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Samples allows the creation of new secret code fonts from beginning to end in a matter of mere minutes. Make any font the sample, then drag anything you want from it into your other font or fonts if you are working with a group. NOTE: You could start with a clean new blank font, but then you would have to drag in all the punctuation etc. Type a message using your new font and then convert it to the original font before sending your message.
Who do you call when your bedtime's too early, your homework is stackin' up and your 'rents idea of dessert is steamed beets?

Lizzie Divine - Numbuh 1's girlfriend worries about her "Nigie" a lot and really tries to help him out, even when it makes her annoying.
Numbuh 86 - Fanny Fullbright is a super-agent and the Head of Decommissioning in the KND spy organization. The Delightful Children From Down The Lane - This team of villains are lead by Father and are the KND's main pain-in-the-butt.
The Destructively Nefarious Kids (DNK) - This anti-KND team lives in a mirror world in Numbuh 4's pool! Well it would even seem like a new show if it did because if you think about it they left off at a part that seems like everything's changed.

Start with one sample font and drag various parts of it into a multitude of fonts, Switch the sample to another font face, scatter them through your new fonts, then on to the next. So to new viewers it will still make sense and to old viewer's they will finally get what they want which is another season of Danny Phantom. These 10 year-old secret agents fight for your right to candy, late bedtimes and less homework in the Codename: Kids Next Door cartoon.

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