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A spy organization recruits an unrefined, but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program, just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius. Cannes 2016: IMDb's VIP Dinner Check out photos from IMDb's annual dinner at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.
Spy movies, particularly the James Bond ones, are getting really, really serious these days.
Our protagonist, Gary Unwin (Taron Egerton) or "Eggsy" do look like another Brit hoodlum teenager at first, but as we keep watching, we soon realizes that he's not the stereotype he's supposed to be, as he do care for his family and friends. Not only the movie provided juvenile but great laughters (A lot of them are courtesy of Samuel L.
All the cast in this film provided great performances throughout the movie, particularly Colin Firth, who managed to kick-ass (Pun intended without mercy.) at every fight scenes he's in while still being a gentlemen.
The only weakness this film has is that although both the training sequence and the final climax are entertaining, a few minutes trimmed from both scenes would be appreciated. In conclusion, Kingsman: The Secret Service have a lot of humor, great action scenes and great cast altogether with a bit of juvenile and stupidity in it, which is not a bad thing. I love watching movies, which is why I (uselessly) spent 5 years of my life studying movie-making while slacking around class most of the time (Bad habits die hard, indeed.).

I wish to direct movies, writing scripts for movies or TV shows, and involve in a video game production. Back in the day, those movies were all about evil international plots, ambitious supervillains, and awesome gadgets you wish you have. After his shenanigans involving a Subaru and a fox, he ended up in lockup but uses a Chekhov's Item to get himself released, only for him to find a man named Harry Hart (Colin Firth) awaiting him. Jackson's over-the-top performances.) and a lot of over-the-top cartoonish violence, the movie has a lot of great action scenes, particularly the church fight scene, which not only film in mostly long takes, less-shaky camerawork, great fight choreography with a good song to boot, it also display Colin Firth's ability to be a badass, in his 50's, in his first action role.
Taron Egerton, who is a relatively unknown actor with a few acting credits, proved to be a potential actor to look out for, like his character. There's also society class and environmental issues popped up throughout the movie, but thankfully they were sidelined in favour for the action.
It's not only a great starter movie for 2015, it also proved to be one of the best R-rated action comedy movie of all time, even moreso than Kick-Ass.
After a brief talk and a proper education involving manners and fistfights with local thugs, Harry gives Gary the opportunity to join the ranks of the Kingsman, an independent spy organization.
As someone who read the original comic book series, I'm pleased that Matthew Vaughn made a lot of changes with the movie adaptation.

While the comic series was certainly enjoyable, the protagonist in the original material is almost a Marty Sue, knowing immediately what to do at various situation, and thus loses the tension pretty quick.
Jackson, unlike his previous roles, play as Richmond Valentine, a very funny supervillain who doesn't have the stomach for blood and violence. Mark Hamill sports a great British accent as Professor James Arnold, and comic book readers might get a chuckle out of Mark's appearance in both the comic book and movie. Sofia Boutella is awesome as Gazelle, Valentine's dragon who has prosthetic legs with blades. As a snarky servant who pretty much loves her evil boss, I'd dare say that not only she's a potential waifu material, I also got dibs on her. Sophie Cookson is also good as a fellow Kingsman recruit Roxy, although I wish she had more scenes than she deserves. Last but not least, Michael Caine is not only have a strong presence as always, he also utter a word you'll never believe an old guy like him would say.

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