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1906: Availability of panchromatic black and white film and therefore high quality color separation color photography. PAINTING OF THE WEEK - Ruins of the Holyrood Chapel by Moonlight, oil on canvas, 1824, Louis Daguerre. G+ #Read of the Day: The Daguerreotype - The daguerreotype, an early form of photograph, was invented by Louis Daguerre in the early 19th c. The first photograph (1826) - Joseph Niepce, a French inventor and pioneer in photography, is generally credited with producing the first photograph. Easy Peasy Fact:Following Niepcea€™s experiments, in 1829 Louis Daguerre stepped up to make some improvements on a novel idea. His 10th lord Venus is in conjunction with 11th lord mercury made him to choose his career into movie industry. During Sani Maha Dasa (from Dec 1998), he started moving towards more into spiritual direction. Interestingly, if you notice both Superstar Rajinikanth and Shahrukh Khan are having same ascendant, same star and same moon sign and running same sani maha dasa. The 1st house tells about your identity, physical characteristics, looks, stature, health, vitality, attitude, temperament and your perspectives on the world. When your 1st lord is in the 5th house, it shows that you are more focused on the 5th house matters.
Failure to clear the MBA admission test prompted the worried father of the boy (Chart 8) to seek astrological advice. The native of Chart 9 despite intensive preparation was unable to clear the test for CA and felt much frustrated.
The native of Chart 10 married in 1993 under the direction of Mercury-Saturn, both auspicious Yogakarakas well placed in Kendra-Trikona and was blessed with a son. Starting a new activity or buying valuables on Akshaya Tritiya is believed to bring success or good fortune.
Though Akshaya Tritiya has pan-Indian observances, variations in beliefs and activities are seen in various regions. Akshaya Tritiya is one special occasion in Hindu calendar which is considered most auspicious. There is a difference of opinion regarding the application of gemstones to augment or mitigate the effect of planets in a horoscope. The opposing views on the choice of the right gemstone need to be reconciled on the test of logic, and actual experience.
1) General Application: Gemstone of the favourable planet (s) for the particular Ascendant or Rasi to augment the overall good effects. 2)Transit Application: Choice of gemstone relevant to the planetary directions or transits to augment or mitigate the effects of the planets.
3)Special Application: Selection of gemstone depending on the overall assessment of the planetary impact on the individual horoscope.
The use of gemstones in India has been in vogue as one of the remedial measures like mantra, tantra, dana (gift), havan etc to propitiate the Grahas. The native of Chart 1 was advised to wear Pukhraj (lapis lazauli), possibly in consideration of reinforcing the ongoing Jupiter Dasa.
It was therefore considered necessary to fortify Saturn, the key planet for Librans for improving general prospects. Home Varnashram Varna Brahmanas Kshatriya Vaishya Shudra Ashramas Brahmacari Grhastha Vaanaprastha Sannyasi Vastu What is Vastu?
In a horoscope the grasping power and the ability to acquire education is studied from Mercury whereas Jupiter is the chief karaka of onea€™s educational upgradation. Intelligence : If the lord of fifth house Mercury is conjoined with any benefic planet and gets aspect of a benefic planet. When Mercury is in its own house or in a Kendra from the ascendant or remains in a trine the native gets flourished with high education, vehicles and property. If Jupiter is well aspected by Venus and Mercury in the ninth house the native is complete erudite. The native is very intelligent if 5th lord is hemmed between benefic planets or if the lord of the sign where 5th lord is placed gets auspicious aspect from a benefic planet.
The intellect of native is very sharp when 5th house is in between two benefic planets, Jupiter is in 5th and Mercury is unafflicted. Memory: If the lord of fifth house is in conjunction or aspected by a benefic planet or the fifth house is occupied or aspected by a benefic planet or if the lord of fifth house from Jupiter is in Kendra or Trikona the native is blessed with sharp memory.
Grammar: If powerful Jupiter and the lord of second house are aspected by Sun and Venus the native can be an efficient grammarian. The conjunction of powerful Jupiter with 2nd lord and Sun also proves beneficial to be good in grammar. Mathematics: It is important for the Jupiter to be in the centre and Mercury should be the lord of second house or Venus should be exalted or in its own house. If Mars is in the second house with a benefic planet or aspected by Mercury or Mercury is in Kendra the native becomes a mathematician. If Jupiter is in Kendra or Trikona, Venus is exalted, Mercury and Mars in house of wealth or in any Kendra aspected by Mercury the native becomes a very good mathematician.
