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Para esse post eu achei que seria legal contar o que a Paula (que trabalha comigo) comentou sobre uma materia que ela leu sobre os beneficios de pintar livros como Jardim Secreto e Floresta Encantada (inclusive foi ela que sugeriu que eu comentasse sobre a materia neste post hahaha). Uma parabola conta que um professor foi procurar o Mestre japones Nan-In para saber sobre o Zen e que o professor comecou um discurso intelectual sobre suas duvidas. Hoje todo mundo esta que nem essa xicara, transbordando, e o que as pessoas precisam fazer e esvaziar a xicara. Os livros Jardim Secreto e Floresta Encantada, alem de permitirem tudo isso, ainda dao uma sensacao de orgulho pessoal, uma pequena vitoria para quem termina de colorir o desenho e ve o resultado final, o que tambem faz bem, nao e mesmo? Esse livro deve ser sensacional porque todas as mulheres a minha volta tem um exemplar e estao adorando a experiencia de voltar a colorir. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The New York Times treads a fine line of documenting a trend and creating one, but since their article about the rising popularity of adult coloring books last month several friends have mentioned to me that they have hopped on the coloring band wagon and find it a fun, relaxing way to unwind. In fourth grade at lunch break my classmates would run around the playground, unleashed from the confines of the classroom. I look back now and see the genius of our teacher, Miss Gardener, who handed out intricate abstract design pages for us to color as we walked in the door.
I’ve been following the activities of Lisa Congdon since I took her CreativeBug drawing class and a few weeks ago she posted on Instagram about working on a coloring book for adults. She explains why coloring works as a de-stressor: “The action involves both logic, by which we color forms, and creativity, when mixing and matching colors. Another source is everyone’s favorite image search place, Pinterest where pinners create their own coloring page boards.

Recent favorite travels include petting a rhino in San Diego, a train trip to Glacier National Park, and I'm always up for a trip to Disneyland.
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Enquanto o professor falava, Nan-In comecou a servir cha, enchendo uma xicara, e, mesmo depois de cheia, continuou derramando o liquido, que comecou a transbordar pela mesa. Johanna Basford's books, profiled by the Times, (the first one is Secret Garden) have really ignited the trend and the books have sold out in many places.
Morrison has also done a second volume of this book as well as coloring books of flowers and mandals. Katie Funk calls her coloring books "a stylistic interpretation of the meditative art of the mandala".
This is one of a huge and affordable selection of coloring books in the Creative Haven line by Dover Publishing aimed at adults. Small colored versions of Hasui's work is included so you can choose to replicate or go your own way. This is one of three books by art therapist Lacy Mucklow (the others are Color Me Calm and the forthcoming Color Me Stress-Free) riding the adult coloring wave.
A lapsed librarian, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two kids and is in contention to break the record for most hours spent at the playground.
Then while browsing a local bookstore, I came across the intricate work of Johanna Basford and was immediately taken back to that fourth grade classroom.

It took a while for the enthusiasm to reach the United States, but it is certainly here now, probably thanks in part to social media and Zooey Deschanel also posting about Secret Garden on her Facebook page. This incorporates the areas of the cerebral cortex involved in vision and fine motor skills [coordination necessary to make small, precise movements]. This last year I've learned more about local food by getting a CSA Farm Box.I'm looking forward to heading to New York to revisit some favorite restaurants and discover new ones. Na semana passada eu falei aqui para voces sobre o livro Jardim Secreto e hoje eu resolvi continuar nessa linha de livros para colorir e falar sobre o segundo livro de Johanna Basford, Floresta Encantada. Ainda temos a presenca da natureza neste livro, assim como no Jardim Secreto, com arvores, plantas, flores e tudo mais, mas dessa vez vemos muitas ilustracoes de animais (e eles sao tao liiindooos). Johanna Basford esvazia sua xicara desenhando todos os dias e entao surgiu essa ideia de publicar um livro de colorir para adultos…ela nao esperava que se tornaria o sucesso que os livros sao hoje, mas a ideia so surgiu porque ela esvaziou a mente e se permitiu ser criativa e desenvolver algo novo. You can even give it a test run - here's a page you can download and print from Flower Designs Coloring Book (Volume 1), courtesy of Jenean Morrison. Try this one with contributions from more than 100 artists including fine artists, street artists and graphic artists. Try this quirkier book filled with off-beat creatures from the mind of doodle artist Kerby Rosanes. E necessario que esvaziemos nossa mente e nos permitamos um momento de distracao, que na verdade e muito mais do que apenas um momento de distracao.

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