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TweetEmailSign of Gemini has to do with gaining intelligence and experience in life through a curious approach.
It will be a great time to challenge your “sacred cows” and gain more practical experience, especially in the things you “already believe in ” and are certain about. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is “neutral” and not prone to respect the dog or child any less than the revered Guru. Secure SiteI take extra precautions to make sure you know this site is safe and free of malware.
Hindi rashifal 2013 mithun rashi - astrosage, Detailed hindi rashifal for mithun rashi for 2013 - 2013 ????? ?????? ????? ???? ?? ??? - get vedic rashiphal in. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The 8th house in Vedic Astrology is generally considered an inauspicious house that delivers adverse results.
The single planet capable of giving good results in the 8th house contrary to what is written; copied and pasted numerous times is Mercury- The planet of business, finance, intelligence and communication. Mercury is a Key and Significant planet for the Gemini Ascendant as it becomes the ascendant lord which controls all health matters and personality and the 4th house of real estate, pleasures, mother and comforts in life. In Virgo ascendant again Mercury is a Key planet as it owns the ascendant and hence health matters and personality and the 10th house of career and profession. From the mines of Colombia with the features described above and with a weight 4.60 carats it is a privilege to own such a gem. Note: The above links generally exist on the website for a period of 40 days after which they are periodically deleted to make way for new gemstones and to enable faster browsing. Vedic astrology - blogspot., By the grace of lord ,i am sharing with you my knowledge of hindu vedic astrology through this blog. Vedic astrology: indian astrology – hindu horoscope 2016, Indian astrology 2000 provides free hindu vedic astrology birth chart, love compatibility chart, daily, monthly, annual horoscope reading based on moon sign by indian. Significance of jupiter and its transit through cancer in 2014, Jupiter is a mighty planet. Free horoscope - vedic astrology - indian astrology, hindu, Indastro provides free vedic astrology birth chat, indian astrology compatibility, daily, monthly, annual free horoscope reading based on moon sign.. Jupiter’s transit of leo 2015-2016 « janma kundali, free, Jupiter will be in leo (simha) rashi from july 14, 2015 through august 11, 2016.
Astrology portal providing indian astrology prediction and horoscopes brought to you by vedic astrology signs. Karka rashi 2016-2017 predictions, karkataka rashi 2016-2017, cancer moonsign 2016-2017 astrology predictions, vedic astrology horoscope for karka rashi natives.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. There are many differences between Vedic astrology and Western astrology, but the main difference is that the Vedic astrologers use the Sidereal system or fixed zodiac while Western astrologer use the Tropical system or moving zodiac. Another important difference is that Western astrology mostly deals with one's psychological patterns and personality while Vedic astrology deals with more of practical matters and one's karmic patterns.
The most basic elements of Vedic astrology are the nine planets or heavenly bodies and the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve houses of the chart.
This house indicates inflow of finances, bank position, right eye, family, early age or boyhood,speech, sanyas, servants and friends.
This house is responsible for enemies, health, service, servants, uncle, aunts and relations on father's side.

Matters regarding wife,husband, partnership, external sex organs, conjugal happiness are checked from 7th house. Diseases, death, finances through unfair means, internal sex organs, longevity, mental pain obstacles, dowry of wife, gain from in laws, mode of death, imprisonment, worries and privations are checked from 8th house, It indicates body parts as scrotum, pelvis, seminal vesicles, external genitalia, etc. This house indicates religion, foreign travel, publicity, preceptor, higher education, learning, writing books, also faith, wisdom, prosperity, powers of foresight, religious institutions, providential help, etc.