If Moon and Mercury are in Kendra or in conjunction with 3rd lord Mercury or Mercury is in 6th from Saturn and Jupiter in 2nd from Lagna the native is very expert astrologer.
If 2nd lord Jupiter occupies 2nd house the native can become a full time public speaker and expresses his opinion effectively in his lectures provided it is not aspected by any malefic planet.
Unafflicted Jupiter and Mercury in 2nd house can enable the native to become extremely efficient in interpretation. If Mercury and Jupiter occupy or aspect powerful 3rd house or are in Kendra from it, the native has very sweet voice. Different Sutras (planetary combinations) have been mentioned in astrological texts like - Sarvaarth Chintamani, Jatak Parijaat and Jyotish Ratnakar which indicate about the erudition, knowledge, education and intelligence of a native through his horoscope.
In the horoscope of Adi Guru Shukracharya 2nd house lord Sun is exalted in 10th house, Venus the karaka planet of erudition and imagination is also occupying 10th house in conjunction with Sun.
According to Sarvaarth Chintamani the significator of knowledge Jupiter and that of intellect Mercury prove extremely beneficial for the native to become a king or to win lots of appreciation from people, if they aspect each other or have mutual exchange or are together in an auspicious house.
This is the horoscope of Shri Arun Bansal who is the man behind first astrological computer software in India. According to one more Sutra, if the lord of the sign where 5th lord is placed, gets auspicious aspect from a benefic planet the native becomes very intelligent.
This is the horoscope of freedom fighter Subhash Chander Bose who acquired higher education and qualified the examination of ICS. In the horoscope of Sir Rabindranath Tagore lagna lord and 10th lord Jupiter is exalted in 5th house. Conclusion : For making any type of achievement in the field of higher education it is inevitably essential that 2nd, 4th , 5th, 9th and 10th houses in a horoscope should be under the auspicious influence of Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon and Sun. Talbot was active from the mid-1830s, and sits alongside Louis Daguerre as one of the fathers of the medium. Niepcea€™s photograph shows a view from the Window at Le Gras, and it only took eight hours of exposure time!The history of photography has roots in remote antiquity with the discovery of the principle of the camera obscura and the observation that some substances are visibly altered by exposure to light.
Again employing the use of solvents and metal plates as a canvas, Daguerre utilized a combination of silver and iodine to make a surface more sensitive to light, thereby taking less time to develop.
He is the most popular movie star in India who achieved great name and fame across the entire indian country and other countries as well. He has excellent Jupiter placement on his 7th house aspecting his ascendant giving him enough energy, success and popularity. Powerful saturn placement made him sit in a very strong position and he continues to hold superstar image eventhough he did not act many movies during Sani MahaDasa.
Though the vrat for lord Ganesha is observed on 4th day of Krishna Paksha of every Hindu month, but this is special of all. People call me "Hi-Tech Astrologer" or "Digital Age Astrologer" because of my extensive usage of technology in astrology. The 5th house indicates, romantic affairs, enjoyment, fun, sports, games, arts, hobbies, creativity, intellect, entertainment, self-promotion, speculation, and risky businesses. Since the 5th house deals with the studies, intellect, knowledge and the higher mind your full focus will be in studying throughout your life. Jupiter, the Dasa lord, is constrained by occupation of Saturnine constellation opposite Saturn, the malefic lord of the 7th and the 8th. On examination his horoscope revealed the Ascendant and its lord Jupiter suffering from severe affliction. However, Venus Dasa brought about separation between the couple, ultimately leading to divorce in 2003-04. These guidelines are generally followed by practitioners subject to certain modification prompted by personal experience, but without compromising on quality. Accordtngly> using red coral and blue sapphire at the same time is discouraged My Guru reconciled this condition by recommending such gems of lesser than the minimum required weight. The knowledge gained or charity done on Akshaya Tritiya is believed to give maximum benefit. In Odisha,  farmers start ploughing their lands on Akshaya Tritiya and the day marks the beginning of construction of chariots for Puri Rath Yatra. Any activity started or initiated on this day is believed to yield good results and people focus on buying valuables and starting new ventures. According to Richard Shaw Brown of the Planetary Gemologists Association, Bangkok the gem of the strongest favourable planet should always be recommended and that of the weak planet avoided. This may involve augmenting the strength of the favourable planet or mitigating the ill effects of the weak and adverse planets or both.

