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Our Vedic Horoscope Report will cover the various important aspects of your life after the same has been analyzed thoroughly by our eminent astrologer Mr.
February 6, 2016 by Indian Astrology The Twelve houses in Hindu Vedic Astrology and significance of 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology. First House represents Body, fame, strength, character, courage, knowledge or lack of it, residence, place of birth, dignity, honour, ancestry, livelihood, the present wisdom, wealth, comforts and discomforts, self-respect, peace of mind, happiness and un-happiness, detachment, virtues and vices, health of parents. Body in general, limbs, complexion, marks or moles on the body, sound and unsound health, skin texture, longevity, sleep, head, brain, texture of hair, stamina. This house indicates inflow of finances, bank position, right eye, family, early age or boyhood, speech, sanyas, servants and friends. Ears(right ear), neck, throat, shoulders, bones, upper limbs, mental instability, physical growth, and longevity. It is responsible for Children, speculation, intellectual status and luck are gauged from this house.
Heart, upper abdomen, liver, gall bladder, mind, mental illness, problems related to pregnancy. This house is responsible for enemies, health, service, servants, uncle, aunts and relations on father’s side. Intestines, umbilical region, phlegmatic illness, tuberculosis, eye disease, poisoning, accidents, operations. Matters regarding wife, husband, partnership, external sex organs, conjugal happiness are associated with the Seventh House.
Eight House is a very important house and represents death, obstacle, defeat, disgrace, diseases, finances through unfair means, internal sex organs, longevity, mental pain obstacles, dowry of wife, gain from in laws, mode of death, imprisonment, worries, misery, loss of memory, sin, killing a living being, capital punishment, nature of death, place of death, wickedness, humiliation, wifes wealth and sudden unexpected gain. External genitalia, incurable or chronic disease, loss of limb, longevity, cause of death, severe mental anguish. This house indicates religion, father, foreign travel, publicity, preceptor, higher education, learning, writing books, Virtuous deeds, pilgrimages, worship, religious inclination, devotional and religious learning, karmas of the present birth, splendour, association with virtuous, auspiciousness, the preceptor or guru, father, austerity, penance, charity, kindness, wisdom, knowledge, devotion towards the preceptor, spiritual initiation, mental quietude, fame and fortune, progeny, temples, vedic rituals, long journeys, travel by sea. This is an important house and indicates profession, source of livelihood, income through job, foreign travel, financial status,, property, status in life, activities outside house, pleasures, honor, wealth, political power, social status, hidden treasure, prescribed course, education, performance of sacred and religious deeds.
Eleventh House represents for income, acquisition, fulfillment of desires, accumulated wealth, rewards, favours from government and rulers,  special status, ancestral property, elder brothers and sisters and relations with them. It signifies private enemies, pleasures of beds, law suits, imprisonments, secret works, moksha, hospitalization, conjugal relations with opposite sex other than legitimate.
Vedic means which is related to Ancient testimonial Veda’s and Veda’s are the huge stiff of texts originating in very old India. In Vedic Horoscope future predictions, Astrological affairs are bring into action after looking at the Zodiac signs, stars and planets in the Horoscope of the individual and the Horoscope (Kundali) is prepared after looking at the stars and planets position at the time of the birth of the individual for which the Astrologer is needed the name, time and date of the birth of the individual. Vedic horoscope for this week is the foretelling of the occurrence of all the events and occasions in the up-coming whole week in advance so that one can  improve their future if something unusual is going to happen in the future and can avoid the performance of any task or event which may cause loss in life or business. For Accurate future prediction the exact time of birth and date of birth is most necessary, but in case if someone is not aware of the time of Birth than also the future telling can be predicted. Vedic horoscope reading online is the special facility provided by the Astrologers so that the visitors need not to follow any Astrologer for their future predictions and can by its own check their future Online Via Internet Connection at their home only after taking help of various online websites that provide the exact and appropriate predictions. We want to thank you for contacting us through our website and let you know we have received your information. The vedic horoscope is a chart illustrating the positions of sun,moon, and other planets as well as the ascendant in various signs. ASPECTS - An aspect means a certain distance between two planets or zodiacal positions at which these exert some influence over each other. AYANAMSA - The imaginary sphere in the space surrounding our entire solar system is known as the celestial sphere. FIRST HOUSE – Self, Health, Longevity, happiness, appearance, character, stature, temperament, prosperity, nature of a person,fame, begnning of life, childhood, physical body. SECOND HOUSE – wealth, death, speech, family, education, learning, right eye, vision, lawers, bankers, bonds, stocks and shares, documents, bank balance, gold, silver, rubies, pearls, worldly attainments. THIRD HOUSE – Stamina, courage, longevity, younger brothers, patience, short travels, writings, relatives, confusion of mind, arms, neighbours, commissions, ability, memory, intellect, change of residence, signing of contracts, railways, roadways, accounting, mathematics, journalist, any form of communications, printing, telephones, publishing, sports. FOURTH HOUSE – Mother, happiness, property, education, peace of mind, comforts, masses, fame, agricultural grains, weather, residence, conveyances. FIFTH HOUSE – Children, intellengence, wisdom, speculation, fame,positions, mind,power, goodmorals, amusements, love affairs, meditation, reciting of mantras, romance, games, horse racing, betting, gambling,shares, stock exchange, leaving a job, sudden huge gains. SIXTH HOUSE – Enemies, debts, diseases, litigations, worries, disppointments, illness, accidents, obstacles, scandles, injuries, cruel actions, favourable results in competition.

