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The next day, Mars rejoins an exalted, retrograde Saturn in Libra.  This recreates some of the same dynamic tension which we had in February and March. Exalted Saturn comes out of retrogression on July 20.  Be vigilant for at least three days before and after Saturn leaves retrogression. With these important planetary shifts happening in Vedic astrology for July 2014, there are opportunities to be both maximized and situations to be avoided. February 6, 2016 by Indian Astrology The Twelve houses in Hindu Vedic Astrology and significance of 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology.
First House represents Body, fame, strength, character, courage, knowledge or lack of it, residence, place of birth, dignity, honour, ancestry, livelihood, the present wisdom, wealth, comforts and discomforts, self-respect, peace of mind, happiness and un-happiness, detachment, virtues and vices, health of parents.
Body in general, limbs, complexion, marks or moles on the body, sound and unsound health, skin texture, longevity, sleep, head, brain, texture of hair, stamina. This house indicates inflow of finances, bank position, right eye, family, early age or boyhood, speech, sanyas, servants and friends.
Ears(right ear), neck, throat, shoulders, bones, upper limbs, mental instability, physical growth, and longevity. It is responsible for Children, speculation, intellectual status and luck are gauged from this house.
Heart, upper abdomen, liver, gall bladder, mind, mental illness, problems related to pregnancy. This house is responsible for enemies, health, service, servants, uncle, aunts and relations on father’s side. Intestines, umbilical region, phlegmatic illness, tuberculosis, eye disease, poisoning, accidents, operations. Matters regarding wife, husband, partnership, external sex organs, conjugal happiness are associated with the Seventh House. Eight House is a very important house and represents death, obstacle, defeat, disgrace, diseases, finances through unfair means, internal sex organs, longevity, mental pain obstacles, dowry of wife, gain from in laws, mode of death, imprisonment, worries, misery, loss of memory, sin, killing a living being, capital punishment, nature of death, place of death, wickedness, humiliation, wifes wealth and sudden unexpected gain. External genitalia, incurable or chronic disease, loss of limb, longevity, cause of death, severe mental anguish.
This house indicates religion, father, foreign travel, publicity, preceptor, higher education, learning, writing books, Virtuous deeds, pilgrimages, worship, religious inclination, devotional and religious learning, karmas of the present birth, splendour, association with virtuous, auspiciousness, the preceptor or guru, father, austerity, penance, charity, kindness, wisdom, knowledge, devotion towards the preceptor, spiritual initiation, mental quietude, fame and fortune, progeny, temples, vedic rituals, long journeys, travel by sea.
This is an important house and indicates profession, source of livelihood, income through job, foreign travel, financial status,, property, status in life, activities outside house, pleasures, honor, wealth, political power, social status, hidden treasure, prescribed course, education, performance of sacred and religious deeds. Eleventh House represents for income, acquisition, fulfillment of desires, accumulated wealth, rewards, favours from government and rulers,  special status, ancestral property, elder brothers and sisters and relations with them. It signifies private enemies, pleasures of beds, law suits, imprisonments, secret works, moksha, hospitalization, conjugal relations with opposite sex other than legitimate. Vedic astrology maintains its roots on the ancient instances, more precisely supported with the Vedas, the traditional spiritual texts in the Hindu religious beliefs and really the oldest texts of your world as discussing 5000 to be able to 8000 long ago, which mentions over it.
This is the recording of our Vedic Astrology Club call which occurred on Saturday July 26, 2014. In the early Vedic accounts of the great Deluge, the principle characters are Matsya, a fish, and Vaivasvata Manu (Satyavrata).
Vaivasvata Manu was the son of the Sun God Vivasvan (Surya), and a powerful Rishi, and through the power of his austerities, he began creating the new human race. So Vishnu, as the Matsya Avatar, took incarnation as a fish and saved the seeds of all life and Manu at the time of the Mahapralaya, or Great Deluge.
