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This article is supposedly about German secret weapons, but really is a propaganda piece expounding on the superiority of American arms and engineering. There’s plenty of reason to believe that Nazi spokesmen are waging a desperate war of nerves with their flamboyant threats to pound Britain with screeching town-busters.
Previous German efforts to profit by secret devices of warfare usually proved to be dismal duds.
In the last war, the Germans let loose with U-boat wolf packs, poison gas, Big Berthas to shell Paris.
The list of Allied secret weapons in this war a€”just those few that have so far come to light a€”puts to shame everything the Germans have been able to offer. The Germans have no anti-tank weapon to match our bazookaa€”the absurdly simple one-man rocket gun that enables our soldiers to hold their ground against any enemy tank. So far the Germans haven’t come through with anything approaching the new British-American jet-driven plane, which is already in production.
What, actually, have the Germans produced in the way of secret weapons, besides sensational rumors? The Germans gave a big play to their aerial rocket guns mounted on fighter planes, which were to sweep the skies clean of Allied craft.
THE businessman got the word from the son of a scientist who heard it from a college professor working in nuclear research. Thus begins a new chapter in the fantastic history of the secret war weapona€”a history that goes back almost to the beginning of time.
Any competent sociologist might have concluded that the atom bomb would end for all time the myth of the secret weapon. In all the recorded history of the world, there has never been a war in which one side or the other did not come to believe that the enemy possessed a secret weapon far deadlier than any actually in use.
And in England, in the winter of 1943, American and British pilots began hearing of two fantastic anti-aircraft weapons the Germans had been holding in reserve. Some time before, Archimedes had made an astounding statement which attracted much attention. What they planned was a sun guna€”an enormous mirror which would float just above the gravity area. The story of the satellite planet might have died right there but for a few lines of type which kept the rumors alive.
Almost at the same time, in a public statement which has never been refuted, Rear Admiral Ellis M. But perhaps the most puzzling of all modern-day secret-weapon myths is the mystery of the flying saucers. The latest whisper found a spot in a New York gossip column in which the author stated definitely that the Air Force will release an official explanation of the flying saucers early in the summer of 1951.
Geiger-radar-rocket-fire control unit, these did become a reality, the Americans used hundreds of anti missile batteries during the Gulf wars and even want to set up a world wide shield of such devices. This very same magazine ran an article in March ’47, giving a glowing description (no pun intnded) of the very a€?cosmic ray guna€? at which this illustrator sneers!
Do secret weapon researchers read a lot of comic books or do comic book authors research articles like these? While carrots are a good source of vitamin A (which is important for healthy eyesight, skin, growth, and resisting infection), eating them won’t improve vision. In World War II, Britain’s air ministry spread the word that a diet of these vegetables helped pilots see Nazi bombers attacking at night.
It became a common belief among the Third Reich elite towards the end of the war that the Fuhrer was putting his faith in hi-tech weaponry to repel the enemy at the gates.
Although Hitler was said to be 'consumed' by this project, the more conventional bombers flown by the RAF and the USAAF destroyed all the prototypes before the first one left the ground.The programme also looked at a 1,000ton tank something called The Rat. But no road or bridge could hold it, and its slow speed would have made it vulnerable to hunter-killer aircraft.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Whether a third-party contractor or in-house employee, your eDiscovery expert should be an integral part of your practice. Whether it’s through intentional acts or ignorance (or being intentionally ignorant), attorneys have a really poor track record with eDiscovery.
However, you’ve also taken the benefit of the metadata completely away from your client as well. By involving your eDiscovery expert early in the process, you and your client are both made aware of the data that might be available.
One of the biggest potential problems with Discovery is that, for the most part, the data remains in your clients’ hands. With you in the room with your client and your eDiscovery expert, all of you have input on the best method and manner for collecting all the relevant data kept on your clients’ servers and computers. Getting together and agreeing on a plan for collection at the beginning of your representation is particularly critical, especially if you have a client who is generally reluctant to give you access to his files. To the majority of attorneys I work with, eDiscovery is usually avoided under the pretense of saving money.
However, getting your eDiscovery expert involved right from the start has numerous financial benefits, too.
These tools will save you time and money, and will make sure that you have access to all of the essential information available. When you get documents produced from electronic files, they’re usually in either PDF or TIFF format, right?
