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Free Weekly Predictions, Chart Reading, Personal Astrology, Business Astrology, Corporate Astrology, Jyotishremedies, Astrologers K Rajesh Chaudhary R K Chadha Dr. The ascendant or lagna is that point in the zodiac which rises at the time of birth of a person with reference to the place of birth.
This is the best form of drawing a chart as it provides a very easy comprehension of the chart at a mere glimpse. According to Systems’ Approach, the lordship of the houses is reckoned from the placement of a mooltrikona sign in a particular house.
As the sign of Libra is placed in the fifth house in the above chart, Venus will be the lord of the fifth house. Aries Daily HoroscopeTuesday, May 17, 2016Get involved in activities that are exciting and keep you relaxed. If you are serious about learning to play the guitar you need to learn chord theory in order to improve your skill level.
You should be able to hear a chord and quickly recognize whether it’s a minor, major, or dominant chord.
To find the second note of a major chord which is the the third, you just go up 4 half steps from the root.
To find the root in a minor chord is the same as in a major chord, it’s always the chords name. Listen to tones and learn to recognize chords by their sound, then practice with songs you hear and like. Your planet Mars is in Libra, your opposite sign, so he isn’t comfortable because he has to be diplomatic and Mars usually isn’t that way. I’ve called this aspect “the social agenda” because Mars in Libra HAS a social agenda, he’s using it and pushing at it too hard for the ground you’re standing at, so be smart. The most important event is the super combo of the Full Moon in Sagittarius and the opposition between Venus and Saturn, on the same day…Hurray for the World Cup! Well, the Full Moon in Sagittarius is the time to face a reality that has been sending you clues for a while or FACING YOU but maybe you though you could work around it. If you’re still involved in a love triangle or involved in romantic, legal or commercial situation that’s not convenient, be careful.
Venus in Taurus is teaching us all about self-worth, understanding what our place is because THAT in fact sets the standard for others, so if you’ve failed at that don’t be mad if someone else crosses the line. I KNOW you’re a strong woman, but if there’s something you must learn in 2014 is that being strong doesn’t mean being upset and running people over. This week your planet Venus has a pretty tight schedule and I guess the same applies to you because as above, so below. To clarify I have to take you back in time to the past and then to the future, but don’t worry we’re not going that far. On the same day of the opposition between Venus and Saturn, we have the Full Moon in Sagittarius that’ll light up your zone of sex, what you surrender to others and investments…that’s it.
If you’re barely starting a relationship, you have to know that under these alignments the relationship isn’t just any relationship…that’s a relationship that’ll bring lessons you need to learn for your evolution, getting out of your comfort zone, moving away from your home town or emotional place. After this super powerful 1 day combo, Saturday 14 is also pretty bumpy with the tension between Mars and Pluto. If you’re suffering from a physical condition or are pregnant, this is the time to TAKE IT EASY.
This week is going to be a bumpy ride Gemini…and not because Mercury is retro, because you already know I LOVE Mercury Rx and I’m sure he’ll help you more than you think with matters you need to solve about money, rent and stability.
Things get pretty intense due to the Full Moon in Sagittarius that, even though isn’t YOUR Full Moon is pretty close to that…this is because the Moon will take light from the Sun in your sign, therefore, this is your Full Moon of compromise, associations and serious relationships and for you and someone else to be seen as a powerful and dynamic couple.
Let me explain: it’s not easy to know for sure if the climax comes for a commercial or a personal relationship because we have other alignments that are hitting us hard on both fronts. This opposition will get you pretty close and personal with your material life and you’ve been preparing for that.
2 – The tension between Mars and Pluto, a day after the Full Moon, will take care of the romantic front that’s making you nuts lately.
If you broke up with someone a while ago, this combination of alignments and the Full Moon will bring that person back so, you have to be ready and mature enough to look at the relationship with new eyes. Every time there’s a New or Full Moon, even in a different sign from yours, is an important moment for you because the Moon is your ruler. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is coming this week and lights up the zone of your astrological chart that rules your body, daily work, time management, routines and even quality of life. Mercury retro dancing in your sign actually wants you to listen to yourself so you can put boundaries and, make a decision that’ll make you feel better at every level. Mars in Libra is pushing a social agenda and for you that’s about matters related to home, family and residence.