Special Announcement: Have you ever wanted to go on a guided trip to experience first hand the incredible spiritual vortexes of the Navagraha (9 planet) temples in southern India? One of our sister sites, Brindavan Mystic, is launching an incredible trip in Tamil Nadu which will include all 9 planet temples and SO much more! Suggestion: create a free account at AstroVed and run your own Vedic Birth Chart via the Reports Section and follow along with suggestions in the club session. Welcome: This is the recording of our Vedic Astrology Club call which occurred on Saturday July 5, 2014. The 1st 4 Avatars of Vishnu appeared in the Satya Yuga (or prior Golden Age), the next 3 appeared in the Treta Yuga, the 8th the Dwapara Yuga, and the 10th to defeat the wicked, liberate the virtuous, and initiate a new Satya, or Kalki Yuga.
1) Matsya, the Fish – Vishnu take the form of a fish to save Manu from the apocalypse, He takes His boat to the new world long with one of every plant and animal gathered in a great cyclone. 7) Rama, or Ramachandra, the Prince, and King of Ayodhya, is thought of as the ideal heroic man and his story is recounted in the Ramayana. 10) Kalki Avatar (meaning Eternity, White horse, and destroyer of evil) is the final incarnation of Vishnu and foretold to appear at the end of the Kali Yuga.
This is the recording of our Vedic Astrology Club call which occurred on Saturday June 28, 2014. 1) Conch – blowing the conch symbolizes the primordial creative voice and Indian Mysticism relates it to the sacred sound ‘OM’, which is said to be the breath of Vishnu, pervading all space. 2) Discus or Chakra – The ancient texts, the Vishnu Purana, ‘identifies the chakra with the human mind, whose thoughts, like the chakra, flow faster than even the mightiest wind.’ When used as a weapon, the distinguishing feature of the chakra is  its ability to  return to the hand that throws it. 3) The Lotus – When Vishnu contemplated the creation of mankind, a lotus sprang up out of his navel.
4) The Mace – There once lived a mighty demon who was intoxicated with his prowess on the battlefield, who wreaked havoc on mankind. Vishnu describes himself: ‘The world rests like the lotus in the palm of my hand, the cosmos revolves around my little finger like a discus.
Welcome: This is the recording of our Vedic Astrology Club call which occurred on Saturday June 21, 2014. Vishnu is the all-pervading essence of all beings and master of-and beyond- the past, present, and future, the creator and destroyer of all existences, the one who supports, preserves, sustains and governs the universe, originates and develops all elements therein. Mythology: Lord Shiva who represents Supreme Power, Supreme God Energy, produced Vishnu from his internal energy, who then produced Brahma.
Brahma founded Brahmand and different Lokas inside it, one of which is Mrityu Loka better known as earth.
Jupiter Has  Moved into Cancer Earlier This Month ~ Watch replay of Google Hangout with Dr. This is the recording of our Vedic Astrology Club call which occurred on Saturday June 7, 2014. Together the 9 triangles are interlaced to form 43 smaller triangles in a web symbolic of the entire cosmos or the cosmic womb of creation. A yantra is a conductor of energy and the Astroved yantras have been energized by priests in India by giving offerings and mantras during special fire labs. This is the recording of our Vedic Astrology Club call which occurred on Saturday May 31, 2014. Sri Sundara Maha Lakshmi and her Consort Kamala Varadaraja at Arasar Koil Temple close to Chennai was revealed by Satguru Venkataraman Siddha Revelations from Agasthiar.Org. This is a perfect shrine for worshipping the Nine Planets (Navagrahas), as they and their consorts worshipped Maha Lakshmi at this shrine in 9 of her different forms.
Mother Sundara Maha Lakshmi will ‘Bless’ one and all with solutions to their money problems, like poverty, debts, losses in property, courtcases, and other litigation problems.
The main sanctum contains Lord Kamala Varadaraja Perumal along with Mother’s Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi. This is the recording of our Vedic Astrology Club call which occurred on Saturday May 24, 2014.
