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Image may be provided for illustrative purposes only, please refer to the product description. Compact switched-mode plug-top supplies with interchangeable mains-supply contact-pin assemblies for use in almost any country. A contact assembly is also available with a recessed 2-pin male figure-of-8 mains connector, which accepts a figure-of-8 mains cordset, as supplied with some domestic VCR’s and Hi-fi equipment, for use where it is impractical to plug a PSU directly into the mains outlet socket.

Supplies have single-voltage output and all except 23-929 have an intermediate connector and seven polarity-reversible final plugs, covering most applications. Ordering note:The power supply body and mains connector assembly should be ordered separately as required. Contact assemblies are ordered separately for the country of use, or as a set for the seasoned traveller.

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