What happens when you give your eDiscovery expert or vendor the biggest project you’ve ever had. What happens to the data you’ve given your eDiscovery vendor when the case is finished?
These photos show weapons of war and military helmets that have been swallowed up and engulfed in trees in a Russian forest. The weapons in this forest-museum include rifles, grenades, shells and a sapper's shovel.The style of the helmets suggest they belonged to Red Army soldiers during World War II.
It is thought that most of these photos were taken in a forested area known as Nevsky Pyatachok, which saw heavy fighting during the Siege of Leningrad (1941-43).WWII was the deadliest military conflict in history, and Soviet Union suffered the heaviest losses.
The the only American jet to be deployed in the war was the P-80 and by the end of hostilities in Europe, a grand total of 4 had made it to Europe. Goebbels himself, fanning the propaganda flames, has claimed that a whole British convoy was wiped out in the English Channel in a matter of minutes by murderous long-range rocket shells.
In addition there is the undeniable circumstance that secret weapons sometimes influence local decisions but never win wars. We may not do as much lung work as Goebbels and his cohorts, but our laboratories are working overtime, and we’ve already sprung a few surprises in the ordnance field that set the Germans back on their heels. The first surprise that Hitler sprang was not a mechanical contrivance but startling innovations in tactical formationsa€”the tank-airplane team and lightning panzer divisions being the most notable.
The bazooka has already seen action with invasion troops, knocking out beach pillboxes and blowing up barbed wire obstacles.

And only the Allies have the gyro flux gate compassa€”the second new compass in more than 4,500 years, a direction indicator, controlled by the earth’s magnetic field, which never oscillates, lags, or overshoots and gives automatically corrected readings.
They can’t duplicate the gyroscopic mounts for our tank guns, which permit greatly improved firing accuracy during travel over the roughest terrain. These were effective weapons against the American bomber attack on Schweinfurt, costing us 60 ships, but they have already been countered. But we would do well to recall that our own scientists are not exactly slouches when it comes to rocket warfare. Probably the original story about a secret weapon made the rounds shortly after a man discovered that a large rock could kill an enemy. For instance, in Florida in the early months of 1.950, an inventor was supposed to have perfected an instrument that could produce tidal waves anywhere on earth. This is a gas, supposedly almost perfected by Nazi scientists, which can freeze solid everything it touches. In the winter of 1942, for instance, the rumor of a new German submarine spread through the United States Merchant Marine. One was a giant magnet that could suck down from any altitude whole fleets of invading aircraft.
Eventually, the most persistent myths nearly always become real weaponsa€”and the real weapons are usually more lethal than the ones invented by imagination alone. Aimed at an invading ship when the sun was in the sky, the glass would cause its target to burst into flames.
They appeared buried in the first annual report of the national military establishment made public by the late James Forrestal in December 1948. When bubonic plague reduced London to a city of corpses and weary gravediggers, many believed an enemy had sneaked thousands of infected rats into the city. Recently a rumor was making the rounds about the Russian scientists who are supposed to have tested a new weapon that would make the atomic bomb obsolete. Red scientists, according to the story, succeeded in harnessing the same deadly rays given off by the sun but until now rendered harmless to man by distance and atmospheric interference. One story says Russian soldiers will carry lightweight cosmic ray guns which resemble flamethrowers. Set up along Russia’s borders, such guns would aim the ray at cities thousands of miles away, killing all the inhabitants in a matter of seconds. The purported link between carrots and markedly acute vision is a matter of lore, not of science. Jerries were actually testing Gero II type aerial flamethrower and apparently other countries were investigating this concept too. The programme looked at whether any of these projects could in fact have swung the war in the Nazis' favour.Using blueprints and plans allied to modern computer technology, National Geographic scientists and military historians analysed Hitler's plans to see if the war might have had a different ending. Codenamed the 'America Bomber' because that was to be its goal, this leviathan was intended to fly non-stop across the Atlantic and back again - something no aircraft of the time could do.
It was testament to Hitler's increasingly demented thinking and in 1943 armaments minister Albert Speer cancelled the project. However, the state bar ethics committees are finally getting around to requiring familiarity if it impacts your practice. Webb is that the refusal to engage in eDiscovery is about making sure that metadata isn’t available to the other side. And for no other reason than to deprive your opponent of the benefit of metadata you’re not even sure exists.
