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Scott Westerfeld writes in with the astounding news that his publisher, Simon and Shuster, have agreed to distribute his bestselling novel Uglies as a free, DRM-free PDF. Uglies is the story of a dystopian world where children are raised by the state and subjected to mandatory cosmetic surgery at 16, wherein they are rendered physically "perfect" on the basis that symmetrical, statistically average people with giant eyes are charismatic, convincing, and are afforded advantages by their peers; in the twisted logic of the Westerfeld's state, imposing this surgery on all creates an egalitarian basis for society. The novels tell the story of Tally Youngblood, a 16-year-old small-time rebel who becomes embroiled in a scheme to avoid the surgery, leading to her exile and eventual encounters with outsiders, secret police, and the gradual, sinister unravelling of the dark secret of the compassionate society. The Uglies books are the perfect parables of adolescent life, where adult-imposed milestones, rituals, and divide-and-rule tactics amp children's natural adolescent insecurities into a full-blown, decade-long psychosis. In a new scientific review paper published in World Neurosurgery, a group of Oxford neurosurgeons and scientists round up a set of dire, terrifying warnings about the way that neural implants are vulnerable to networked attacks. Interesting, but eerily similar to the classic 1950’s Twilight Zone episode, Number 12 Looks Just Like You. Sorry to rain in your parade, but not everybody has such a view of adolescent life and societal restrictions.
If you feel victimized, fine, but please don’t state your situation as a matter of general fact.
Oh I’d hate to live in a world without real deformity, the kind that completely shatters and challenges the attractive-unattractive spectrum, the kind that disables. I once met Scott Westerfeld at DragonCon just before a new release; a grown woman shrieked and ran out of the YA panel discussion for fear of spoilers.

What’s fascinating about this series is not its look at appearance (ugly vs pretty) but at uses of technology and methods of social repression. And, yeah, Specials came out quite a while back (like a couple years ago), what’s up with that? This is a great series and it wasn’t at all what I would have expected from reading the cover blurb.
In other news, the lady at the Borders today asked me if I wanted to donate books to some children’s hospital up here in Seattle. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. The series has sold more than a million copies, and it's one of my favorite YA series of all time.
No one is heeded merely because she is beautiful; no idea is disregarded because it originates with someone who is ugly. They're the kind of book I loved reading at 15 or 16: damned fine science fiction and damned fine yarns. Whether it’s smokers transitioning to a less harmful pastime, or connoisseurs of exotic tastes and textures, the market for vaping enthusiasts continues to grow. Not deformed, diseased people, but people who are just plain unattractive and suffer real consequences for that?

It was a blatent allegorical tale about communism and the perils of making everyone the same.
They do that evil thing where the first chapter of the next book is included in the back of the previous.
Of course, these have been done before, and better, but YA Lit takes some risks that adult fiction shies away from. They had a bunch of meh books at the counter and I asked if I could pick anything in the store to donate, and they said I could. Uncheck the newsletter sign up box (and hope that there’s no stupid execs using newsletter sign-ups as a metric for success of this promotion). This book fit the bill well, and still kept my mind interested and curious about the story.
The people who have to scrimp and save for five years generally don’t regret the decision.

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