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Melissa Bell anchors BlogPost, The Washington Post's sounding board for news and conversation that's reverberating in your world -- online, on TV, and in your community. According to Parke Kunkle, a board member of the Minnesota Planetarium Society, cool or not, it's written in the stars.
Commentators have also responded to the initial article, saying the new location of the earth does not matter.
Other astrologists say the ancient system was merely a practice used as a helpful hint for diviners. So all those hapless men and women who rushed out in college to get a scorpion tattooed on their back don't need to now rush to sign up for laser removal. However, the Babylonians discarded the 13th sign, to make for an even 12 signs two millennia ago. And if all this talk has put you in need of a horoscope reading, here's the Washington Post daily astrology fix. For more on the personality crisis this whole event has wrought, read the Post's humor blog here. Astrology is just a way for astrologers to practice psychology without all the bother of getting a degree.
I would agree that 90% is bull honky but the location of the solar system in the universe physically impacts the Earth (and therefore its residents). This comment referred to from the initial article "Of course astrologers know about precession -- they've known since about 200 BC. But firsta€¦ for the many years before that astrologers had been noticing planetary motion and developed the system of signs. Behind the a€?Tropical Zodiaca€? is the idea that the Zodiac of Signs is different from the Zodiac of Constellations. This may be a bitter disappointment to people who dona€™t like their signs and thought they had a chance to change them.
Nice, the Genius who authored and edited this article did not account for the new Sign within the dates given! Fortunately, most people have no desire to live in kenk33's revolutionary proletarian people's paradise. I can't believe the Washington Post made such a poor article on such a huge topic that affects so many people.
And seriously, that attempt to throw in a 13th sign on account of a minor constellation in the band of the ecliptic (the path the sun takes in the sky as seen from Earth, determined by the Earth's orbital plane intersecting the Sun) isn't exactly a new skeptic fake-out attempt, either. Actually astrology does have validity, but it is only part of what influences our destiny (Karma may have a bigger influence). And compatible with what Carl Jung said is the idea of synchronicity, best summed up as an ancient dictum: As Above, So Below- (now called the study of fractals).
Divination such as the I Ching mirrors the belief in the stamp of a moment in time in which all things are linked.
You know, whenever something like this comes out there's always some astrologer to defend his or her professsion by saying "Oh, I use a DIFFERENT method", thus moving the goal posts.
Ultimately, it's about the insecurity of some people to seek out and pay for comforting generalities dressed up as specifics and to endorse them as uniquely revealing.
If there is intelligent life out there in the cosmos, they're despairing at this comment thread. You may as well line up some coffee cans to make a pretty pattern - you'll have the same chances of winning the Lottery or finding your one true love. Thank you Melissa Bell for shedding light on the age old battle between scientists or astronomers verses modern day prophets or Astrologers.
Looking over the new Zodiac signs each month ends and begins on the same day, so if you are born on any of these 13 days which sign would you fall under, or do you just get to choose.
Also, no mention of the major influence of the SUN'S electro-magneticism disintegration or decay over time.
There's more influence upon you from the refrigerator magnets in your neighbor's neighbor's house than any distant planet or star. The true physics of how the planets and stars move through space contain more wonder and more truth and the fantasy of astrology. If the shift in signs that has been correct for thousands of years, then what is the stars telling a person who was born on Dec. What astrologers ought to do is this, write a daily horoscope using the way they have done for years. The doctor delivering you had more gravitational effect on you than Venus or Mars did on the date of your birth. The funny part is, the sarcastic scoffers are probably Scorpio, the arrogant ones are Leo, the stoned ones are Pisces, and so forth.
HAHAHA Well if your going to add another sign then everyone should remember that the chinese zodiac also has a 13th sign(The Cat) that was removed. It's pretty obvious that the commenters on here who are blasting astrology as bunk only know of it from the infamous daily horoscope, which is just about the *worst* representation of astrology.

