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Then scroll down further again to read the Numerology of your own Personal Year for 2014 in the context of the Universal Numerology for the year 2014. As Einstein once said ‘you cannot resolve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it’.  So in this universal ‘8’ vibration month, allow the reflection of the Universe to bring a wonderful opportunity for healing and growth your way.
Once you have calculated your Personal Year number, then please read the applicable Personal Year write up below to understand more about this current cycle within your life and how you can work with this energy consciously throughout 2014. I personally LOVE a Personal Year 9, as it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on your 9 year journey, review all of your experiences and wisdoms gained and make decisions on how you will choose to commencing the next year in a new cycle. I see 2014 as a big shake up year gifting the potential for people to make profound changes within their lives…  be it relationships, careers, finances and lifestyles. You may like to colour all 10 levels of each individual segment with a block colour – with the lesser number of levels coloured in a segment hence presenting the lesser energy present in that segment (see image below).
Or  you may wish to colour all 10 circles with the rainbow colours and then use numbers to represent the energy present in each segment (see the image below).  Of course you could also not use colour at all and just use numbers !

Rest assured your privacy is of utmost importance, thus your details are never sold or shared with anyone ! To calculate your personal magic square, simply select the appropriate fields for the day of your birth date above, and then click the [okay] button. Kabbalistic Numerology (Kabbala or Cabala) is a free luck calculator that gives an in depth reading of the numerical impression for your health, nature and finances.
Try this accurate Chaldean Numerology calculator and know the effect of the vibrations of physical and compound numbers in your life. Complete each segment to represent where your life is NOW according to each aspect of your life. To complete each segment you may wish to use numbers (eg 0 to 10) or you may wish to use colour … it is up to you !
The aim is to gain an overview of where energy is abundant within your life and aspects that maybe in need of energy.  See examples below for ways of completing the Wheel… there is no right or wrong, just find a way that naturally resonates with you !

The only think to make note of is that there are 10 levels within each segment, the lower the levels the lower the energy in that segment.
From numerology to quizzes and iPhone applications, look through these ways of finding your true colors.
Name numbers, Destiny numbers, Ming Gua, 9 Star Ki, Auspicious and inauspicious directions, free calculators, instructions and charts. Faith Javane, one of the most respected numerologists in the country, reveals the significance of these power indicators, both in our personal lives and in a historical and cosmic sense.She looks at the progression of the master numbers as the journey the soul takes as it seeks to master the different levels of understanding.
Javane also analyzes the two single-digit numbers that, when added together, equal a master number, for example 2+9=11.

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