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Apparently, they played 17 tickets (17 lotto-6 combinations) in the 6 of 49 lotto game played in Britain.
The two lotto programs are no longer available as standalone as they were superseded by far more potent functions. The cluster represents the group that contains all the lotto 6 of 49 numbers, which are unique, except for the last ticket. In a vast majority of cases, no past lotto combination will repeat in hundreds of thousands of drawings, including simulated drawings (combinations in the SIM files).
We must employ at least the Del6 filter as we deal with possibly trillions of distinct clusters.
Of course, IP addresses can be matched in the Web server log files for quite some time back.
The filter that eliminates all past combinations in the D6 file is also based on deltas, even tougher than in my formerly free lottery software. In the case of the Pennsylvania Lottery 5 of 43 lotto game, my D5 data file has over 4 million combinations. The problem with some filters was triggered by the ordering of the lines in the cluster (matrix). The only filters that do NOT work with the shuffle feature are those that eliminate individual numbers.
The amount of winning combinations in the longest run is two times better than random play. That way, I will say that patience is rewarded, especially for a strategy such as lotto shuffle. The combination passes the inner filters in LotWon lotto software or the inner filters in MDIEditor And Lotto WE. The number of unique lotto clusters (groups containing all lotto numbers, all unique) is gigantically higher than total possible Sudoku grids. My combinatorial software PermuteCombine.EXE might be the only program today capable of generating every possible Sudoku grid.
See a comprehensive directory of the pages and materials on the subject of lottery, lotto, software, systems, and wheels.
Presenting software to create free winning lotto, lottery strategies, systems based on mathematics.
Read a genuine analysis of Excel spreadsheets applied to lottery and lotto developing of software, systems, and strategies.
Visual Tutorial to Bright6.EXE and the ultimate lotto and lottery software (command prompt).
Lotto, Lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Horse Racing, Roulette, Football: Winning systems derived from skips.

It generated some buzz around the world because, reportedly, the lotto players were also professors!
The last combination repeats 5 of the lotto numbers previously generated: 1 number from line #1, 1 from line 2, 1 from line 3, 1 from line 4, and 1 from line #5.
The staggering amount of unique clusters (matrices) also requires patience when generating lotto combinations by the Shuffle function. I did NOT expressly give any player or group of players exact strategies of applying the lotto shuffle. I want to stress that my software was totally free — no strings attached — basically until 2007. Granted, the early computers were inept at handling this type of combination generating strategy. Most of you know that a D6 file consists of lotto-6 real drawings (past winning numbers) on top of thousands or millions of SIMulated lotto draws. The 6-number lines were NOT sorted in ascending order as in other combination-generating methods in my software. That is, the probability to generate the winning combinations in the first few combinations is very low.
The amount of winning combinations in the longest run is FOUR times better than the results in the low run (by comparison to the odds of winning). Today's computers are simply babies who can't walk, while asked to run Olympic dash races against adults! Actually, the Arrangements function in PermuteCombine is capable of such a daunting task (provided that a capable computer is available). Get your lotto systems or wheels, the best lottery, lotto software, combinations, winning numbers. Combining Excel analysis with powerful lottery and lotto software programmed by this author, Parpaluck. By the way, none of the lines in the cluster above repeat any 6-number groups from past lotto drawings.
I remember a time when the personal computers could barely handle data files with only 100 drawings!
That filter is successful in 50%+ cases (1 in 2 draws) for an amount of over 50,000 lines in D5. Select clusters to play from the end of the output files (where you saved the shuffled clusters).
I had decided to NOT sort the cluster lines because applying the shuffle feature would have never worked with lotto games. I noticed with these types of runs: 1827 combinations and 914 combinations (actually, they were components of clusters).

Check now the output file against your original results file, specifically against the 100 drawings that you deleted before running shuffle. You can even eliminate 6-number combinations that came out in the past: The probability for their repeating is negligible in a lifetime. Nobody contests the fact that I was the first lottery analyst to come up with the idea and also the software. Past drawings do not repeat in hundreds of thousands, even millions of combinations sometimes — in delta format inclusively. Generating all the lotto clusters in lexicographic order involves very complex mathematics and very difficult computer science.
It has always worked with pick (digit) games because they are never sorted (as the order is of the essence in such lottery games).
Meanwhile, playing all-lotto-number clusters offers a far-better-than-negligible chance to win big money. They applied their winning strategy (playing all the lotto numbers) for the past four years only. That is, the program eliminates not only straight sets (exact 6-number groups), but also combinations with the same differences (deltas) between adjacent numbers. Deltas (differences between adjacent lotto numbers) are applied to the past drawings as well.
You too can figure out by enabling filters with very loose settings that usually generate lots of combosnations very fast.
Thus, we add lotto number 49 in the 9th line, and then complete the ticket by adding five numbers previously selected.
Of course, they wanted me to write the best software there is to generate every possible Sudoku grid (one trillion?) But what for?! The probability software also shuffles all lotto numbers and randomly arranges them in one vector (line). I'd rather write software to generate every possible lotto cluster — the effort can be worth millions, if not billions, of dollars over time. Looks like they eliminated the last line in the second cluster so that every player played one ticket!

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