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Tinkle Digest is committed to bringing children the funniest and the most thrilling stories. We all remember those childhood days spending most our time watching Cartoon Network and reading Comic books like Tinkle. It is good to be able to read some of the tinkle stories online but no suppandi tale is available. I love reading Tinkle especially ‘Tantri the Mantri’ as it is interesting as well as funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started reading tinkle when I was 6 years old.it was good and now it is very good and marvellous!Please add some pyarelal stories.

I love all the characters of tinkle including tantri the mantri,flybhai,janoo and wooly woo. Filled with the most recognizable Indian comic characters, from Suppandi to Shikari Shambu, from Kalia the Crow to the Defective Detectives, Tinkle Digest also features new work by some of India's most exciting writers and artists for children. One of the reasons for the popularity of Tinkle amongst children is the way the stories are presented. It will be more interesting to read it if two tinkles are published in one month as one months gap is too long for any continuing story or some of the most interesting stories like ‘Tantri the Mantri’ ! I am 23 yrs old and still i love reading Tinkle and will love to read even when i turn sixty or seventy simply i love it.

The comic books are kept for us because we will waste the time very much with watching the television and it is also harmful to our eyes.
I request the Tinkle editorial board to include more Butterfinger’s Stories a as it is a lot of fun reading it.

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