The other ignorance about astrology being shown here is that our "sign" is the only element in astrology, when in actuality there are many more (the planets and various other celestial points). As for the physical basis for astrology, to say we don't know what it is does not equate to there being none. Any of you who believe in a god have no right to make fun of those who believe in astrology. I worry for those who enslave themselves to a daily supposed "predictor" in the back of the TV guide or a self-proclaimed expert (read: scam artist). Fox chairman has admitted that in the last tow years "American Idol" has failed to find interesting contestants that capture public attention. California, Sept 29 : New findings from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) provide the strongest evidence yet that liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars.
Using an imaging spectrometer on MRO, researchers detected signatures of hydrated minerals on slopes where mysterious streaks are seen on the Red Planet. Canadian and American flags fly on Washington's Pennsylvania Avenue in front of a Trump International Hotel sign on March 7, 2016. That name stands out, in all-caps of course, on billboards at the new hotel project being developed on Pennsylvania Avenue by the ubiquitous real-estate titan who happens to be the Republican presidential front-runner. The US space agency has selected 15 proposals for study under Phase I of the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC), a programme that aims to turn science fiction into science fact through the development of pioneering technologies. One of the selected proposals calls for the use of a soft-robotic rover for missions that can not be accomplished with conventional power systems.
This rover would resemble an eel with a short antenna on its back that harvests power from locally changing magnetic fields. Another proposal will look at using two glider-like unmanned aerial vehicles connected by an ultra-strong cable at different altitudes that sail without propulsion. The vehicle would use wind shear in the lower stratosphere (approximately 60,000 ft), similar to a kite surfer, where the upper aircraft provides lift and aerodynamic thrust, and the lower aircraft provides an upwind force to keep it from drifting downwind.
If successful, this atmospheric satellite could remain in the stratosphere for years, enabling NASA’s Earth science missions, monitoring capabilities or aircraft navigation at a fraction of the cost of orbital satellite networks.
Employing a novel mobility concept, the Cryogenic Reservoir Inventory by Cost-Effective Kinetically Enhanced Technology (CRICKET) proposal explores volatiles, such as hydrogen, nitrogen and water, stored in permanently shadowed regions on planetary bodies.
Inexpensive robotic crawlers, hoppers and soccer-ball style buckey-bots would explore the surface of these dark regions for water and other compounds.
Multiple bots could be used to develop a high-resolution map to aid in potentially using these resources. The projects are chosen through a peer-review process that evaluates their potential, technical approach and benefits that can be realised in a reasonable timeframe. All concepts are very early in the development cycle and represent multiple technology areas, including aircraft propulsion, human life support, science instruments, unique robotic concepts and exploring other diverse technology paths needed to meet NASA’s strategic goals. Star signs were created some 2,000 years ago by tracking where the sun was in the sky each month.
If you're going to believe that all the people born on your birthday are imbued with certain traits similar to your own in some mystical, ancient manner, you might as well believe it does not matter where the stars are in the sky to begin with. At least reader StarJack says so: "The stars are markers that drift, but our main points of reference are not directly the stars. Saying that it doesn't is akin to saying the weather doesn't change as you travel north or that it doesn't bum you out when it rains non-stop for a month.
The Washington Post should look into their resources more and fix the way the word their articles.
However, there is an interesting theory, that the Earth is a living metaphor, that it speaks to us in symbols - natural phenomena. You throw the straws, dice, coins, they tell the meaning of the moment, as defined by the venerable text. Sidereal astrology is fixated on the star clusters that were overhead at the time these ideas were developed. I'll let you in on a little secret, unless the prediction was that this week every single sign was going to have their lives thrown upside down, then it's all rubbish. 12th, 1946, and how would the stars under the old way tell this person for the day, or week ? It removes the need of free-will, and allows an external element to decide our life course and fate.
Astrology is intriguing and motivates people through the powers of positive or negative suggestion -- powerful, under-estimated, psychological drivers. It's a bit perplexing to me but there is an article I read that actually states that the changes in constellations that change the zodiac signs only apply to those who live in the East, not West.
