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Your mental clarity about your true heart’s desire gives you the idea about your long term goals or mission of life.
Celebrities-Movie stars, Politician, Businessman, Sports stars, Authors, Scientists, Journalists, Supermodels, Lawyers, Social workers etc. When you write your goals, you give clear instructions to your subconscious mind about your life’s mission. Be flexible and reserve some time to meet the unexpected problems although it all depends on you how much problem you want to face.
Your goal setting strategy need to change and adapt according to the situation and circumstances on ground. If only we could all be as successful as Chris Brown—despite having ups and downs in both his career and personal life, the singer is an established star with an extensive discography and numerous film and television credits. The picture shows just how far Brown’s imagination took him, featuring him in front of his bright red and incredibly expensive Lamborghini.
Over 225,000 fans appreciated the sage advice, with hopefully all of them taking it to heart.

When you successfully face the struggle and stay focused over your desire, you move one step closer to your goal and increase the speed and efficiency of the goal realization process manifolds.
While it might not be the answer many were looking for, Brown has shared what some might call the secret to his success!
The “Look at Me Now” singer wrote, “As long as your imagination is the same as your work ethic then you will succeed!” It might sound pretty simplistic and not all that useful as far as advice goes, but if it worked for Chris Brown, why couldn’t it be applied to your own life as well?
He also brought attention to his choice of headwear in the image, adding to his post, “(and my hat is official hog warts shit) lol (Harry potter) [sic].” He’s definitely a wizard in his own right on the mic and in the studio, and as we now know, imagination is key for him—so the Harry Potter tie-in is kind of fitting!
Or at least, that’s the hope; most of the comments were about his car, so maybe the point went unfortunately missed.
Finally create a plan for one day; if you can accomplish the goals on daily basis, you can achieve the big target easily. Interestingly, nobody commented on Chris Brown’s alleged attempt to start drama with Rihanna and Drake in a series of recent tweets. Of course, it could just be that his fans are so loyal that they simply don’t care and are sticking by their favorite artist.

Focus in the present moment, no past and no future, and think for the goals that improve your preset life quality.
The more clear and detailed instructions you give to your mind, the more fast results you will get. When you set goals that add quality to your present life, time is irrelevant as you enjoy every part of the path to achieve goals. If you skip the short term goals, your lifetime goal is just a dream that can never be realized. The Short Term Goals are as important as your Long Term Goals; so focus over both of them to live your life with Attitude, Abundance and Style.

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