This important house indicates father, profession, status in life, activities outside house, pleasures, honour, power and authority, Government favour, trade,business, command, occupation, adopted son. It signifies private enemies, pleasures of beds, law suits, imprisonments, secret works, moksha, hospitalisation, conjugal relations with opposite sex other than legitimate. Casting mainly involves mathematics and astronomy where we study the movements of planets and accordingly cast the chart based on the planetary position when the person is born. Predicting involves in-depth study of the effects of various planets when in different zodiacs.This reqires lot of study of old astrology books, manuscripts and discussions with other astrologers and is much study involved. While predicting a chart one has to observe the combined effects of planets, if any house is occupied by two or more planets it gives the combined effect.
Vedic Astrology is a vast and endless study and in order to predict accurately one has to study the subject for many many years and has to see the minor details as well as major details in a given chart, the different "Yogas" for a chart, etc.
Gemini is the “devil’s advocate” incarnate – especially happy when exposing religious piety and those not “walking the talk”. It is when the Sun changes directions and begins the Southern course (in the northern hemisphere). Among many other things connected with the 8th house are losses, accidents, end of longevity, obstacles but also are capacity of investigation into secret knowledge, acquisition of occult powers, capacity to follow a tough and an a consuming spiritual regimen, development of 6th sense, treasures from underneath the earth. We have statistically observed over the course of many years and analysis of several charts that if Mercury is posited in a good sign or is with a significant planet it gives very good results. If Mercury receives the aspect of the 5th lord or aspects from Venus or Jupiter, Mercury blesses the individual with occult knowledge, can make one an expert numerologist, astrologer etc. Being the lord of two quadrants it has directional weakness and hence needs to be given strength. Both these quadrant houses give it directional weakness and because it is a key planet it needs to be given strength. The difference between both zodiac (Ayanamsa) is now roughly 23 degrees which is almost a whole sign. When studying Vedic astrology, it is important to become familiar with the Sanskrit words for all the main components. Always, in the south-indian chart, the house where the ascendent is present is taken as the first house and going in clockwise fashion 2,3, .. If there are any discrepancy in the above parameters, then the casting of the chart will result in worng casting of the chart which will result in wrong predictions. Self earned wealth, loss or damage, worldly possessions, jewellery, grandfather and mother.
It signifies courage, intelligence,education up to Higher Secondary level, taste for writing, ornaments,clothes, short journeys. Old age environments, private affairs, public, inheritance, false allegations,agriculture land and its produce.
This house also denotes marriage, married life, love contracts, litigations, divorce, honour and reputation in foreign country.
Friends, fluctuating money gains, club or social activities, emotional attachments, love affairs and friends, honour, social success etc.

One is the Casting the chart or deriving the chart from the persons date, time and place of birth as inputs. For example, Gemini is not a sign that does well in hierarchical organizations, like the military or an Ashram environment, where people need to be followed and listened to simply because of their rank or title. I will explore the relevance of this through the Mayan, Vedic and Christian Cosmologies and explain how these energies are shown in the Sign, Gemini – AND what that means to all the astrology signs, for the next month, including yours. This is not to say Gemini has no respect for authority, it means, once the authority figure starts to conceptualize through language or begin to represent itself, Gemini will assess the data and what is communicated based on the merit of the information, without special regard for WHO is conveying it.
It also blesses the individual with a keen sense of observation and blesses the individual with proficiency in Mantra, Tantra and other occult streams. If it is posited in the 8th house it shall be posited in the sign of Capricorn which is ruled by its intimate friend Saturn. If it is posited in the 8th house it shall be in the house of its enemy Mars but still mercury shall still over ride Mars and should specially be considered for giving strength by wearing an Emerald if Mercury major period or Mercury sub period is in operation.
Unauthorized copying, duplication, transmission for commercial purposes, plagiarism will attract severe legal penalities.
This means that your Sun-sign that you see in the Magazines or Newspapers usually is not the same as your Vedic Sun-sign. It also denotes family, eyesight, understanding with family members,inheritance, law suits, throat, right eye, domestic comforts in general. Second is the Prediction part which involves predicting the future of the person based on the casted birth chart.