Your eDiscovery expert should be consulted at the beginning of any matter, whether in pre-litigation or not. More importantly, your expert has a basic understanding of the case and can start figuring out where the data is and what tools will be needed. Even if your eDiscovery expert is ultimately given access to the data, your client really needs to understand how important it is to maintain that data. By making it clear from the outset that they will be required to allow collection of electronic data, you can nip those objections from the start. However, the number of cases that I’ve worked on involving a large number of documents, particularly electronically stored documents, tells another tale.
Why leave your case up to gamesmanship when all it really takes to make sure that you’ve got access to all the information your opponent has is hiring the right eDiscovery expert? If the other side really splurged, they might even run an OCR on them so that you can search through text.
First, the file sizes of the production increases exponentially, meaning it’s likely going to cost more, be more of a burden on your computer systems, and take more time to review.
Webb discusses in the podcast, the preferred situation is that any data retained by your eDiscovery vendor should be destroyed at the end of a case. They probably fell onto young saplings during a battle, and the trees subsequently grew through bullet holes in the helmets.
He would have us believe that the entire North French coast is a solid mass of rocket batteries capable of lobbing 12-ton bombs over London, each one powerful enough to devastate 20 square miles. For one thing, they’re far less accurate than missiles from rifles or even smoothbore guns. From the burning glasses of Archimedes, which set fire to Roman galleys in ancient Sicily, to the Nazi acoustic torpedos which attempt to track down not-so-helpless Allied merchantmen in the Atlantic, secret weapons have been tactical and local in their effect rather than strategic and general.
After reeling under initial blows, the Allies came back by developing strategical air power, outstripping Luftwaffe leaders who conceived of aviation only in the role of ground-troop support. The German tanks, which spearheaded the attacks of their crack panzer divisions, were good.
Their turbosuperchargers, which permit fighting planes to soar into the thin air of the stratosphere with undiminished power, don’t measure up to ours.
There was the anti-tank torpedo, a kind of small tank operated by remote control which the Russians squashed by cutting its control cables. Similarly, the German magnetic mine caused considerable damage to our shipping until the degaussing belt, perfected on the double, rendered it harmless.
The German press claims that this and other types of rocket missiles have tremendous penetrating force, and are loaded with a new explosive of unequaled destructive power. From tongue to tongue, from ear to ear the whispers twist the story about America’s newest secret weapon. Well, at last report it was a combination Geiger-radar-rocket-fire control unit which detects atom-bomb bearing planes and directs robot missiles, at them automatically!
Instead, the bomb caused the reversea€” people seem to reason that a civilization that could produce the atom bomb may well produce something even more spectacularly lethal. A scientist before a huge control board throws a switch and somewhere thousands of miles away the ocean floor is thrown into upheaval. There was ample reason to believe the storya€”the toll in ships and lives taken by German submarines on the Murmansk run had been tremendous. But it could surface in the middle of a convoy and only a lucky, blind hit would keep it from sending every ship to the bottom. But then word spread among the Romans of a new weapon possessed by the city and invented by Archimedes, the celebrated Greek mathematician.

Although Archimedes had, in fact, experimented with the principle of the magnifying glass, no such weapon existed. In both world wars, stories of bug weapons were as numerous as stories of upcoming furloughs. Airplanes will be equipped with giant guns that sweep the beam over a wide areaa€”killing everything.
The secret new system pinpointed some enemy bombers before they reached the English Channel. Since everything is electronic these days, it doesn’t matter what area you practice in, eDiscovery impacts you. Most attorneys have never taken the time to learn or understand exactly what can be obtained in eDiscovery, or how to obtain it. As he described it, this is a deliberate refusal to include eDiscovery in the discovery scheduling conference.
Is this gamesmanship, or just another horribly detrimental way attorneys refuse to admit they need help from an eDiscovery expert. Not only can your eDiscovery expert help explain what data must be preserved, and why, but they can also explain how the data needs to be preserved.
Imagine the same client, whom you told that electronic discovery likely wouldn’t be necessary, when the court orders them to produce a complete mirrored copy of their servers to the other side.
Second, regardless what metadata is produced, the native file version is likely to have more. If you don’t then you absolutely need to download my Third Party Vendor Checklist and go through it completely.