The best way to find out what this opposition is all about is to check what was going on December 30 and April 15 of this year, when Mars had a previous argument with Pluto. In your case, anything related to your family that implies cutting an umbilical cord is typical of the alignments we will have during the month of June. Just like I told Cancer, every time there’s a Full or New Moon it’s an important time for you as the Sun and the Moon are the center of the story.
But, my dear Leo, if that’s not your case because you’re happily attached or married, this Full Moon in Sagittarius brings the possibility of a big trip together, a plan that pushes you both to get out of the comfort zone and routine, a brake away from the pattern established between you so long ago, one that made you feel old.
On the same day of the Full Moon, Venus in Taurus will oppose Saturn in Scorpio and that represents a desire (Taurus) that faces a limitation (Saturn).
This combo of alignments can also make you receive a job offer that sends you away from your love or family and then, you’ll ask the all the important questions: Is this going to be forever? Even though this tension happens on June 14, any aspect of Mars is felt a week in advance so, this may be happening anytime. Virgo people, the good old sons of mercury, are more rational than emotional but, with Mercury and Neptune doing the retro thing you won’t be able to put up a fence for the emotional tsunami in progress.
On the same day of the opposition between Venus and Saturn, we have the Full Moon in Sagittarius which lights up your zone of home, family, roots and stability.
With all that info, dear Virgo, just take it one day at a time and be as honest as you can with yourself.
If you feel the drive to sign a contract or formalize something in writing, I recommend you wait until Mars calms down but, if you have an urgent issue Thursday is the best day to do it. Mars in your sign had been pretty quiet but, this week he speeds up and goes directly into the third and last tension with Pluto in Capricorn, with the issues of the Cardinal Cross. Mars in your sign made you more selfish tan usual or, we could say…selfish in a healthy way, just thinking about what you wanted to accomplish and couldn’t so far because you always consider what others want. You already experienced the tension he’ll face with Pluto on Saturday 14; on December 30 and April 15 to be exact. If you’re in a relationship things get real for sure: you have to ask yourself if it’s real or not, if you can both function living together and if the relationship has enough potential for you to make a sacrifice.
But watch out my dear Libra, maybe you already experienced a feeling of insecurity on December and April about a family situation or about a man that seemed to have the control in his hands and this last tension is about finding your inner strength to change those insecurity patterns. Like I was saying…I feel Saturn is at the end of his stay in your sign because Venus –planet of desire- is traveling through Taurus and she says goodbye on Friday June 14 with an opposition.
On the same day of the conversation between Venus and Saturn, we have the Full Moon in Sagittarius in your zone of self-worth, salary and self-esteem so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is about a company, society or client because an increase of income is written all over your chart. The end of the week brings the tension between your rulers: Mars and Pluto, which could be the only bump in the road for you this week.
The week kicks off with Venus –planet of desire and ruler of women- forming an alliance with almighty Pluto in your zone of salary, self-worth and income.
The week goes by and the Moon takes more light from the Sun every day until we reach Friday and your Full Moon, that’ll illuminate your personal process, your “journey” and even if you can’t see it now, it would be a breaking point…things won’t be the same after that day.
If you’re happily attached then, it may be about good feedback from your audience, a moment when you see clearly the result of your efforts, receiving great reviews or a recognition.
If this isn’t about your honey or audience, let’s say this is about the competition or someone YOU consider to be a competitor but now, under this Full Moon you realize there’s space for everybody, that the rivalry was only in your mind and that there’s so much that can be done uniting forces. If you’re married and like someone on the side, you can face pretty tense moments from now and until the end of the month because Mars is on his way out of Libra and whatever the guy represents…that affair “doesn’t live you alone.” Even if he’s already out of the picture, you’ll be telling yourself there’s so much more out there than staying at the same place and the desire won’t let you stop. There’s plenty going on in your sign or in connection with your sign but since it’s not evident, maybe you haven’t even noticed…or maybe you do, but you don’t want to tell anyone.
Before the week started, Venus –planet of desire- in Taurus made a deal with almighty Pluto in your sign.
So Venus moves along until the end of the week on Friday June 13 when she opposes Saturn in Scorpio and you think: “Nah, she isn’t talking to me,” but I am honey, because Saturn is your ruler and this is about what happened between Venus and Pluto in your sign. This means that there’s something you desire that’ll make you feel like the growth, the investment in your life and the novelty are becoming real and that, will make you very happy.
