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I text my mum’s amazing friend Deb, to see if she was happy to share the recipe, with not only me, but with all of you too.
I made up three packages of this, along with some shortbread and fruity Christmas biscotti, to sent off my to my recipients. There are so many foods associated with Christmas but I think for me the number one would have to be Christmas cake. I'm Clare, learning to live a simple life through cooking whole foods, green living, and gardening.
I saw a massive compilation post of various cookies on Imgur recently and decided I needed to test these bad boys out. A few things I found with this recipe though was that you have to let the brownies cool on the pan not a cooling rack otherwise they fall apart during the transfer.
But they still look delicious and you can easily cover up any messiness with that frosting. If you are looking for a delicious treat that is different from anything you've had I recommend making this recipe. Instead of doing a twitch stream this year I'm wanting to do google hangout broadcasts onto youtube! Also for my final fundraising push if you donate $1 to my Extra Life campaign before I hit my goal and email me a suggestion for a silly video OR picture!
I generally like to think this is a vast minority of the community because that just makes me feel better about it. I find it amusing that as someone who never really felt the need to be 'validated' in their gamer status or whatever that I feel myself thinking I'm not so strange now.
Did you ever find a game in a genre you didn't enjoy and feel validated suddenly or at least like hey I can actually say why I do or don't like this genre?
It's been a while but I will hopefully be updating more often now that I'm vlogging 3x a week.
This is one of my favorite go to dishes when I want something spicy but very flavorful to eat.
I really can't recommend this enough, but buying a whole chicken and cooking it can seriously be a life and time saver when it comes to eating dinner at home. Anyways start with a whole chicken (if you really don't want to cook one you can buy a rotisserie one from the store but avoid the overly seasoned ones). BBQ Sammy - just mix some of your favorite bbq sauce in with a bowl of shredded chicken throw on some bread and you are good to go. So this is rather late, but I figure late is better than never and I can't wait to share this amazing recipe with y'all. We all have our favorite foods from different places and enchiladas happen to me one of my all time favorite things to eat and mexican dishes. We all have heard about this or that place and how it's tucked away in this weird corner, but get over the way it looks because the food is incredible.
Today the mister and I ventured out to check this burger place out after hearing about how great of burgers they have. I ask you to share with me your favorite hole in the wall place and what food do they serve that you can't get enough of? Now you will spread the meringue over the pie, being sure to seal the edges which means you are making sure the meringue goes right up into the edge of the pie crust. Take a spoon and make little peaks all over the pie so it looks something like the photo above. Let's Make A  Pie From Scratch: The Filling - includes easily printed directions for everything! I've always been told to use the recipe off the back of Nellie's & Joe's Key Lime Juice and it really is the best I've ever had so here it is.
Let stand at room temp for 15 minutes before refrigerating or topping with whip cream or meringue.
Later this week I'll share with you the recipe for meringue so you can wow your friends with some home made pie!
Many people tell me making a pie is difficult, but I really have no idea since I've only grown up with my mom who bakes, cooks and does it all amazingly well. Roll the bottom of half of the pie crust onto the rolling pin and use that to help you transfer the crust into the pie pan.
After placing your pie dough into the pan use a knuckle and fingers to crimp the crust edges.
After it looks something like this bake in the oven at 350F for 8 minutes and then let it cool before filling. Next week I teach you to make chocolate, banana cream and key lime fillings for these crusts! I arrived to my parents house for christmas vacation and was ecstatic to find a box waiting for me!
I hope y'all have a great holiday and I'll be back to regular blogging after the New Year if we survive tomorrow. If you are looking for geeky patterns I highly recommend spritestitch and weelittlestitches. Now there's our nerdy craft holiday cheer blog I'll post my next couple of crafty projects once I finish them up! I'm thinking to make all the different star wars snowflake patterns a few times and strew them about the tree. In your mixer put pumpkin puree, eggs, oil, water and sugar mix these until they are well combined.
I did get some pretty kickass gifts this year though including an iPad from my family, boba fett case, paper mario sticker star and the new adventure time game. But the biggest thing that has put a smile on my face has to me that Todd (tocanning) took the time to not only get me one thing for my birthday but two! Not sure if you knew but I love Hello Kitty and facial hair so this new gym bag pretty much sums up all my loves.
The first thing I did was run around the whole area in circles pretty much looking for the mini games I'd been told about. After that I ran around the area some more and got super excited when I picked up Cait Sith! Finally after running around in circles enough I found where I was supposed to do and the HORRORS I was led to believe that Barett induced on those poor people.
I wandered around talked to people then found the house with Barett inside who was throwing a fit like a pre-teen girl. Now that we have the necklace and can prove that Dyne gave us permission it's time to plan the escape of the prison!
