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Walkabout Travel Gear sells a universal adapter ($24.95) that not only boasts of working with every voltage system “on the planet” but also has two USB power ports and can support high-powered devices like iPhones and iPads. It's still handled well with helpful prompts, but with any universal remote, especially the more devices in your home theater, there will be tweaking, and not everything can be perfectly clear. You can trust me because I've been testing Apple batteries for over a decade, conducting hours-long tests to learn how each new Apple device consumes power, and how quickly each battery replenishes a given device. Still, just in case, Amazon provides USB to microUSB cable to juice the stick from a TV's own USB port, and a regular AC adapter for use with a traditional outlet.

Although I’ve personally travelled outside the United States only once so far, I can totally see the value of the gadget I’m going to tell you about today. A technology that could help the environment by eliminating the need to ship a power adapter with every electronics device got a vote of confidence Friday from consumer electronics maker Westinghouse Digital Electronics.
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