You should feel happy because you’re an expert on working with the power duo Pluto and Saturn, but the rest of the signs will be feeling limits and restriction this week. There’s also a positive time because the two planets of abundance are in your zones of love, pleasure and romance so…what else could you ask for? While everything looks pretty in La La Land, courtesy of Venus, the Full Moon in Sagittarius and the tension between Mars and Pluto tell me there’s something to leave behind or to clarify with someone who has overstepped your boundaries of respect. Due to the Full Moon, whatever you have to solve now isn’t new, the situation has been around for a while but, you delegated or trusted that someone else could handle it; so, even though it’s a discovery, you can handle the event because you’re familiar with it.
If there’s something I’ve noticed in this week’s alignments and how the “play” for you until the end of June is the lack of certainty, but I don’t mean that in a bad way. I can almost hear you Aquarians girls: “No way, I want that change now” but Aquarius is a fixed, progressive, innovative, visionary sign…but fixed and a change, of the imminent kind, gives you the chills.
Venus –planet of desire- has been in Taurus for the past 2 weeks in your zone of home, roots, family, hometown and traditions. This is an overdue subject and we’ve “talked” about it since the beginning of the year but, nothing becomes real until Saturn gets his hands in the mix and now he’s doing it. These alignments are about love as well and about getting back the spark of romance when you’re both buried in the routine, the home and the pressure from work.
This is a VERY important week for that…and you thought nothing moves with Mercury doing the retro dance.
Everyone is concerned about the Full Moon, but you must be worried about your planet Neptune doing the retro-break-dance from June 9 until November 15. Those five months represent a transitional period and don’t believe in delays or things stuck because of Mercury Rx; the truth is that, when we listen to ourselves, reality overcomes fiction and we’re able to take a step with confidence. While others may feel they are in foggy territory, you’re super clear so take advantage that others are lowering their guard and create opportunities for yourself to take action in the last two weeks of July. With that super intro I take you to the start of the week…I’m not surprised if you feel sensitive but, the Moon in Scorpio and the connections with Pluto and Saturn are making you work on what scares you the most: material reality. Venus will help you with that as she has a desire for stability, emotional and economic security for you.
Venus moves on all week until Friday 13 when she opposes Saturn in Scorpio in your zone of publications, media, growth, expansion and exposure. Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and he’s in Cancer, your zone of love…and the Sun in Gemini is ruled by Mercury and he’s also in Cancer, this is about a leap of faith that at the end is a leap of love to satisfy your basic needs: a crazy and divine love.
Humana€™s hand is in whole divided into three main sections that represents the fingers, mid part and lower half. Thumb and finger represent a lot about human; you can know loads of things by analyzing them.
Your middle finger represents that you have good fortune and career and it represents the Jupiter planet.
The mount of mercury below the index finger represents that you have leadership quality and you are ambitious and honor and love relationship strong.
Mount of Saturn below the middle finger represents that you are more sobriety, wisdom and introversion person.

Mount of Apollo below the ring finger represents that you are more creative, extroversion type, impulsiveness. Palmistry is the beneficial outcome of our ancient astrologera€™s valuable knowledge that is more proficient and skilled. The lord of the mooltrikona sign placed in a particular house is called the lord of the house. A chord is known as a group of 3 or more notes and all music is composed using chords and scales.
If you aren’t familiar with major scales yet keep the following in mind to find your chords notes. Next, you’ll need to go up 3 half steps from the root to arrive at the 2nd note the minor third. Even though he makes his move on Saturday, June 14 Mars’ aspects can be felt a week in advance…thus, I jump to that event so you can prepare, pay attention and avoid reacting with previous events. Maybe you aren’t either or maybe you’re learning that your opposite sign has so much to teach you to achieve the success you want.
The Sun in Gemini always want to look for another option, but the Full Moon in Sagittarius will show you clearly that you’ve already explored all possibilities and you cannot avoid the hard work. Being strong means trusting yourself and not asking for something you haven’t earned yet; having the certainty and patience to know that what you deserve will come in time. I’ve posted tons of info on that everywhere but, to summarize: this is about you making a very clear statement for someone else about what are you willing to tolerate and what you want to take advantage of.
