goes try not to put too much emphasis on any prophetic element because generally speaking Dreams are not prophetic but rather a release of built up emotions and thoughts that need to be balanced, this is where Dreams in themselves are such an intricate element within living.
Appreciate your Dreams and if some of them are less appealing than others do not let this worry you Stacey,  just think of it as a Dream. THE WAY(36) to become One in Matrimony, if conditions allow it, is to simply both agree upon Marriage, get Engaged and set a date: that`s it.
The main one is the Letter H which is THE LOVER(H), and in Fullness of Meaning incorporates Oneness of body and SPIRIT(30) within the Social Structure of Marriage. If there is nothing blocking this process then that is the path to follow, if there is a circumstantial blockage preventing Marriage then of course this needs to be rectified first of all. The Number 10 is ORGANIZATION(10), therefore remain very focused on where you want your LIFE(15) to go and get well Organized so when that OPPORTUNITY(38) presents Itself it will be a major boost for both your Personal Self and Financially. 100 {10,0}, gain all of the relevant KNOWLEDGE(0) you possibly can in your Field of work or Career. I saw myself going to convinent store with a ticket the clerk I saw very clearly and the store I go to at times handed him ticket he said I was a winner then I started shouting, Thanking, and praising God.
Paul Henry, Pollock's Gallery, Belfast, 14-27 March 1911 (33, as Potato Digging); Paintings by Mrs. Cheques will take a minimum of five working days to clear the bank, unless they have been vouched to our satisfaction prior to the sale, or you have a previous cheque payment history with Adam's. Grand things will begin to happen, but it takes time, so Pray every night for months on end. A note here in case you are not familiar with Thee Trinity Creation to any GREAT(8) extent is that whenever you see you a word in caps with a Number in brackets following that particular State of Being it is indicative of the irrefutable Number representative of that State of Being.
Try and determine if your Thoughts, Words and Actions are in alignment with this defining of TRUTH(33),  particularly in the multiple Decisions you make daily, from the most minute ones unto the very critical ones.
One important aspect in brief of WISDOM(77) is knowing when and where you should expose yourself to others in TRUTH(33), and when you are best to keep your guard up for your own maintenance of Goodness of Self and for those whom you LOVE(14), and they you in TRUTH(33). Perhaps I have here spoken out of context with the reality of this phone Number but I know the Goodness people can be and I know the Goodness people pretend to be in order to satisfy their own Personal gratification, regardless of the inconvenience or even suffering they may impose on the other to get what they want. FREEDOM(7) and WISDOM(77) are inextricably linked, in Number, in Sacred Geometric Symbol and in Life State of Being.
However if you repeatedly Dream of the same thing most every night and your Dream is more of a nightmare than a Dream then it is probably time to resolve the underlying issues causing these nightmarish Dreams. However it appears that you might not be able to set forth such a plan, if you choose to share with me some of the details of your unique situation I could then assist you further. I believe strongly in Marriage, and my present Marriage of almost ten years is everything I imagined a Marriage could, and should be. This in combination with Wholesome FUN(1) and remaining very Organized will indeed give you a tremendous Advantage over others that may be competing for the same goal or goals in LIFE(15). So what you’re saying alter my thinking (think of positive things coming to me health, finances,) have fun.
Frances Baker, Grace Henry, Paul Henry, Casimir Dunin-Markiewicz and George Russell (AE), Leinster Hall, Dublin, 16-21 October 1911 (27, as Potato Diggers); Paintings of Co.
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The report is an expression of opinion only and must not be treated as a statement of fact.
PEACE(29) will begin to replace the stress you are now carrying within yourself and CLARITY(35) of MIND(O) will then guide you in the right DIRECTION(5).
As well for every State of Being and associated Number there is a Sacred Geometric Design which represents the COMMUNICATION(48) of Spiritual INTELLIGENCE(78) that infused my very Being to Its core back in 1988, which I`ve termed 'The Event'.
Most often if it is a male it is sex first of all, they are gratified in the win, and then any material gains they believe they can get out of the Person, particularly once they have embedded their hook of emotion and PASSION(28) within them.
The Number 2 is PROCREATION(2) which refers to the natural extension once Married of Creating LIFE(15) together, a unique Human Being that comes from the genetics of both of you. Debit cards, including Laser card payments, are not subject to a surcharge, however there are daily limits on Laser Card payments.
