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Coming back to astrology, whole astrology is based on 9 planets, 12 signs, 27 Nakshatra or constellation, and 12 houses. You can subscribe to our exclusive collection of videos on astrology, Yoga, and spirituality. You can see that this definition is not based on revolution around Sun which is taught in schools and hence should not be confused.
The best part is - ‘Learn Astrology in 2 Minutes’ series is all available for FREE!

AstroSage Cloud is a very comprehensive astrology software and you can get all kind of astrological calculations there. Even if we are learning astrology in English, knowing Hindi and Sanskrit names will prove helpful going forward, so try to memorize the names in Sanskrit as well.
The Chinese astrology contains 12 zodiac signs assigned according to the year of the birth, .
These quizzes are fun to take and also help you test your zodiac love compatibility with the .

Find out if your friendship will stand the test of time -- use our FREE astrological compatibility meter.

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