Change is always exciting, especially for this new generation of Taurus who don’t get stuck but, my dear friend, Venus in Taurus is teaching us above all to treat ourselves right. I’m not talking about Tinder darling: this is about working on your self-worth, loving yourself and trusting deep down that you were born to experience a love like no other. That means that the conversation, situation or the wakeup call you receive will make you invest more on yourself, be honest with yourself or decide if it’s the right time to invest more or go further with or without him. This is about what I mentioned before: the workload you have, what’s being offered (or what you’re considering as a couple) and everything that’s left to be done. If you’re applying for a new job or college it’s possible you’ll miss something, an authority figure gets in the way or a hater does something against you. WATCH OUT: This has been going on for a while now, in fact, we are talking about a situation that comes from December but now, you recognize its potential and how you can take advantage of it. Many times, in the stressful life we live, we simply are on cruise control, putting out fires here and there…but, times like Mercury Rx make us stop and listen to ourselves to realize how hard our intuition is talking to us so, we catch a pattern and act accordingly with certainty. Example: advertising for your brand or getting in better shape if you sale products related to body care. We already experienced this tension on December 30 and around April 15, 2014 so look back to see what’s all about. Mercury Rx brings that someone back, just as you wanted, but there’s no use if you both have the same attitude…and you know we, as women, manage the changes with our attitude. So every month you have the opportunity to finish up a project, close a negotiation or advance in a specific area or your life if you learn to use these cycles. But you’ve been running around the same old small challenge and that’s what I call BAD BURN…staying at a place, job, relationship telling yourself “if it hurts, it’s worth it” what??? It seems you may be having trouble there or, you’re not comfortable enough maybe because you’re at his place and there are requisites missing or, other people live there and you can’t relax like you want to. Since this is the third argument and third time’s the charm, maybe it’s time for your love to get the visa approved, the job, the license etc.
The most important thing is that you have the conversations, ask for favors or for help without feeling embarrassed about it. The Sun is your ruler and he’s in Gemini at the time, the zone of your astrological chart that rules group work, joined goals and platonic desires.
For a Full Moon to occur the Sun must be in a sign and the Moon in the opposite sign, taking light from the Sun. Both announced their splits in the midst of several alignments that are makings Leos wake up, wanting something real instead of something without a future.
That’s what they needed…maybe if you have been alone for a while this Full Moon brings someone who’s vibrating like you, with a desire for freedom mixed up with intensity and that would be a very special relationship. We already experienced this tension on December 30 and April 15 and it deals with the way you’re pushing your social agenda with a personal project that you want to launch so you don’t have to keep working in something you don’t like perhaps or, because you know it would be a great idea. For you, the opposition is between what you desire for the future and the responsibilities you have now.
Mars has worked hard since December so you could get centered and now that he’s leaving your sign, he wants to make sure you’ll keep choosing what’s best for you once he’s gone.
Pluto, and you don’t have the control…we could be prepared for so many things but, when we talk about big changes we should always leave room for what’s new and the temporary lack of certainty that comes with it. I tell you this because Pluto crashes against Mars but, he’s being nice to your planet Venus and that means that many Libra girls are at a moment of empowerment…and that dear, increases your vibration and lures in a hunk that ends up being a great catch.
You’re not upfront about what you want and later on they end up in a relationship that doesn’t give you what you desire.
These alignments are positive and you can turn things around in your favor as long as you find the balance between assertiveness and sweetness…that’s easy for you! You may think that December 23 is pretty far away and you’re counting the days to see the planet of hard work and structure leave your sign because everything feels heavy, but look at it this way: Saturn in your sign is like having a father or coach that takes you by the hand through the challenges.
Well darling, if we’re talking about someone you like who’s actually after you then, the deposit in your “self-esteem account” will be evident; anyhow, this combo of alignments has the objective to open up your eyes so you can realize what you can achieve once you’re focused and work in strengthening your virtues, using the wisdom gained from last year’s challenges.
I cannot prepare you for this, because you better than anyone know what you’re up to and what’s at stake; but I can tell you that when something hidden comes out, we feel liberated.
We’ll celebrate the Full Moon in your sign and I remind you: it isn’t the event but how we get to the event. That means that you start the week with the desire to take the world by storm or, at least you’re clear about your self-worth, what you’re willing to tolerate or how much you have to work to get where you deserve to be. In general, all the changes you’re going through about who you are, how much you’re worth, how you work on your self-love, the standards set so people treat you right…all of that has the objective of attracting different people, maybe a new love, business partner, manager or someone you can share what you do with (yes, your audience is included here).