Kubera is the God of Wealth, the Banker of Heaven, and the God-King of the Semi-Divine Yakshas. The Vedic scriptures tell that Kubera was an Asura and once ruled Lanka, but was overthrown by his stepbrother Ravana.
In Tibet, the mongoose signifies his victory over the Nagas who are the Guardians of Treasures of the world.
This is the recording of our Vedic Astrology Club call which occurred on Saturday May 17, 2014. Every word he uses is charged with that power and I have been thinking about it for approximately 3 years. I leased a building in a powerful temple vortex and we’ll have the ceremony where the women come and chant this Hymn and light the ghee lamps, accompanied by a very special, very powerful Lakshmi Homa.
The Shobanam Hymn is comprised of 112 verses recounting the events of Lakshmi’s Wedding to Lord Vishnu. Also note that the Tamil Month of Aadi (this year 2014 from Jul 15th to Aug 15th), is very special to Lakshmi, especially the Fridays.

This is the recording of our Vedic Astrology Club call which occurred on Saturday May 10, 2014.
Lakshmi’s Appearance and Symbolism Lakshmi in her images and pictures is depicted as a female inform with 4 arms and 4 hands, She usually wears red clothes with a golden lining and is either seated or standing on a lotus.
Since the right side of the body signifies activity, a lotus in her back right hand signifies that you should perform all duties in accordance to Dharma. Note: Lakshmi does not stay long with anyone who is lazy or seeks her only for material wealth. This is the recording of our Vedic Astrology Club call which occurred on Saturday May 3, 2014. Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth (both spiritual and material), prosperity and good fortune. Mythology: Lakshmi was the daughter of the Maharishi Bhrigu and she took refuge in the ocean of milk when the Gods were sent into exile. Saturn transit 2014 – thula rashi palangal – libra moon, Saturn transit 2014 – thula rashi palangal – libra moon sign – shani peyarchi 2014.
Saturn transit 2014 - mesha rashi palangal - aries moon, Saturn transit 2014 – mesha rashi palangal – aries moon sign – shani peyarchi 2014 aries – mesha rashi (aswini, bharani and krittika-1).
Vedic astrology horoscope 2015 « janma kundali, free, The yearly horoscope for 2015 based on the moon sign or janma rashi. Free horoscope - vedic astrology - indian astrology, hindu, Indastro provides free vedic astrology birth chat, indian astrology compatibility, daily, monthly, annual free horoscope reading based on moon sign.. Planetary transits « vedic astrology, Jupiter will be in leo (simha) rashi from july 14, 2015 through august 11, 2016. Karka rashi 2016-2017 predictions, karkataka rashi 2016-2017, cancer moonsign 2016-2017 astrology predictions, vedic astrology horoscope for karka rashi natives.. Sani-peyarchi-predictions-palangal-dec 2014-2015-2016- dec 2017 -meena-pisces-puratadhi-utaratadhi-revathi.
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It’s back to half its regular speed on July 7 and then full speed ahead by the 13th.  Vedic astrology for July, 2014 also brings the unusual phenomenon of having four of the nine planets strongly placed. This can be an even more powerful time for spiritual practices or rituals, especially for Scorpio ascendants.  Libra ascendants can find greater strength in their career at this time. Fire and ice collide and there can be a lot of friction.  Trying to have things your way and on your timeline will be problematic. Meaning of the Twelve Houses of the horoscope and the importance of respective houses in Hindu Janam Kundli. This house signifies life, longevity, self, health, nature and appearance of native.  It represents you as a human being, who you are generally. Self earned wealth, loss or damage, worldly possessions, jewellery, grandfather and mother. It signifies courage, intelligence, education up to Higher Secondary level, taste for writing, ornaments, clothes, short journeys. Old age environments, private affairs, public, inheritance, false allegations, agriculture land and its produce.
