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When it comes time to sell your used textbooks, your ultimate goal is to get as much of your hard-earned money back as possible. There are some perks that go along with free shipping, but the most obvious one is the increase in the amount of money you are going to get out of your sale. Selling your textbooks is a great way to get something back from your investment, even though you won’t get the full price. Keeping your books in great shape will obviously lead to a better buyback amount, but another thing that increases your end of semester party money is free shipping. Those books are heavy, and if the buyer you choose does not use flat rate shipping costs, you can end up paying a lot more than you expected.

Free shipping means you don’t have to worry about any costs being taken out of your sales earnings. However, if you have to pay for shipping the book to the buyer, you are essentially paying someone to take your book. If you typically use cash, you will have to add money to a card, which will not be free in most cases. Even though this is by far one of the most important benefits, there are others to consider.
Add that to the fact that most college students are running low on cash by semester’s end, and you can see why this is such a problem.

This means you are adding even more money to the cost of shipping, since that is the only reason you are purchasing the card in the first place. Free shipping lets you keep all of the money in your pocket, and add to it at the same time.
Granted, the fees for most new cards are minimal, but still, that is just that much more that is coming out of your own pocket.

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