But it was noticed that Saturn, the Yogakaraka for Libra, was ill-placed in the 8th in exchange of signs with the 8th lord Venus. Accordingly he was recommended blue sapphire instead of Pukhraj for Jupiter, the strongest planet.
Need of Vastu Land Vastu Time to begin construction Entrance Precautions Defects Remedies Sri Yantra Meru Chakra Astrology Marriage Compatibility Boy to Girl Girl to Boy Varna Koota Education Eclipse Speed of Light Time Samvatsara Aquiring property Planetary Transits Functional Malefics Muhurta Selection Ayurveda Fruits Amla Soursop Roots Ginger Shatavari Vacha Vahni (Bhilava or Spikenard) Herbs Methi (Fenugreek) Giloy Spices Methi Seeds Jira (Cumin seeds) Mustard Seeds (Rai) Kali Mirch (Black Pepper) Saindhav salt Haritaki Saffron Medicines Neem Homemade Facepacks Home remedies for UTI Healthy Foods Drinking Water Herbal Tea Dangers of Soy Oils Cow Ghee Coconut Oil Pulses Yoga Karma Yoga Jnana Yoga Astanga Yoga Bhakti Yoga Read Philosophy Spiritual Shaligram Shila Holy Name Shankaracharya protected Karavalamba Stotra Panakala Nrsimha Radha-Krpa-Kataksa Stava Religious Ghanta (Bell) Moral Moral Instructions Chanakya Niti Stories Puranas Skanda Purana Does God Exist? As 2nd house is the house of speech and goddess Saraswati so this also can be considered as house of education and erudition. If 5th lord is in conjunction with benefic planets, Mercury is exalted, Mercury placed in fifth house or the navamsa lord of 5th lord is well aspected by a benefic planet in Kendra. The combination of Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn in the ninth house equips the native with complete erudition and eloquence of speech. The credit of making astrology accessible to common man through computerised astrological software goes to him. Porta (1541-1615), a wise Neapolitan, was able to get the image of well-lighted objects through a small hole in one of the faces of a dark chamber; with a convergent lens over the enlarged hole, he noticed that the images got even clearer and sharper. Though he is most famous for his contributions to photography, he was also an accomplished painter and a developer of the diorama theatre. As far as is known, nobody thought of bringing these two phenomena together to capture camera images in permanent form until around 1800, when Thomas Wedgwood made the first reliably documented although unsuccessful attempt.
The key point of his success is Saturn placed on his 2nd house and aspecting his 8th and 11th house. He is going to have another period golden with the current saturn transit (Nov 2014 to Oct 2017) since Saturn will be on his 11th house to his moonsign.
Ganesha Chaturthi or Ganesha Festival is a day on which Lord Ganesha, the son of Shiva and Parvati, is believed to bestow his presence on earth for all his devotees and hence celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha. I strongly believe that technology can help in improving accuracy of an astrologer tremendously.My interest in astrology started around two decades back when I picked up few astrology books from a small bookshop in my village. But being the auspicious lord of the 9th aspecting the 4th lord Venus in exaltation and occupant of the 4th in Bhava, Jupiter did promise success.
Venus is the Ascendant lord as also Kalatrakaraka and is weakly placed in debility in the 12th, hence failed to sustain the marriage. Sometimes* it is required to recommend 3 or 4 gemstones, for which he advised each gem to weigh 2 Rattis. Also, the day is supposed to bring good luck and success and is considered auspicious for starting new ventures. Also, it is believed that Veda Vyasa and Lord Ganesha started writing Mahabharatha on this day. Sun and Moon are believed to have maximum brightness on these Thithis and are at their exalted positions. Seturam Aspari of Bangalore counters the view by suggesting that the planet that has deficiency needs to be strengthened. Obviously, the use of gemstones cannot be discounted for augmenting the weak or defective planets. For making achievement in the field of higher education 9th house is important and 10th house is the Karaka house of name and fame from education. In this horoscope 5th lord from lagna, Moon and Sun all are together in 10th house in conjunction with Jupiter. Schulze mixes chalk, nitric acid, and silver in a flask; notices darkening on side of flask exposed to sunlight. A daguerreotype, produced on a silver-plated copper sheet, produces a mirror image photograph of the exposed scene. He will see excellent and skyrocketting growth in the coming years since Sani Bhagwan will be on his 11th house. People may look at you as a creative, and intellect person.You may be interested in the creative activities and you may even have your own business ventures.
