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Na?eae i ?ecie ainuie a?ocae, ?eaoueo a Iaeuao?ia e ?a?aoueo oiai ?a, ?aai oioyo ana: naena, e?aae, ea?ua?u, a?o?au, oniaoa e niiaa naena.
Aaiiue i?iaeo nicaai aey i?aainoaaeaiey aicii?iinoe oaiaiiai iaiaia naiaiaii ?ani?ino?aiyaiuie aeaai?ieeeaie ia?ao o?anoieeaie ?ano?na. Now Australia's Biggest Toy StoreTurn your Clutter Into Cash with SmartSell.TM Book a Courier Pickup Today! The Secret Life of Us follows a group of 20-somethings living in and around the same apartment block.
In this episode, Evan (Samuel Johnson) discovers he has been accepted into a two-month writer’s course in New York, just as Alex (Claudia Karvan) finds her plans to move to London under threat. This final episode of the first season of The Secret Life of Us makes reference to the desirable 'trifecta’ of partner, job and home first raised in episode one.
Dynamic editing and transitions accompany the edgier moments in the story, such as the nightclubbing scenes. Partly financed by UK television’s Channel Four, The Secret Life of Us screened in the UK before being broadcast in Australia on Channel Ten from 2001. Evan (Samuel Johnson) and Alex (Claudia Karvan) play 'dirty word’ scrabble with a subtext.
The friendship between Evan and Alex gives season one of The Secret Life of Us the 'URST’, or unresolved sexual tension, beloved of many a TV script department.
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Ritchie (Spencer McLaren) continues to explore the gay scene and ventures into new territory in his relationship with Brad (Kenneth Ransom).
Though the characters remain in their usual state of flux in pursuit of the trifecta, the episode is at pains to leave their friendships more resolved. Evan’s imminent departure overseas both forces the issue and creates a new dramatic obstacle to the characters getting together.
This ongoing story-line reflects Secret Life’s general concerns with identity and sexuality. Views of Luna Park, the St Kilda pier, St Kilda beach, trams and Fitzroy Street neon firmly locate the action in Melbourne. A sequence of events see the pair inch closer to resolving their feelings before scriptwriters throw yet another obstacle in their path – be it opposing attitudes (Evan is a player and Alex a romantic), denial of their own feelings, poor timing or geographical separation. Gabrielle (Sibylla Budd) struggles with the impending fatherhood of her ex, Jason (Damian de Montemas). Struggling actor Miranda (Abi Tucker) clashes with housemate Will (Joel Edgerton) as she waits for the results of yet another audition.

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