Incase you've been living under a rock and missed it JoseOmatic and I host a super special MyIgn Secret Santa exchange during the holidays!

Instead of a Final Fantasy blog today I give you my experience from Legend Of The Zelda Symphony Of The Goddesses! Anyways we ate some great food too and I got a Moscow Mule (ginger beer with vodka and lime). I got all dolled up for the event since we weren't sure what folks would be wearing to the symphony.
So after dinner that night we walked to the Majestic Theatre and we had some awesome seats. My biggest disappointment was that I didn't bring my 3ds to get all the street passes there.
I was pretty surprised this recipe worked out because some things I've tested on pinterest just failed miserably. I wanted to keep with a bit of a Halloween theme today even though it's November 1 and after seeing the release of the new holiday series Li'l Gotham I knew I had a perfect fit. We start by learning that Robin has never celebrated Halloween and didn't understand why there was all these kids dressed up.
I am going to be sipping on wine and handing out candy to the adorable Trick Or Treaters tonight.
I went to a great halloween party this weekend and had to come up with a last minute costume which was my version of the Doctor's new companion after visiting the silence or Amy with dark short hair.
In the bowl of an electric mixer, cream together butter and sugars until light and fluffly.
Add a little bit of cream soda (about a tablespoon) so the icing is at the desired consistency which for icing would be stiff peaks but will squeeze through a piping bag easily. Pipe frosting onto cupcakes with a large tip and drizzle leftover butterscotch ganache over each. I already love the X-men (vol 4 all ladies ensemble) and was wanting to give this one a shot because honestly I can never have enough X-men in my life! Games aren't my only hobby and surely not the only one that 'defines' me as a person, but for some reason it seems like it always comes back around to that. We all know the gaming community is full of bullshit because folks feel the need to be exclusionary over the dumbest shit but I think it's a feeling a lot of people can relate to.
Things here are pretty stressful since the Mr.Gummi is going to be out of the military soon which means lots of stress.
Thanks so much to all my twitter darlings (Hi Trin :p) who suggested it and tweeted about it constantly.
And this arc is how I feel any big villain should be used in the batman universe hell comics in general!
Add garlic cloves (minced or from a microplane), curry, cinnamon stick cooking for 30 seconds or until fragrant. Let it cool some but slowly pull off the skin and bones to throw away and shred the chicken. Slowly add parts of the flour mixture to the batter mixing throughly, but not on too high of a speed. Pour caramel into pan and cool for 10 minutes; sprinkle the coarse salt onto it and then let cool. This is one of those recipes that people always ask me for when we have mexican night at our house.
Heat canola oil in a small pan and lightly fry the tortillas until they are soft and bendable not crispy! Ya know your favorite dive bar may be sketchy to an outsider, but you love it all the same? Slappys & Pappys a bright red burger stand located literally in the middle of no where (to those not from around here especially). It's relatively unknown and not too busy of a place, but it lead to me discovering not only the best pulled pork sandwich in the area but fried twinkies.
With the information I have provided you young padawans you should be able to venture forth and make a whole pie from scratch. I've provided a link in the top of each document to an easily printable version of the recipe in this blog as well.
The pie was billed as 'homemade' but she quickly found out the pie wasn't really homemade it was crust from a store, instant pudding and cool whip topping and whatever filling.
I was so happy I got the Death Star tea infuser because I literally just had to toss my last infuser out because it was falling apart.
Add your dry ingredients to the wet mixture (this would be your butter,sugar,eggs and vanilla). I drove around a bunch and in circles a lot just grinding out a few levels for the hell of it. I personally am not a fan of pumpkin pie so I thought this would be a nice change for the season. I recommend using your spatula after it's mixed and giving it a good stir to be sure everything gets combined. I was surprised to say the least that somebody I've met through MyIGN would take the time buy me a present.
I was pretty excited when I found them until I realized how badly I sucked at all of them except Mog House. Yes I'm going out of order a little bit because I did get Cait Sith before I played Mog house but but MOG HOUSE WAS SO AWESOME! Please be sure to send me your email or follow a link inside the facebook group to join us on elfster for the exchange! Mostly because my plans to play FF7 this week got ruined and I ended up in the ER for a minor check up over a bite I got when my dogs were fighting. And Batman is talking to him about why he hasn't ever celebrated the holiday along with the fact that the people he sees running around as Gotham villains aren't really villains. You definitely want to have a standing mixer because this dough is a wet dough and it makes a good bit. Thanks so much for my lovely gifts, I’m so pleased to see that the patties made their way to you safe and sound as well. It's perfect too because I'm currently curled up on my couch sick as all hell and miserable.