When your 1st lord Mars goes into your 5th house means, you will see war like situations in the matters of the 5th house. Even then Venus may not be bothered about following Saturn’s discipline and structure.
The Ascendant lord Moon occupies the 12th in Rahu's Nakshatra and hemmed between malefics is severely handicapped. Jupiter occupies the 3rd involved in Graha Yuddha (planetary war) with Mercury and in the highly unfavourable 8th from the Chandra Lagna (Moon-sign).
Any personal or business activity initiated on this day is believed to progress well and bring good results. In some parts of the country, Akshaya Tritiya is considered as the birthday of Balarama avatar of Lord Vishnu and is celebrated as an agrarian festival.
These Thithis are first Thithi of Bright Half of Chaitra month, Tenth Thithi of Bright Half of Ashvina month (Vijay Dashmi) and Third Thithi of Bright Half of Vaishakha month (Akshaya Tritiya or Parshu Jayanti).
Buying Gold on Akshaya Tritiya with the belief of having never diminishing fortunes has become a popular activity all over India. On this day, a male member of the family starts early morning to the farmland, and all the birds and animals seen are regarded as omens for predicting rain and crops. The use of gemstones in astrology finds little mention in classical texts and has received attention only lately. In fact, my late lamented Guru Pundit Parasuram Mishra, a follower of the Bhrigu system, invariably recommended the use of gems for mitigating the ill effects of adversely placed planets with very good results. The real enemy Power of meditation Shake off the dirt Self Appraisal Inspiration Protection Love???
Second lord Mercury, natural karaka of speech and intellect is occupying the house of 5th lord Jupiter and this Jupiter which is also 9th lord from Moon is occupying the house of 2nd lord Mercury.
The alchemist Fabricio, more or less at the same period of time, observed that silver chloride was darkened by the action of light. Chemistry student Robert Cornelius was so fascinated by the chemical process involved in Daguerrea€™s work that he sought to make some improvements himself.
Since Sun represents government sector, this is one of the reason people wanted to him enter into politics.
Duing the middle phase of Rahu Maha Dasa, his first movie Apoorva Raagangal release on Aug 18, 1975 that is during Ketu Bhukthi. This accurate result will be based on your ascendant, the sign which occupies the 5th house, a dignity of the planet in 5th house, conjunctions, and aspects. The boy was advised to put on a pearl ring to reinforce and propitiate the adversely placed Ascendant lord. The position appeared truly grave, but a chance was taken for propitiating Jupiter by recommending the use of pukhraj. This ensured his second marriage to a well qualified girl in 2007 in the sub-period of Mars, the owner of the 7th aspecting the 7th.
These Thithis along with first Thithi of Bright Half of Karttika are referred as Sade Teen Muhurth. Vigorous campaigns conducted by Jewellers and Bankers, though exploit the materialistic urge of people, has resulted in raising the popularity of the day manyfold. We lack authentic literature on the right choice of gemstones and have to rely on verification of the effects by personal experience. However, in practice we have found the prescription of the gemstones yielding desired results for both the favourable as well as unfavourable planets depending on the assessment of their disposition in the chart.
4th lord Sun is in 10th house in conjunction with karaka planets of knowledge and intelligence i.e, Jupiter and Mercury and is aspecting 4th house. This very auspicious Jupiter is also giving aspect to the house of name and fame from education i.e. Therefore in this horoscope several planetary combinations are indicating exceptionally good intelligence level which earned him lot of name and fame.
It was only two hundred years later that the physicist Charles made the first photographic impression, by projecting the outlines of one of his pupils on a white paper sheet impregnated with silver chloride.
It was commercially introduced in 1839, a date generally accepted as the birth year of practical photography.The metal-based daguerreotype process soon had some competition from the paper-based calotype negative and salt print processes invented by Henry Fox Talbot. And in 1839 Cornelius shot a self-portrait daguerrotype that some historians believe was the first modern photograph of a man ever produced.
While celebrated all over India, it is most elaborate in Maharashtra,Goa ( Biggest festival for Konkani people all over the world ) Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, and other areas which were former states of the Maratha Empire. When Venus in Virgo, this person may have to be a lot sacrificial to have a happy romantic life. This had the desired result and the boy got through the test in the next attempt and successfully completed his MBA.
They observe this day as a commemoration of Lord Adinatha or Tirthankara Rishabha's ending of one year fast by drinking sugarcane juice. The auspiciousness of these Thithis for a specific activity, however, depends on other elements of astrology.