Only you should retain a copy of the client’s data, if anyone does, and nobody else should have access to the work product generated by the vendor. Further, the combined Allied scientific staffs, in number and ability of scientists and amount of research facilities, outweigh by far their German equivalents. But, after some initial fumbling, Allied assembly lines poured forth a mounting stream of General Shermans, Priests, and a whole variety of self-propelled guns that have no peers anywhere. We can rest assured that our experts will be able to duplicate whatever the Germans produce, and go them one better. The death mist neatly fits the newer concepts of wara€”in time it evaporates, thus allowing the enemy to capture a country and its resources intact. But, nevertheless, when June rolls around thousands of peoplea€”including you a€”will be waiting expectantly. Luckily for it, the bomb was so powerful it went through the ship like butter, blowing up only after exiting the hull.Other weapons that comforted Hitler as his world collapsed included the Viper, the world's first vertical take-off plane.
However, once shown how eDiscovery experts, armed with analytics tools and aggregation software, can turn 500,000 pages of documents into 1,000 relevant documents, a new world opens up. Moreover, the lack of eDiscovery being used broadly in state-level litigation indicates that attorneys are willing to weaken their own clients’ case rather than hire an eDiscovery expert. In fact, by involving your eDiscovery expert early, you can potentially save your client a TON of money.
Webb discusses in the podcast, most eDiscovery tools will assemble and categorize your data. Finally, by receiving the native file version, you can find out whether the metadata has been altered. Leaving potentially confidential data in the hands of a third-party vendor is already a security risk, why leave it there any longer than necessary? We have the Sperry gun sighta€”a mechanical brain which does rapid-fire calculations and points a plane’s machine gun with vicious accuracy at moving targets. A special mechanism renders quite harmless the cannon’s kickback, which would ordinarily tear a plane to bits. Some just seem to grow out of thin aira€”especially when a nation is on the losing side of a war. When the dread hoof-and-mouth disease broke out among cattle in Mexico in the summer of 1946, many believed it was the work of saboteurs.
Ten of these were ready for action at Kircheim Unter Tech in southwest Germany during 1945 but were never used against the enemy.His scientists also made an acoustic cannon, which was supposed to be able to kill men with sound waves at a range of 70 yards. There are two theories that I discussed with Andy Webb in this podcast: 1) lack of familiarity with eDiscovery, and 2) legal gamesmanship. If the other side asks for native files, then you point to the order and say that you’re not obligated to produce documents in that form. Your vendor, who also only has 24 hours in a day and limited manpower resources, advises that you now have to pick which job gets done. But the high-powered rocket scare certainly means that Hitler’s General Staff has abandoned all hope of renewing its aerial blitz or landing troops on Dover Beach. And Allied, especially American, production facilities are so flexible and can so quickly be geared up for the mass production of counter weapons, that any new enemy weapon would have shortlived success. The Guerlich tapered-bore, high velocity, anti-tank gun proved no more decisive, since the Allies adopted counter measures long before there were enough of these guns in the field to count. Today these electric precision sights are placed in Vickers electro-hydraulic power turrets which control a gun’s tendency to align itself with the windstream.
German scientists had been working on a weapon that combined Archimedes theory with his magnifying mirror! The disease, according to the belief, had been implanted by enemy agents so it would spread across the border and decimate our entire beef supply. But it didn't work and the project was junked.But the Germans did turn out a wind cannon, which could shatter wooden boards at a distance of 200 yards with jets of compressed air. Which program is going to be necessary to truly capture all of the data in social media posts?
In the fall of 1949, Russia was said to have invented a new and quickly fatal disease which could be implanted in bugs and transmitted to humans. There seems to be some enormous blind spot in the square Teutonic head that makes Jerry a sucker for war predictions partaking of fantasy. And in the spring of 1950, when East German potato crops failed, Russia blamed the whole thing on the United States.
The German wants fervently to believe that some mechanical miracle will turn up momentarily to retrieve his strategical and psychological errors.
The real cause, according to Radio Moscow, was a beetle dumped on the crops by American airplanes. In North Korea, in the fall of last year, American troops stumbled into a macabre laboratory. It contained hundreds of diseased rats and equipment that indicated the laboratory had been engaged in implanting disease germs in small animals.

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