The Moon doesn’t have light, she borrows the light from the Sun and in the same way, you get feedback from the other and see where you’re standing. The combination of these events indicates that this is a week to recognize yourself, to understand you’re not the same person you were 2 years ago and that you’re ready to handle whatever shows up…even though you’ve been working on it for quite some time and now it’s all real because there are expenses, costs and dates, but think it’s for the best, so you can get organized.
I know you can transform tension into gas to pump your drive so maybe the energy increase can help you push a project or meet again with someone you’re crazy about…but that’s for the single girls of course! This alliance is about formalizing a plan you have, something that gives an outlet to your creativity and that can show you the money at the same time. So it happens that you like a challenge, you enjoy working and making your ideas a reality, even more so now that Neptune is in retro motion and that idea has an artistic, editorial or musical flare to it that can receive a boost from you and the help of someone else. This will be more evident in your profession and maybe it wasn’t something direct, maybe it was something done to one of your clients, a coworker or even worse…someone who doesn’t take a stand or someone you don’t even know.
You see, when we’re pushing for change that becomes a goal, we work for it until that attitude becomes a habit but, when you stop all of the sudden and realize where you’re standing and how close you’re from that goal, fear comes in. Venus wants you to appreciate what you have now and realize that the feeling of home isn’t attached to a place or house in particular. Since Mercury and Neptune are both doing the retro thing, you’re not able to let go or move but now, you’ll have terms, costs and dates in your mind so everything starts to feel real and that should give you certainty…right? This Full Moon falls in your zone of desires, groups, friendships and environment and it’s telling you that your time at a certain place is over.
Make an effort to unplug yourself from the world and do something different, especially over the weekend when the tension between Mars and Pluto might make you feel like you cannot relax until you finish your work…it’s only fair you can both relax, join forces and chat a little. You may finally meet that hunk you virtually know and be pleasantly surprised…please take a picture and let us know how it goes! If you’re applying for a visa, requesting a college degree or solving a legal matter, certification or license you’ll get an answer. Neptune hits pause for 5 months, like he does every year, so we all evaluate how we’re chasing a dream and if that dream comes from our ego or from our soul.
Something else you should know is that even though Neptune retro is a subtle influence, it’s quite intense. She talked to Pluto in Capricorn in your zone of influential friends, audience and environment. Your desire to find the job, get the visa, the trip, the freedom or moving forward with that relationship will face a limitation and it requires you leave something behind.
This is the third and last tension between Mars and Pluto since the cardinal cross so you’re familiar with it. Each line on hand describe about your nature, married life, life line, love relationship, business, career or any other issues.
Right hand palm lines describe different characteristics in comparison of left hand palm lines. Mid part of the hand represents the daily to daily life activities and about your subconscious mind.
There are other so many little lines that do not show in many hands because these lines very thin and little but these lines represents that girdle of Venus and lines start from the mount of the Jupiter and Mercury and live around the little finger. Palm reader specialist astrologer is the best person, can provide you effective services of palmistry.
The ascendant is the first house in a horoscope and the rest of the houses are reckoned from it.
Although there are a number of different chords there are four main categories of chords you need to know. Each of these 4 chords have a different sound so you’ll need to be able to tell the difference between these 4 basic chords just by listening to them.
It’s important to get familiar with major chords because just about every song ever written on an acoustic or electric guitar contains major chords.
Now to find the final note the perfect fifth, you’ll just go up 4 half steps from the minor third. Anyway, Mars has been there for a long time teaching us all about momentum, manners, diplomacy and presentation. You want to win, I know…either the discussion in the relationship, the love affair, the client that represents a big chunk of money…you want to win.
Besides, this Full Moon in Sagittarius represents the end of a period that started on December 2013 when you may’ve initiated plans to move, change homes, go to a different university, open a franchise or solve a legal matter. You never know, you may be traveling and all of the sudden an awesome job offer shows up or, you’re able to see the potential for something in your country and… BAM, there’s a new business idea! After Saturn leaves we have to wait for another long-transit-planet to station in Scorpio to see results.