It goes without saying that the prime consideration in the choice of gemstones should be quality, absence of flaws such as spots, cracks or cloudiness. The cases presented below illustrate the application of gems relevant to the horoscope concerned.
Everybody knows that Dheerubhai Ambani converted his small business into a big empire, earned lot of name and fame and became the richest business person in India with his sharp intellect.
In Kiran Bedia€™s horoscope lagna lord & 10th lord Mercury is in 9th house in the sign of Venus in conjunction with Sun and Mars. Because of these planetary combinations he impressed masses with his sharp intellect, knowledge and eloquence of speech.

In this year 2009, this festival will be celebrated on 23rd of August.Swami Sivananda has talked about the religious and spiritual practices that should be performed this day. You may be a good mathematician; you may be a good actor, astrologer or good in academics as well. Once when you are fully dedicated towards discipline, then you will see success coming to you. You are good in studies, you have an emotional attachment to your children and you may teach about Holy Scriptures. The fortified Ascendant lord also cleared the way for a successful professional career as promised by the Sun exalted in the 10th asspected by the 10th lord and exalted Venus well placed in the 10th from the Moon. In this aspect, we have to learn that for the true success in life, we should give with a pure heart. But there seems to be no clear direction on the weight of the suggested gemstone, save the sane advice not to sacrifice the quality of the gems for weight. The combination of Mercury and Jupiter with Sun in 10th house earned him lots of name and fame not only in India but also abroad. Because of this exchange between the karaka of knowledge and that of intellect he is very intelligent, soft spoken, knowledgeable, serious and logical.
The photos were turned into lantern slides and projected in registration with the same color filters. I have also written extensively for various magazines and news papers like Kadambini, Dainik Jagran, Prabhat Khabar etc.I have also studied astronomy and mathematical astrology and that is the reason I contributed to many astrology software and websites. You may have issues with those people whom you interact within the matters of the 5th house.
He is now well settled in life with a happy family life, blessed with the necessary comforts of life. Helping the poor or needy with a clean heart is the key to receiving material and spiritual blessings. In this way all the karaka planets and karaka house lords of education are very beautifully placed in this chart because of which he earned the title of Jagadguru by defeating all spiritual gurus in debate on scriptures. Not only did he make astrology easier with his software but also earned name and fame for himself. In 1802, Wedgwood reproduced transparent drawings on a surface sensitized by silver nitrate and exposed to light. In the later age, you may find yourself being very mature in handling relationship issues.Your equations in relations may not necessarily match with others. Giving money or material on Akshaya Tritiya with an understanding of this fact will produce great returns. Fourth lord Jupiter occupying 5th house is giving auspicious aspect to 9th house where 10th lord, lagna lord, 3rd lord, Moon sign lord and Sun are also getting benefited from this aspect. Because of these combinations he acquired lot of education and recognition and handled all responsibilities very efficiently. Nicephore Niepce (1765-1833) had the idea of using as sensitive material the bitumen, which is altered and made insoluble by light, thus keeping the images obtained unaltered. Long before the first photographs were made, Chinese philosopher Mo Ti and Greek mathematicians Aristotle and Euclid described a pinhole camera in the 5th and 4th centuries BCE.
He communicated his experiences to Daguerre (1787-1851) who noticed that a iodide-covered silver plate - thedaguerreotype -, by exposition to iodine fumes, was impressed by the action of light action, and that the almost invisible alteration could be developed with the exposition to mercury fumes.
In the 6th century CE, Byzantine mathematician Anthemius of Tralles used a type of camera obscura in his experimentsIbn al-Haytham (Alhazen) (965 in Basra a€“ c. It was then fixed with a solution of potassium cyanide, which dissolves the unaltered iodine.The daguerreotype (1839) was the first practical solution for the problem of photography.
Maybe due too much of light in the matters of the 5th house, you may be known as an egoist as well.
According to Jyotish Ratnakar it is very auspicious for acquiring excellence in the field of education. In 1841, Claudet discovered quickening substances, thanks to which exposing times were shortened. More or less at the same time period, EnglishWilliam Henry Talbot substituted the steel daguerreotype with paper photographs (named calotype). Wilhelm Homberg described how light darkened some chemicals (photochemical effect) in 1694. Niepce of Saint-Victor (1805-1870), Nicephorea€™s cousin, invented the photographic glass plate covered with a layer of albumin, sensitized by silver iodide. The novel Giphantie (by the French Tiphaigne de la Roche, 1729a€“74) described what could be interpreted as photography.Around the year 1800, Thomas Wedgwood made the first known attempt to capture the image in a camera obscura by means of a light-sensitive substance.
