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Launched in Spring 2012, the first chapter of Secret Garden captures model Daria Strokous wearing the pre-fall 2012 collection through the lenses of Inez van lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. A team of FBI investigators is torn apart when they discover that one of their own teenage daughters has been brutally murdered. Our RatingAn unapologetic love letter to Roger Moore's Bond films, and the gentleman spy genre. In 2011 director Matthew Vaughan released the best X-Men film to date and breathed life into a floundering franchise (thanks a lot Ratner), he then teased us all claiming he had big plans for the sequel, which he was planning to direct.
Having previously brought us Kickass as comic book and film repspectively, Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughan together again realised a shared love for the spy-films of old, featuring the gentleman spy and a never-ending arsenal of gadgets and goofy one-liners to go with them. Kingsman: The Secret Service is the tale of a private secret intelligence organization disguised in the heart of London as an upper class purveyor of fine suits.
Much to the chagrin of his Arthur (Michael Caine) Galahad, or Harry (his real name), insists on not limiting his potential recommendations to only the upper class, insisting that a gentleman can be made of anyone regardless of their socio-economic standing.

Yes, this lisping, haemophobic, megalomaniac is superb villain, worth of his very own Roger Moore Bond film, so it’s lucky that this is exactly the vibe that Kingsman  is going for. The palace and its garden take on a different atmosphere as the pale lighting reveals a timeless décor. The following year, the same team shot Secret Garden II in which a dreamlike side of Versailles was unveiled. Then out of nowhere he stepped down, claiming he had other things he wanted to do, and Bryan Singer waltzed back in.
He left to make a movie that, dare I say it, is better than any other he’d made before. Now that last sentence admittedly sounds like the single most predictable plot synopsis ever, and on paper I would agree with you, but on screen it is anything but, and this is helped largely by Samuel L.
Colin Firth is the quintessential gentleman spy, and the chemistry between he and Jackson is brilliant.

The cast is fantastic, the visuals are spectacular, the soundtrack is basically perfect (Dire Straits, and Skynyd, and K.C.
In the hands of many other actors this character would have been powerfully obnoxious, and could have seriously sunk an otherwise great film, but thanks to Egerton, Eggsy is more than anything, endearing.
Their dialogue dripping with foreshadowing and nods to the films Vaughan and Millar have set out to pay homage to. The feeling that this film is a love letter to Bond films of the past really is where a lot of this films charm comes from.
This film is such that seeing it only once in the cinemas would be doing yourself an injustice.

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