Their objection seems to be that planetary or stellar influence on humans is not "scientific", so that automatically makes it bunk. It works whether you personally "believe" in it or not, just like chemistry, geometry , philosophy, or any other long-standing system of study. This is analogous to human genetics; we may be predisposed to develop heart disease, but it doesn't mean we definitely will.

At one time, humans didn't understand gravity or solar radiation, but they were nonetheless valid forces in the universe. If this were true, then there should be only 12 different life patterns representing the 12 zodiac signs but in reality there are as many different life patterns as there are people. However, the moon's gravitational pull has slowly moved the Earth in its axis, creating about a one-month bump in the stars' alignment, reports the Minnesota Star Tribune. When asked by telephone if the new star locations now require us all to switch our loyalty to a new sign, he demurred. They are the equinoxes (both spring and vernal) and the solstices which altogether make the four cardinal points of the zodiac which in turn determine the signs.
But observe: 150 years ago, anyone who claimed television or radio were possible would have gotten the same reactionary condemnation. Attacking others for their preferred way of looking at the Universe seems so, I don't know, Islamic extremist? They darken and appear to flow down steep slopes during warm seasons, and then fade in cooler seasons. Now, during what we think as the month of Pisces, the sun is actually in the sign of Aries. The stars help us locate those points which define the SIGNS of the Zodiac which remain constant in relation to the equinox point. It's not the zodiac used by most Western astrologers; it's the one used by Vedic astrologers, the kind in India, and a few in our part of the world. The bible mentions the Seven Spirits before the throne of God - these are the seven sacred planets.
Please, folks, let's draw our attention to what's wrong with Earth and leave everything "out there" alone! However, if you must include Ophiuchus, you should also account for the for the fact that libra didn't exist until julias ceasar.
They appear in several locations on Mars when temperatures are above minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 23 Celsius), and disappear at colder times. 17 now fall under the Ophiuchus sign, also known as the Serpent Holder sign (according to Time, you'd therefore be an interpreter of dreams and vivid premonitions and envied by your peers and favored by your father and authority figures). And science still can't explain a great many processes, but those processes go merrily on their way without science's blessing. THE MERE FACT THAT SCIENCE, UP TO A GIVEN ARBITRARY POINT IN HISTORY, HAS FAILED TO EXPLAIN HOW SOMETHING WORKS, DOES NOT PREVENT IT FROM WORKING. I can't tell you in scientific terms how astrology works; I can only tell you that I have seen it work, over and over.
As for our self view, oh how wonderful we get to box ourselves into another set of rigid structures!
If I reflect on some aspect and know within my mind and my intuition that it is or isn't relevant, I consider that and go on my way.
The CONSTELLATIONS do move about and we take that into consideration when locating planets.
I began as an extreme skeptic and came to be convinced when I saw how consistently it works.
As I grow older, I sometimes see nuances that help me understand myself and others better, often in a way that jibes well with my studies of psychology and sociology. Kunkel should enjoy his five minutes of fame because Americas Astrologers are laughing at his quack anticsa€™! I'd be willing to bet that the people condemning, and scoffing at, astrology, have never actually investigated it to see for themselves that it works.
The new findings of hydrated salts on the slopes point to what that relationship may be to these dark features.
The hydrated salts would lower the freezing point of a liquid brine, just as salt on roads here on Earth causes ice and snow to melt more rapidly. Scientists say its likely a shallow subsurface flow, with enough water wicking to the surface to explain the darkening. The new study pairs HiRISE observations with mineral mapping by MROs Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM). The hydrated salts most consistent with the chemical signatures are likely a mixture of magnesium perchlorate, magnesium chlorate and sodium perchlorate.
Some perchlorates have been shown to keep liquids from freezing even when conditions are as cold as minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 70 Celsius). On Earth, naturally produced perchlorates are concentrated in deserts, and some types of perchlorates can be used as rocket propellant. Others are at Georgia Tech, the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and Laboratoire de Plantologie et Godynamique in Nantes, France.

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