This tension is about your drive to achieve something that demonstrates your personal self-improvement and a “wall” that believes you don’t deserve it yet. Then, with Mercury slowing down the rhythm, you doing some introspection and the Moon taking light, something will seem VERY CLEAR. Translation: it’s an important job and an additional one, not your main job, however, now it becomes a priority because you know you need it. This is the third and last homerun for this period of gestation or the buildup of that passion within you that needs an urgent and creative release.
This Full Moon of fire is asking you not to stop at simple words (Sun in Gemini) but, to take action for your own good, your health, your body and your freedom. You already know that challenge, place or city isn’t for you and you really want to spread your wings but first, you must take responsibility, have the guts to quit or clarify things with others. Since Mercury is retro I’m sure you met with old friends, visited “old” cities or went back to what used to be “home.” I find it funny how, beyond Mercury doing the retro thing, many of the alignments happening this week take us to the past so we can understand and now, integrate and act. In this case, the Sun in Gemini is making you remember or go back to basics and, that will help you connect with your real self.

There are many possibilities but you have to be patient so you can find a solution to the new option you’re trying to create, in order to leave that real or emotional place where you feel bored already. For example: you’re a business owner and you’re waiting to make some serious money to quit a job you don’t enjoy or, maybe you’re a creative person with a wonderful idea for a script, record, book, etc. When we rationalize emotions we end up living unsatisfied in some area, there’s always something missing…we we need to feel whole. For example: you want to move to a different city, close to your beloved, but you can’t quit your current job. Since Saturn is getting close to that sign, the possibility to experience that moment and to make that decision is close as well and, now that Venus pokes Saturn at the same time of the Full Moon, all the questions and answers show up so you can make a decision that’ll be effective by the end of the year.
Before you tell me this doesn’t apply to you because you’re single, let me remind you that life is made of relationships and, there must be a personal relationship or association that’s asking for your attention right now and that has a lot to tell you about the plan to de developed.
This tension is about how you handle something you have no control over but that requires you to stay strong and decisive, knowing if you’re capable or not to cut an umbilical cord or letting go of something that keeps you from growing but that’s familiar to you. I insist on that because the other alignments of the week have Venus as the girl of the movie. Well, these alignments are exactly what you need to be honest and the cherry on top of it all is the Full Moon in Sagittarius, the moon of honesty and accepting your truth.
Ok, you have faced several challenges since 2012 but, something has come out of every one of them that now it gives you more freedom and certainty in yourself, the certainty to trust that no matter what life troughs at you, you can handle it. So there are several things to consider before we talk about the meaning of your only Full Moon of the year.
You know well the Sagittarian ego says “I KNOW” and many times, we don’t know why we don’t look at ourselves from the outside…for better and for worse. I tell you that because for Sagittarius gals, Mars in Libra was about a man who came to tear down the control schemes you love so much and to get you out of a comfort zone that was already pretty boring. If you’re not thinking about work, this is about a relationship with someone who’s very important to you, who makes you feel like a child again and it could also be –for the married gals- about having a baby. And that’s because you’re taking yourself to a real or emotional place you haven’t been before, away from the comfort zone and you can’t go back. It’s difficult to tell Venus in Taurus to feel detachment if Taurus is the sign of possession but, her conversations with Pluto and the one she’ll have with Saturn are for you both -yes, Venus and you- to make a decision about what to let go, what doesn’t have structure anymore and where you have to give in. It may be about the end of a semester, graduating from high school or college or your stay at a particular location but the learning process was completed and now you must apply what you learned. I’m sure there’ll be something else missing but now that you have a “go” in that area, you have to take care of the rest…trust me, this is moving and I promise you’ll have the solution by the end of July. The key to know the difference is to determine if the path brings growth and benefits for you and others, then it comes from your soul. Neptune is like the wave shaping the coast therefore, no one should underestimate you but, let me remind you not to underestimate yourself…your strength is reinforced, even with Neptune Rx, because you’re working from the inside out.
Maybe it means leaving behind your official boyfriend for the guy you’re crazy about but, seriously, it could mean leaving one job for another, a nationality for another, a property you lose in a legal dispute.
On one hand this Full Moon is a professional climax where you get the attention you deserve, get the job or you appear in public with the guy you like but, beyond all of that, this is about a new chapter in your life that also requires you to leave the comfort zone with the certainty that life will be more real than before.