SEVENTH HOUSE – Wife, husbands, death, sexual desirres, marriage, 2 nd child, relations with public, masses, vital power, sexual diseases, passions, diplomacy and honour in foreign country, marital happiness, business, business partner. EIGHT HOUSE – Disgrace, degradation, sorrows, debts, death, longevity, legacies, gifts, hidden or unearned wealth, foreign residence, disppointments, failures, loss, hindrance, worry sin, killing aliving being, wanderings, mystiries, occult sciences, research.
NINTH HOUSE – Religion, fortune, wealth, father, long journeys, wisdom, higher education, thesis, moral standards, donations, prosperity, luck, charitable diposition, pilgrimage, research, medictation, intution.
TENTH HOUSE – Occupation, fame, power, position, recognition, firmness, determination, good or bad karmas, father, trade and commerce, political power, success, status, authority, elections, govenment jobs, rank. ELEVENTH HOUSE – Gains, elder brother or sister, income, outside support, wealth, friends, success in undertakings, ears, trade, recovery from illness, desires and their fulfilment.
TWELTH HOUSE – Losses, Expenditure, left eye, waste, extravagances, moksha, divine knowledge, bed comfort, foriegn travel and residence abroad, secret enemies, sins, feet, sleep, wanderings, hospitalisation, misfortunes, charities, jails. USA President Barack H Obama has been facing severe criticism and pressure ever since he was elected to the chair 2 years back.
Now with world and amercan economy not recovering much, his policies are being criticised more. Moon being exalted and on own constellation and sub of Rohini has helped him achieve this feat, though retrograde jupiter caused some hurdles.
His recent crisis came in Jupiter-Mars bhukti because mars is placed on constellation of 8th lord sun and sub of Rahu, who is conjunct 8th lord sun. He has slim chances to get re-elected to president’s chair in 2012 because he will be entering into Saturn dasa by end of june 2012. Saturn being retrograde(though lord of 1st and 2nd houses), is placed in 12th house (in bhava chakra) and is on constellation of 8th lord sun and sub of 12th lord jupiter(who is also in 12th house in bhava chakra). So Obama may somehow manage to survive for next 2 years at office but future looks dull for him. Due to saturn and jupiter’s retrogression in his chart, his decisions will be severely criticised.
Vedic astrology has been around for more than 5000 years and, a lot of people believe that it is the most pure and spiritual form to predict the future. This is due to the fact that common astrology is more based in the west through, while the Vedic astrology is more focused on the East regions. A lot of people in India take this as the base for their marriage with another person, as it helps a person to be matched with someone who is compatible with him.
Meaning of the Twelve Houses of the horoscope and the importance of respective houses in Hindu Janam Kundli. This house signifies life, longevity, self, health, nature and appearance of native.  It represents you as a human being, who you are generally. Self earned wealth, loss or damage, worldly possessions, jewellery, grandfather and mother.
It signifies courage, intelligence, education up to Higher Secondary level, taste for writing, ornaments, clothes, short journeys.
Old age environments, private affairs, public, inheritance, false allegations, agriculture land and its produce.
It represents Enemies, oppositions, mental agitation, injuries, accident, disease, wounds sustained in war, loans, debts, losses, disappointments, obstacles, poisions, slanders, humiliation, cruelty, indulgence in prohibited acts, theft, quarrels, imprisonment, maternal uncles, maternal aunt, step-mother, pets, cattle, flavours of food, servants, subordinates, nuisances in general.
It also represents Spouse, sex partner, marriage, adultery, lust or passion, nature or character of spouse, sexual union, secret love affairs, journey, deviation from ones path, partnership in business, overt enemies, quarrels, theft, loss of memory, recovery of lost wealth, progress, attainment of status, grandfather, brothers son death.