I knew that buckeyes inside a brownie cookie would most likely be a complete masterpiece and I wasn't disappointed.
It's not for me but I do know that if they make an HD version I'll go back and try to beat it.
It's a new sensation for me to think Oh wow I actually have a response besides don't be a dick or that doesn't matter.
I feel like this is okay though since it's not an unhealthy binge just more like a I need my fix binge.

Also I will talk to anybody about Saga anytime and will be rereading the first volume at some point again too because it's that awesome! I'll share our creations with y'all at the end of the post, but here was our decorating set up. Or the little shacks in Louisiana that sell freshly boiled crawfish may seem gross, but those places have the best crawfish you'll ever taste.
I remember watching my mom make the pie crusts as a kid and it was quite a magical process if you ask me.
Then stab the pie bottom with a fork to allow it to cook through properly when you pre-bake it.
I ran into Rude and Turk here and had a nice little battle and yes I managed to defeat them both. I really enjoyed the reveal of Red’s (Susie) past aka his name being Nanaki and his whole family situation. It's rough, but I at least have Mr.Gummi around to keep me company and our amazing set of friends who spent saturday with me celebrating.
It was a long drive to say the least, but we made it and pretty much passed out immediately in our hotel room. While they played the music behind them on the screen graphics from different zelda games would be playing. She was fostered by our friends and we heard about her since they were needing to give her up before they moved (where we live you are only allowed 2 dogs) so we asked if we could have her and here we are.
You will have to ignore my terrible icing because unfortunately my icing spell went a little haywire and well didn't turn out as pretty as normal.
This is probably due to the fact that games seem to be a common topic to discuss amongst the varied people I meet. Constantly finding myself being charmed by the character design and dialogue along with cut scenes in this game has me hooked.
Carefully remove the chicken in portions if it is falling apart and place on a cutting board. I've lived so many places I've developed a fondness for quite a few hole in the walls or local hang outs. Now I'm going to share with you recipes for making the crust from scratch for any pie you want!
Plus ya know I can pretend I'm destroying the Death Star when I make tea and maybe I do make "Pew Pew" sounds with the tie fighter. These are a cookie my mom has been making for me and my brother since we were little and they are just amazing.
If needed add a little oil but bacon should provide enough fat to avoid everything sticking together. This resulted in me getting a guide up and pretty much is exactly want I plan to follow for the rest of my adventure to avoid these situations. I liked seeing that bit into his past along with the little details about AVALANCHE and the ancients.
I highly recommend making it a day ahead because it tastes better and better as time passes!
We checked out the new twilight movie and Wreck-It Ralph along with getting some yummy grub. Anyways after you fight Dyne he decides that suicide is the best option and jumps off the cliff into an abyss. The downside of this incident is I can't use my right hand too much since it hurts pretty badly.
We do end up seeing our favorite Gotham villains themselves out to a dinner as group since Halloween is the one time of year they don't blend in. I think it's safe to say that the types of games you like often are more definitive of what people think though than your gender at times.
Mind you when that game was current I was on PC playing Warcraft 3, Starcraft and other things like that more so than RPGs.
I feel like I can actually partake in the conversation about JRPGS finally instead of being shoved to the back because I never really enjoyed them.
Not a big fan of state fairs or ever really living near where one happens I've not had the chance to try this delicacy. Some of my first memories are of me on a table covered in flour helping make cookies during the holidays when I was 3 or 4. In some ways this mess up was awesome because it allowed me to go level up a little bit more before fighting Gi. Anyways I restarted the talk to everybody process upgraded my guys for the battle (Cloud, Yuffie and Susie).
I've not been to San Antonio since I was 3 so it's been 20 years and obviously I don't remember much. I don't want to spoil it for anybody who hasn't gone because I think not knowing what all they play is part of the treat. The first console I owned as a teen was a Wii then I got the 360 to play Bioshock specifically. Something many of my friends probably never would have expected to come out of my mouth honestly. I battled as much as I could in the cave collected all the chests, but one thing kept bugging me. I enjoyed that portion of the game though and totally would have been fine with playing it longer. I kind of missed out on the entire golden era of JRPGS from the ones I get told are classics because of that.
Perhaps it's the Ghibli style that has me hooked but I'm not so sure that would keep me around if I hated the battle system. I told myself if I can finish up my backlog of DC comics I will be immediately buying the rest of this series. I don't mind though in retrospect since I have no real interest in them when I go back to try and play them.
Fiona Staples does some of the most beautiful art I've seen in a comic and holy crap the whole story is just so well written.
Anyways I look forward to these every holiday because they are just too cute and fun to read.

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