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Trailer License Plate Mount Bracket, Heavy-Duty Zinc-Plated SteelA heavy-duty license plate bracket for use with stud-mount license plate lights. I have been looking for this product for awhile to replace two flimsy plastic license plate brackets on trailers we own. Although I did some "mods" to this to make it extend UPwards instead of downwards (yes i know the tag light won't shine on it), the product is very stout especially compared to the flimsy plastic plate holder that the trailer came with. I bought this mount bracket because the one on the trailer was plastic and had broken and fell off I was lucky and did not lose my plate. Excellent replacement for the flimsy plastic tag bracket that came with my utility trailer. Even though this was a very small order at this time, I will definitely be ordering again.
Hi Patrick, wanted to let you know how great this tag holder looks on my Tritron Trailer and how well this product is made. I purchased this metal bracket after loosing my license plate when the plastic bracket broke off. The LED side markers and license plate bracket further added good looks to my refurbished trailer! Vintage 1986 Used Oregon OR Travel Trailer License Plate Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

The color of this classic trailer tag is a deep yellow with black letters, at the bottom is 1939 Wyoming.
In its typical application, this license bracket is designed to sit behind the bracket that holds your taillight in place.
Just wait until you hit a low sport or have a tire blow and you have to go through replacing a license plate at the DMV.
The only thing I was concerned about was the connection of the tail light fixture to the license fixture was just crimped on. Was glad I had ordered three so a couple of my fishing friends are now enjoying the product also. I have had a few plates break off with the cheap plastic brackets that come with most light kits.
Only criticism would be if they could make the bracket shorter to raise the plate higher off the ground- it scrapes easy at the stock height. The department of motor vehicles registration number is 14-X-118 with the X denoting trailer.
Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Trailer License Plate Mount Bracket, Heavy Duty Zinc Steel.
For use with stud-mount license lights.LP-15SB Heavy Duty License Plate Bracket by Optronics, Inc.

In certain situations, it won't fit like this, so you can flip it around and install it that way as well. I'm seriously considering metal tail light housings to protect my plastic trailer lights next. I bought this to replace the cheap plastic mount that ends up breaking off and leaving you with out a plate. LOL seriously it was nice to do business with a company that responds as quickly as Etrailer did. The picture shows the actual antique 1939 Wyoming Trailer License Plate that is for sale, in addition you can see a larger view of these antique 39 trailer tags in the photograph gallery. Of course, we realize that not as much light will go onto your license plate, but it will still work just fine.
This is a small order I requested from them yet they treated me like I was buying a high dollar item.
I use recycled packing materials to save money for my customers, but sometimes have to charge a couple of dollars to buy new materials.

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