If someone comes up telling you stories or wanting to get you down or, if you get down due to something someone tells you (think the government, a lawyer, etc.) be certain that THIS IS POSSIBLE and you’ll see it come true at the end of July. Many countries may scoff on this art but else many other countries have accepted this skilled art that really works for the believers of it. The ascendant is an important part of the horoscope and it helps in identifying the functional nature of planets. Instead your minor chord will have a root, minor third, and a perfect fifth, which is also known as a minor triad. This is the moment of truth and since it happens on the same day of the opposition between Venus in Taurus (what you believe you’re worth) and Saturn in Scorpio (what you truly deserve) the real and material life will show you how much you worked for real on that matter vs. The key is to identify what you’re proposing or what’s being proposed to you and let me tell you, that other person involved is either far away, a foreigner or an influential person and yes, the advisor from college or the lawyer who’ll process your visa are part of that.
You’ll realize if you’re ok or if you lack resources that come from within, from our feeling of abundance. THING IS: Gemini loves to do several things at the same time; you’re actually reading this and thinking “No problem”…Aha!
You’ll see: Mars is in Libra and that’s your desire for a relationship, but we’re talking about something serious and stable. You have to be very honest so others can help you, and they do want to help you as Juno and Venus are on your side.
It’s possible for your husband to say “it’s time to move” “don’t listen to your mom” or that your business partner is putting pressure on you somehow.
Mercury rules the Sun in Gemini and he’s retro dancing; if we add that Neptune is ALSO doing the retro-break-dance in your zone of sex and what you surrender to others, maybe you already know that “body” pretty well. Maybe you want to stay at a certain country with your sweetie but, you can’t because the visa is about to expire. However, due to an additional alignment between Mars and Pluto, there will be comments or situations related to family, residency, visa, paperwork that’ll make you feel that something has to change ALREADY, but don’t be fooled by that illusion.
She’ll chat with intense Pluto and then she’ll meet serious Saturn so, it’s time to lay the cards on the table and be VERY honest about what you want from that contract, project, work relationship or guy you’re getting to know.
That if you’re willing to work in your deepest, juiciest and more sensual desire…this is the time!. I want to tell you to be calm in order to handle this but, I know you can lose it if they catch you at a bad time, because Mars in Libra (standing behind you) is now coming fast and furious.
Even if you’re not thinking about properties and money, the alliance between Venus and Pluto will give you the mature vision needed to handle an emotional situation in the best way possible: fair and square…even though things were unfair before or because you recognize that part of the problem was that you allowed it to happen. Wouldn’t you make loving decisions of you looked at yourself like someone who loves you does? As much as we want change, we always wonder what can we find where we haven’t been before and that, gives us a feeling of uncertainty and melancholy for what we leave behind.
If it wasn’t for the important responsibilities, you’ll be able to appreciate what you already have or, what that comfortable place has offered you but, with Saturn in your zone of goals and ending his transit there, you’re pushing yourself to create a better future…which isn’t where you’re at anymore. Because everything is falling into place, what’s new is getting closer by the day…and where you find new things, you find uncertainty. I hope this is just a course that taught you how to merchandise yourself better or a language course if you want to travel but, with the coming eclipse in November, it seems to be something much bigger that’ll make you grow.
If you’re working to make it a reality, it’s too difficult and it hurts you, then it comes from your ego and may go against the more authentic desires to connect with others, to love and be loved. Something else I want you to know about this period is that while others have a hard time working with Neptune, for you is an easy task because you’re the same so, you have to go back to basics about creating, art, writing, your talent and how you connect with others. For example, let’s say this is about leaving one guy for another then there’s fear for the change…you don’t know if the new guy will end up being a disaster but no…any new state will make you feel more butterflies, authenticity and freedom than the previous situation.
Pinky finger represents the planet mercury and depicts your ability to communicate with other peoples and how you sustain relationship.
If you like classical music, get a classical guitar which is an acoustic guitar but with nylon strings. Trust me when I tell you that acting as your natural Aries self will make you lose more than the situation. The deal is that you get crystal clear with this trine and decide what goes on and what doesn’t, because if a wonderful business opportunity comes up you have to drop something else…there’s only so much space on your mental hard drive to function darling.
The best way to know what’s all about is to check what were you doing on December 30 or April 15, the dates when this quadrature happened before and I hope this last time in fact helps you overcome the limitation you felt then.