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The difficulty with this sign is in simply exploring things for sport, in a trivial way, and not going deep. The twelve signs of the zodiac are called "rashis" and the houses are called "bhavas" or "sthanas" .
But the real genius of Gemini lies in the capacity to see things in an unbiased way, beyond judgments, personal desires or dogmas. For example, if your Sun sign is Taurus according to a Newspaper, which uses Western astrology, it is most likely that you will be an Aries when a Vedic astrologer does your chart using the system of Vedic astrology. METHODS OF EATING INDICATES HIDDEN FUTURE THE POWERS OF SATURN SIGNIFICANCE OF PEOPLE AND PLACE GHOSTS AND THEIR FUNDAMENTALS and vedic astrology death and vedic astrology NAVAMSA and its Hidden Concepts aspects of rahu-ketu Ank Mantras For All Planets and How to use them. It's Effects on a Person life what is panchang (vedic calender) Atmakaraka dasha what is Gand Mool Nakshatra ~ Gandants remedies for solving worries and obstacles Holi “Festival of Colours” Colours of Holi and Vedic Astrology vedic astrology and colour effects mars the spiritual energy of the mighty malefic aspects of nodes (rahu-ketu) vedic astrology and criminals kantaka shani Astronomy-Astrology Laced DREAMS and vedic astrology DIG BAL (Directional strength) in vedic astrology How to interpret the position of the Sun in the horoscope? Tantric Remedies For Professional Enhancement Color science and Astrology Some very rare concepts of Astrology VERY IMPORTANT TIPS FOR READING CHARTS How To Be In Sync With Mercury WATCH PREDICTIVE TECHNIQUE IN VEDIC ASTROLOGY WHY MANGAL, SHANI AND GURU HAS SPECIFIC DRISHTI The Change of place can bring Change IN fortune ??? The Effect of the 8th lord in many houses Planet Jupiter – How and When Malefic Extra Marital Affairs And Astrology Strained Relationship And Astrology When Aspect by Exalted Planets and Debilitated Planets Signs and Constellations – Relations to Diseases Astrology and sexual attraction Sexual Acts And Their Behavior For Windfall Gains Appeasing Lord Saturn Simple Astrological Formulas To Keep Body And Weight Fit Is Astrology a Real Science or a Pseudo Science ? Some Loud Thinking on Planets Astrology and Mental Maladies Ashtak warga principles and your life How does MARAK (which can Kill) PLANET FUNCTION? How to use Transits Betting and Astrology Transits Of Planets Between 2011 And 2013 Real Estate and Rahu Ketu Easy Jyotish Remedial Measure ( Remedies ) Marital problems and remedies as per Lagan NEGATE THE INFLUENCE OF RAHU IN YOUR LIFE more on rahu-ketu planet mercury and madness Remedies Of Rahu Childlessness and vedic astrology Remedies Of Rahu 2 Rahu Ketu Transit in Scorpio Tauras Effects Of Rahu In Different Houses Remedies Of Saturns Sade-Sati How To Be In Sync With Saturn Effect of Saturn’s Transit in Libra on different Rasis Remedies Of Saturn WHY saturn is exalted in Libra? Saturn In Different Signs Prediction Using the Vimshottari Dasha System The Importance of Navasma (D-9 Charts) Vargottam Planets What Is Kendradhipati Dosha Venus in your partner’s chart IMPACTS OF TRANSIT RAHU IN SCORPIO AND KETU IN TAURUS (Dragon’s Head & Dragon’s Tail) Benefits of Vedic Mantra Chanting Effect of Jupiter’s Transit in Aries on different Rasis Rashi Paraivartan Yoga (Exchange yoga) Easy way to remember rahu kalam Planet MARS (MANGAL)- Relation With Hemoglobin Percentage Black Magic And Astrology Obesity And Astrology Mars in Various House In A Horoscope Intelligence and astro scope of Astrology Extramarital relations and Astrology.

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