It represents Enemies, oppositions, mental agitation, injuries, accident, disease, wounds sustained in war, loans, debts, losses, disappointments, obstacles, poisions, slanders, humiliation, cruelty, indulgence in prohibited acts, theft, quarrels, imprisonment, maternal uncles, maternal aunt, step-mother, pets, cattle, flavours of food, servants, subordinates, nuisances in general. It also represents Spouse, sex partner, marriage, adultery, lust or passion, nature or character of spouse, sexual union, secret love affairs, journey, deviation from ones path, partnership in business, overt enemies, quarrels, theft, loss of memory, recovery of lost wealth, progress, attainment of status, grandfather, brothers son death.
Houses 1 to 7 indicate the invisible half and houses 7 to 1 indicate the visible half of the horoscope. Houses 10 to 4 indicate the eastern half and houses 4 to 10 indicate the western half of the horoscope. Western astrology is reported to be developed for around 2000 to help you 3000 issue by any Greeks together with Babylonians.
Vedic astrology doesn’t need any standard that they are put in to use just for depicting setting up and end on the year. Pillai has said that the seeds of all life were contained in a Golden Vessel floating on the water and when the time was right, Siva shot the pot with an arrow releasing the seeds and life on earth began again at Kumbakonam and that is why he feels so at home and happy when he is there.
At that time the Supreme Godhead will appear on the earth acting with pure spiritual goodness.
While in exile from his kingdom with his brother Lakshman, the Monkey God hanuman, and his wife Sita.
The Founder of Buddhism, teacher of ahimsa (non-violence), and The 8 Fold Path to attain Nirvana. Its various convolutions are said to represent the rising and setting sun, thus further cementing Vishnu’s solar associations.
Seated on this lotus was the four- headed Brahma illuminating all of the directions with his brightness.
This is because even though this beautiful flower grows in muddy waters, no water or dirt or are seen sticking to its petals. Just as nothing can conquer Time, the Mace too is unconquerable and destroys those who oppose it. It is the realm of eternal bliss and happiness and the final or highest place for liberated souls who have attained Moksha.
For the creation of humankind, Shiva asked Vishnu to produce the most important element to make this possible.
This yantra is formed by 9 interlocking triangles surrounding or radiating out from a central point or bindu which represents the point between the physical universe and its invisible, unmanifest source. The bindu is the power point in the middle and focal point for meditation representing the invisible, the elusive center from which the figure and the cosmos expand.
Lord Kubera and Lakshmi symbolize material wealth and riches, and bring you ‘Blessings’ when you worship them.
Six is the number of Venus (Shukra), and she is his Divine Controller. Shukra himself worships here every Friday without fail.
A truly prosperous human is one who is ‘Blessed with 64 Aishwaryas or 64 forms of wealth, well- being, and prosperity, each controlled by a different form of Lakshmi Devis. It is highly auspiscious to worship her on Vara Lakshmi Vrata (Boon-giving Lakshmi)(on the 2nd Fridays, Aadi Fridays ( July 15th through August 15th, during Shukra Hora. It contains 24 Gayatri Vaastu Beejakshara Shakti Pillars which are part of the Gayatri Vaastu Hall. He is also a regent of the North (one of the Dik Palayakayas), and a protector of the world (Lokapala). Pillai: Approximately 400 years ago there was an acclaimed Madhva Saint named Vadiraja living in Southern India in the state of Kannada.
The red color of her clothing signifies activity and the golden lining signifies prosperity.
Her front hands represent activity in the material world, and her back hands represent spiritual activities that lead to spiritual perfection. The idea portrayed here is that one should not acquire wealth for name and fame and only for one’s self, but share it with to bring happiness to others in addition to himself.
This illustrates the theme that continuous self-effort in accordance with one’s Dharma, governed by wisdom and purity leads to both material and spiritual prosperity. Her name is derived from the Sanskrit word Laksme which means goal, and refers to the goal of life which includes worldly as well as spiritual prosperity. During the churning of the Milky Ocean, which was a joint effort by both Gods and demons to bring forth the Nectar of Immortality, Lakshmi reappeared.