This I speak out of Knowing Personally those who operate in such a reduced manner of living. Of course the Number 14 is LOVE(14) and the Number 11 is PURITY(11), your LOVE(14) should be one of PURITY(11) and of course in TRUTH(33). The Letter Y is ROMANCE(Y)  and the Number 28 is PASSION(28), both an intricate part of LOVE(14) and Marriage and should always remain strong within such a Union. Paul Henry, Allied Artists' Association, London, till 17 February 1912 (10, as Potato Diggers); Pictures of the West of Ireland by Mr.
Please ensure that all bank charges are paid in addition to the invoice total, in order to avoid delays in release of the items.
19, 23, 216-7 reproduced in colour; Paul Henry, New Haven and London, Yale University Press, 2000, pp. Through the influence of his friends Robert and Sylvia Lynd in London, he had been introduced to the work of W. Synge, he later wrote in his autobiography, An Irish Portrait (London, 1951, p.48), 'touched some chord which resounded as no other music ever had done' and, he tells us, it was of Riders to the Sea that he was thinking as he left London 'on the couple of weeks' holiday' he had promised himself.
In moving to Achill Henry had much to loose in London-the Allied Artists' Association, Sickert's 'at homes' in his Fitzroy Street studio, the Tour Eiffel in Charlotte Street, the Caf? Royal, 'all of them places with blessed memories'. Moreover, he was beginning to make a reputation as a graphic artist on a number of newspapers and journals. Nevertheless, he was drawn to Achill Island-he was to spend nine years there-as a sort of home-coming, for his maternal grandfather, the Rev. Soon after his arrival on the island Henry made for the village of Keel, on its southern shore.
It was, however, an emotional call and he decided to settle there, 'not as a visitor but to identify myself with its life and to see it every day in all its moods.' In particular the peasantry working in the fields reminded him of Millet, whose work he knew as a student in Paris, and he had read Alfred Sensier's Jean Fran?ois Millet, Peasant and Painter (London, 1881).
Millet's The Spaders, which was reproduced in Sensier's book, deeply impressed on the young Henry as is evident in The Potato Diggers.
The fields in Achill were very small-'a man might own a field or two beside his door and another bit of land, about the size of a small suburban front garden, a mile or so away'-having, for hereditary reasons, been sub-divided many times over the years. The Potato Diggers picture was painted at the old post office in Keel, which was run by John and Eliza Barrett, where Henry lodged in 1910 and 1911. The post office was situated in the centre of the village where the former Amethyst Hotel now stands. Henry's delight in his new-found circumstances is palpable in his work done in these first months after his arrival on the island and its 'call' is clear to be seen. In this picture his Post-Impressionist background in Paris came back to him, notably in the composition, with the diagonal direction of the foreground rise where the figures are digging and the opposing diagonal of the background mountain, which is Slievemore. The upward thrust of the two figures bent in toil unites these diagonals with the sky and gives drama to the scene. Here, like Millet, Henry wanted to paint a scene of life as it really was, the harshness of daily routine being evident from the back-breaking work and the small return of crops produced. Gone is the 'stage Irishness' of much nineteenth century art and, as with Millet's field workers, we realize that life was difficult, being neither heroic nor idyllic, and the simple toil of the figures gives a natural dignity to their efforts that is more convincing than much academic painting of the time. In Irish terms, this new realism can be linked back through George Moore to the French tradition of Zola, Flaubert and the Goncourts. Synge's prose based on the life he found on the Aran Islands, Henry's distillation of the harsh life he found on Achill reflects the natural rhythm of life and nature. Often Henry made more than one version of a composition, and the exact pose of the figures depicted in The Potato Diggers was represented in another picture of the same title (Kennedy, 2007, p. In this second, smaller composition, the setting has been expanded to show the sea in the background and the familiar profile of the Cliffs of Menawn and Dooega Head, so that, as here, it must be close to the road between the villages of Keel and Dooagh. In both pictures, the man digging is Johnny Toolis and the potatoes are being harvested from ridges, the traditional method of cultivation on Achill (information from John McNamara, conversation of 30 January 2003).
The same two figures appear in yet another Henry composition, The Potato Harvest of 1915-17 (Kennedy, 2007, catalogue number 425).

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