Houses 1 to 7 indicate the invisible half and houses 7 to 1 indicate the visible half of the horoscope. Houses 10 to 4 indicate the eastern half and houses 4 to 10 indicate the western half of the horoscope. Collected in Vedic Sanskrit, these texts comprises the earliest layer of Sanskrit journalism and the earliest testimony of Hinduism. By using these Vedic Astrological predictions one came to know about the future events and incidents that are going to collide with. If any problem is going to arise in the starting of any Auspicious work then by using Astrological remedies we can resolve these causes which may create disturbances or troubles in the path of success of our future planned actions or any organization.
If anyone does not know about the time of birth than the Vedic Horoscope Astrological Calculators can be used to tell the time of the birth of any individual, as we know the science is keep on touching the great heights of the sky. These online Astrological future telling website may be governed by some fake persons so be aware of these fake one’s to save yourselves from any dreadful advice. It shows the exact position of the stars which each of the planets occupy at the time of birth.

Ascendant is a point of intersection of the ecliptic at a given time with the horizon of a place. It is said that astrology is one of the most authentic ways and one of the most reliable ones in it. They get ready for their daily life, monthly and even yearly and they help people in understanding what is reserved for them in the future by basing themselves in a series of different aspects, as their studies, work lives, relations, health and travels. The Vedic astral card helps you, by determining the exact date and place where you were born, to know the position of the planets and the Sun in that moment and, this is what your predictions will be based on. When well aspected it can give fame, beauty, popularity, good health and the ability to make a good first impression. It is also responsible for hidden treasures, comforts and discomforts, victory and defeat and possession of cattle. It also represents spending money, mental anguish, loss of sleep, physical disease, wickedness, penury, imprisonment, confinement in an enemys house, loss of spouse and loss in travel and enemies. These are highly auspicious and, along with the kendras, determine the health, wealth, status, dignity, rise and virtue or a native. To get appreciable, exact and accurate predictions please visit the trusted and well known websites only. Ascendant is dependent on the rotation of earth on its axis and so it Is dependent on the sidereal time of a place at a given moment. In addition, jupiter aspects 5 and 9 houses,mars aspects 4 and 8 houses and saturn aspects 3 and 10 houses from their own positions. When the Sun moves of celestial equator towards the north, the point where it cuts the celestial equator is called verrnal equinox and the point of intersection during sun's motion from north to south is called autumnal equinox. There are a lot of different aspects of astrology that have been developed from different parts of the world.
It denotes mental ability, learning, knowledge, character, acquisitions through wife, fascination for women and karmas of past lives. Vedic horoscope Astrology is attributed from Indian or Hindu astrology, a classification that is disclosed in prehistoric India, and was recognized by sages in the Vedic testimonials. Vedic horoscope online reading is the practice in which the problems and issues of the visitors are solved online only via chat or phone calls. The longitude of the ascendant point thus calculated forms the middle point of the first house. In western astrology the aspects are considered on the basis of degree wise distance between two planets or between a planet and a cusp.
It has been observed that the vernal equinox which the first point of Aries from the the longitudes of all the planets are measured is not a fixed point. Vedic astrology has helped a lot of people to discover the secrets of the horoscopes readings every day and the predictions. And it is also known as Jyotish Shastra the discipline of illumination, Vedic astrology arranged with astronomical light patterns that are considered to agree on our destiny. However, in western astrology the cusp of a house is the commencing point and the first house is constituted by space covering about 30 degrees beyond the cusp, but in vedic astrology the cusp is the mid point of a house and extends to 15 degrees on either side.
Each year when the sun reaches the vernal equinox the position of earth with respect to a fixed star known as Revati is found to be nearly 50.3 seconds of arc of space farther West than the Earth was at the same equinoctial moment of the previous year. Zodiac is constantly moving and all the 12 signs get an opportunity to become ascendant in the 24 hours comprising a day. The angular distance between the first point from where the fixed zodiac commences and the vernal equinox point is known a AYANAMSA. The Hindu system of astrology observes the fixed zodiac also known as Niryana zodiac, that is the first degree of Aries is reckoned from a particular star in Revati group of stars which is fixed. However the western system of vedic astrology observes movable zodiac also known as sayana, a zodiac which reckons the first degree of aries from vernal equinox. The niryana positions of the planets in hindu astrology are calculated by deducting the value of ayanamsa thus calculated from the corresponding sayana position of planets as followed in western astrology.

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