It’s an ideal time to immerse yourself in spiritual practices and have sublime, blissful experiences.
It’s important not to be focused on goals to the detriment of other priorities.  Don’t allow personal relationships to suffer. When well aspected it can give fame, beauty, popularity, good health and the ability to make a good first impression. It is also responsible for hidden treasures, comforts and discomforts, victory and defeat and possession of cattle. It also represents spending money, mental anguish, loss of sleep, physical disease, wickedness, penury, imprisonment, confinement in an enemys house, loss of spouse and loss in travel and enemies. These are highly auspicious and, along with the kendras, determine the health, wealth, status, dignity, rise and virtue or a native.

Vedic astrology will depend on the ranking of movie stars and explants, as well as being the interrelations provided by them all.
The fish asks Manu for life and protection, and in return he will save him from the great impending flood.
So Vishnu descended in an anthropomorphic form, with the body of a man and head and claws of a lion.
He then extended his authority over the 3 Worlds, and the Deities appealed to Vishnu for help. He is the son of Jamadagni (Brahmin) and Renuka (Renuka – Parasurama is the 1st of the Kshatriya clan that ruled Ayodhya and was in the ancestral lineage of Rama). He will destroy all of the unrighteous and evil and usher in the Satya Yuga, the Golden Age of Truth. The conch has the form of a multiple spiral evolving from one point into ever increasing spheres, denoting eternity since it can go on forever.
It portrays Vishnu’s  message of partaking of the pleasures of this world without  becoming ensnared by them.
Vishnu’s other abode within the material universe is called Ksheera Saagara, the ocean of milk, where he reclines on Ananta Shesha, the King of serpents with 1000 heads, along with his consort, Goddess Lakshmi. The Prajapatis had a major role in originating various other planets and satellites indispensable for mankind. There are 4 isosceles triangles with the apices pointing upward representing Siva or the Masculine energy, and 5 isosceles triangles pointing downward representing the Female Creative Energy, or Shakti. The 9 intersecting triangles are enclosed by two rows of 8 and 16 petals respectively, representing the Lotus of Creation and the reproductive vital force.
This is surrounded by Lotuses with 8 and 16 petals within an earth square resembling a temple with 4 doors. Sri Sundara MahaLakshmi is the root of all of these 64 Lakshmi Devis and if you wish to attain all 64 Aishwaryas, you need to worship her at this temple, so say the Siddhas. He was fully enlightened, had many Miraculous Siddhi powers, and lived for about 120 years. I look forward to this program called Lakshmi Shobanam by the great Mystic Saint, Vadiraja. The lotus signifies that while living in this world one should enjoy the wealth, but not become obsessed with it. The golden coins falling from her front left hand signifies she provides wealth and prosperity for her devotees.
In Hindu mythology she is also called ‘Shri’ and is the Divine spouse or consort of Vishnu. It denotes mental ability, learning, knowledge, character, acquisitions through wife, fascination for women and karmas of past lives. This approach will depend on the understanding that seeing that Sun is a centre for the Solar Method, therefore Sunrays is more imperative that you Earth than almost every other mystical figure. It would not solely have confidence in the relationship in the middle the Sun additionally, the Earth with its rationale that Globe is rotating and revolving, which translates into a alter of the country’s equinoxes (plenty of time of equal rights between night and day) by means of around 50 seconds within the year, rendering it to a positive change of an important shift from the day Atlanta divorce attorneys 72 ages. Vaivasvata Manu agrees and Matsya tells him to keep him in an earthenware jar of water and keep him safe. Matsya swims to the boat and Vaivasvata Manu ties a rope to the large horn that has grown from the top of Matsya’s head and with great force Matsya then tows the boat to the highest dry ground in the north, interpreted as the Himalayas. The Supreme Soul of all will take a birth to protect the principles of dharma and to relieve His saintly devotees from the reactions of material work. Varaha, the victor, then carried earth upwards on his tusks and restored it to its place in the Universe. He kills King Hiranyakashippu with his lion’s claws, at the courtyard threshold of his house while lying across his thighs. King Kartavirya Suryavenshi visited Jamadagni at his Ashram and the Saint was able to feed them through the Blessings of Kamadehnu, the celestial, wish-fulfilling cow. Rama with the help of Hanuman, and Lakshman, set off to Lanka, killed the Demon King Ravana, and rescued Sita.