Venus in Taurus wants you to know you’re worth enough to be aware of your own boundaries (Saturn and boundaries are synonyms) so you have to acknowledge that you need help and here comes the Full Moon in Sagittarius to show who to work with. So “the universe” is using 2 alignments to tell you to listen to yourself and avoid hitting MUTE on your inner guide who’s asking for a change of life, the end of what feels like slavery or staying at a place where you aren’t happy or fully satisfied. At the moment you have no time for divas or people putting up shows; much less for those who want to manipulate a situation and thus, this is a time for juicy and true encounters. You want to focus on a personal project but, you can’t quit your main job or, you like your current job but you’re not making enough money. Everything is working according to “divine schedule” and we cannot hurry a process that’ll be in effect by the end of 2014. This is about something you considered to be platonic, that feels close or possible and in fact, it presents an opportunity you left behind. For many of you this is about finding love, for others about finding a good business partner, for the rest, who knows…but it’s about something that requires someone else to go along with you, hand in hand, so you can share the workload. And this is so accurate my dear, that maybe it’s just about taking responsibility for how you eat, care for yourself and manage your life but, you seem to have the drive to get something better for yourself.
The Full Moon stands in front of the Sun and you stand in front of someone who will tell you something that’ll make you feel extremely emotional. It would be easy to say “I’ve already experienced that and I know I can handle it” but, there’s an element getting away or, that you have to leave behind and you cannot imagine your life without that element. But hey, it may also be a great opportunity to improve your resume because this Full Moon is also about your place within a group and what you can offer now that you’re prepared or certified. Think about it my dear Pisces, this is a time of introspection because Neptune started its retro move in a trine to Mercury who’s also retro in Cancer and at the time the whole thing starts, the Moon is transiting Scorpio…creating the three corners of a water trine that even though it’s pretty normal for you, will make you feel extremely emotional as you can sense something is about to change. Well, this trine could also be about getting in touch with a man that you find irresistible and, even though you’re not doing it directly yet, there are good news and things are moving forward. Anyhow, this may feel like a loss but you have to be mature about it and, like Neptune would advise, ask yourself: what does your soul desire? The lines that run on your palm, mount of the lines, shape of hand, fingers and thumb everything describe unique characteristics about your life.
Your reputation, because Pluto wants to teach Mars a lesson about getting to the top one step at a time, instead of fast and doing it your way.
These events aren’t negative for the Aries girls who decided to step outside of the comfort zone, who dared to move and star over at a different city or for those Aries gals who decided to be tough and get out a love triangle or dysfunctional relationship. So don’t assume you can handle more than you can actually do and, get organized if you really want to take a risk and say yes to everything…especially with Mars in Libra putting pressure on your health and body. The tension will make one of you explode (it’ll feel like giving birth) and there will be a release.
So, I’m asking you to be patient this week, keep things low key, use your best Kim Kardashian face and smile…kill them with kindness. I KNOW pretty well that you don’t feel like feeding someone else’s ego but this person, bank or company can in fact help you and, that would also be a good lesson for your pride and negotiation skills.
With Mercury and Neptune both retrograde your intuition is enhanced and you’re super psychic but, I want you to know that this isn’t a time for dreamers, it’s a time to observe, analyze and create a new strategy for whatever you want to manifest into reality or for the situation you want to leave behind. On the contrary…Aries women who dealt with all that baggage during the Cardinal Cross are now celebrating or at least feeling really centered, more comfortable at that new place that gives them many choices to explore. THING IS, if one of you explodes in a Breaking Bad mode, the other person could leave and the Full Moon will represent the end of the relationship (even though nothing is written in stone with mercury retro). When I say “tell you” I have to remind you that we communicate with more than words and there are many ways to say something without even opening your mouth…that could be the case, because even though the Sun in Gemini is quite the talker, with Mercury in retro-dancing-motion he cannot speak about what makes him feel so deeply. For example, maybe your beloved is trying to tell you something but he can’t find the right words or, it’s something difficult to handle but, he will find a way to let you know how much he cares and what he’s willing to do to make things work. This is the third and last chance to stop resisting the change…on how you relate to others or in a relationship that seems impossible to you. Right now I’m trying to take you by the hand through a transition process you created, so you don’t feel afraid about what comes next.

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