Maddox and Benett, between 1871 and 1878, discovered the gelatine-bromide plate, as well as how to sensitize it.
As with the bitumen process, the result appeared as a positive when it was suitably lit and viewed. A strong hot solution of common salt served to stabilize or fix the image by removing the remaining silver iodide.
On 7 January 1839, this first complete practical photographic process was announced at a meeting of the French Academy of Sciences, and the news quickly spread.
At first, all details of the process were withheld and specimens were shown only at Daguerre's studio, under his close supervision, to Academy members and other distinguished guests. Paper with a coating of silver iodide was exposed in the camera and developed into a translucent negative image. Unlike a daguerreotype, which could only be copied by rephotographing it with a camera, a calotype negative could be used to make a large number of positive prints by simple contact printing.
The calotype had yet another distinction compared to other early photographic processes, in that the finished product lacked fine clarity due to its translucent paper negative. This was seen as a positive attribute for portraits because it softened the appearance of the human face. Talbot patented this process,[20] which greatly limited its adoption, and spent many years pressing lawsuits against alleged infringers.
He attempted to enforce a very broad interpretation of his patent, earning himself the ill will of photographers who were using the related glass-based processes later introduced by other inventors, but he was eventually defeated. Nonetheless, Talbot's developed-out silver halide negative process is the basic technology used by chemical film cameras today.
Hippolyte Bayard had also developed a method of photography but delayed announcing it, and so was not recognized as its inventor.In 1839, John Herschel made the first glass negative, but his process was difficult to reproduce. The new formula was sold by the Platinotype Company in London as Sulpho-Pyrogallol Developer.Nineteenth-century experimentation with photographic processes frequently became proprietary. This adaptation influenced the design of cameras for decades and is still found in use today in some professional cameras.
Petersburg, Russia studio Levitsky would first propose the idea to artificially light subjects in a studio setting using electric lighting along with daylight.
In 1884 George Eastman, of Rochester, New York, developed dry gel on paper, or film, to replace the photographic plate so that a photographer no longer needed to carry boxes of plates and toxic chemicals around.
Now anyone could take a photograph and leave the complex parts of the process to others, and photography became available for the mass-market in 1901 with the introduction of the Kodak Brownie.A practical means of color photography was sought from the very beginning. Results were demonstrated by Edmond Becquerel as early as 1848, but exposures lasting for hours or days were required and the captured colors were so light-sensitive they would only bear very brief inspection in dim light.The first durable color photograph was a set of three black-and-white photographs taken through red, green and blue color filters and shown superimposed by using three projectors with similar filters. It was taken by Thomas Sutton in 1861 for use in a lecture by the Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell, who had proposed the method in 1855.[27] The photographic emulsions then in use were insensitive to most of the spectrum, so the result was very imperfect and the demonstration was soon forgotten.
Maxwell's method is now most widely known through the early 20th century work of Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii. Included were methods for viewing a set of three color-filtered black-and-white photographs in color without having to project them, and for using them to make full-color prints on paper.[28]The first widely used method of color photography was the Autochrome plate, commercially introduced in 1907.
If the individual filter elements were small enough, the three primary colors would blend together in the eye and produce the same additive color synthesis as the filtered projection of three separate photographs. Autochrome plates had an integral mosaic filter layer composed of millions of dyed potato starch grains. Reversal processing was used to develop each plate into a transparent positive that could be viewed directly or projected with an ordinary projector. The mosaic filter layer absorbed about 90 percent of the light passing through, so a long exposure was required and a bright projection or viewing light was desirable. Competing screen plate products soon appeared and film-based versions were eventually made. A complex processing operation produced complementary cyan, magenta and yellow dye images in those layers, resulting in a subtractive color image.
Kirsch at the National Institute of Standards and Technology developed a binary digital version of an existing technology, the wirephoto drum scanner, so that alphanumeric characters, diagrams, photographs and other graphics could be transferred into digital computer memory. The lab was working on the Picturephone and on the development of semiconductor bubble memory. The essence of the design was the ability to transfer charge along the surface of a semiconductor.
Michael Tompsett from Bell Labs however, who discovered that the CCD could be used as an imaging sensor.

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