A parallel with the water wheel, representing the constant and cyclic interplay of irreconcilable activities (duality).
It was said he would not refuse a a boon to any individual no matter how unreasonable the request might be. Through his navel a lotus grew up and a seed inside gave birth to Brahma who traveled and traveled for years in the stem to find the truth and his originator, but could not find one.
The broken lines of the outer frame denote the figure to be a sanctuary with 4 openings to the regions of the universe.
The Devi Khadgamala is the mantra that describes the various deities residing in the 9 layers.
This includes a boon to anyone who might desire the ‘Blessings’ of Shukra and Maha Lakshmi. Sundara Maha Lakshmi brims with millions of Kubera Shaktis, Aishwaraya Shaktis, Shukra Shaktis, treasure Shaktis, and prosperity Shaktis. He is often   depicted as a fat man, adorned in jewels,  carrying a money pot (or bag), and a club.
Lakshmi is Sarva Mangala, which means she is not only the Goddess of wealth, but all powerful, and capable of bestowing longevity. Shiva had already taken the Moon, Bramha had already taken Saraswati, so her hand was given to Vishnu, whom Lakshmi herself preferred. Western astrology produces astrological predictions based on the bond as measured regarding the Sun as well as tropics for the Earth, that happen to be Tropic with Cancer plus Tropic about Capricorn.
When Matsya outgrew the jar, he asked Vaivasvata Manu to dig a pit and fill it with water and to place him in it. Vaivasvata Manu ties the boat to a tree and gradually descends the mountain as the flood waters recede. The King demanded Kamadehnu for himself, and when Jamadagni refused, the King took the celestial cow by force and destroyed the ashram. The water wheel both empties and fills its vessels, turning without end to bring up water and disgorge it onto the forever parched fields.
Vishnu approached Gada as a Brahmin and asked: ‘If you are so generous as you claim to be can you give me your bones?’ Gada immediately tore open his body and gave him his bones from which the celestial artist, Ribhus, fashioned a mace for Vishnu. Finally Lord Vishnu appeared before him and asked him to make life possible in the form of different Lokas, or Planets. The signs must be shifted sooner or later back so that they can sustain all the logic for astrology.
When Matsya out grew the pit filled with water, he told Vaivasvata to release him in the ocean, as he is now big enough to survive, he will be indestructible, and will help Vaivasvata Manu survive the impending flood.
This part makes Vedic astrology additional accurate and also precise compared to Western astrology.
Western astrology loans this time as the start of the 365 days, unlike Thinking about receiving 01 who has been any Roman day of the start of the year or so Being proved to be the earliest date of the start of the year or so, Western astrology declares Aries to get the sign originating in this time of your year, using other clues following the software. Vedic astrology can be comparably extra deep, vast, and genuine than North western astrology for execution for its do the job of astrology. This Temple is the Adi Moola Lakshmi Peetam, the seat of all wealth with Shaktis of 64 special Lakshmi Avatars. Vadiraja immediately composed a Hymn to Goddess Lakshmi recounting her Wedding to Lord Vishnu at the time she arose from out of the Milky Ocean. Western astrology is definitely more approximately accentuating the particular psychological traits associated with an individual, along with less and also almost minimal about guessing future occurrences. However, Vedic astrology is usually about accentuating all the psychological elements of a person, but as well scores just as effective within forecasting all the events of your coming time frame. This is a Sarva Karya Siddhi Temple – one that helps you to achieve that which you want to achieve.
Then in appreciation to Bali, and Bali’s grandfather Prahalada, Vamana made Bali the ruler of the Netherworld.

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