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Birth Time Rectification for Katrina Kaif's Kundli This morning I was pondering over the recent success of this gorgeous Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, while the desire of looking at her birth chart came to me. Horoscope 2016Horoscope 2016 is here with predictions about your future in the coming year.
Astrosage magazine: lal kitab – scattered pearls, “everything was going good, but somebody’s evil eye ruined everything!” sharma ji was complaining this to his wife.
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I searched on Internet for her birth details but what all I could find was birth place and birth date, the time was still the question mark and without time it is not possible to cast a birth chart.

Not many people are aware that Vedic astrology is very well equipped with an amazing process called birth time rectification. Birth time rectification is the process by which an astrologer finds out the exact birth time of a person by following the divine instructions. These method given by our sages can accurately calculate your birth time if it is inaccurate or not available.
Generally these methods are easy to apply if the range of time birth is known for example between 12pm to 2pm etc. If this range is wide, the task of astrologer becomes difficult, so I had taken an uphill task for myself. The one method I used it suggested by a comparatively recent astrology genius named KS Krishnamurti. I personally dona€™t believe in Yoga, but we can observe some of the yogas like Hamsa, Nipuna, and Adhi yoga etc. Venus the Karaka of film industry and glamour world is also creating Vipreet Raja Yoga by being 6th lord in 8th. Presence of yogas like Hamsa and Parivraja makes her not only beautiful from outside but also beautiful from heart and soul.
As per it, Lagna is in Venus nakshatra which is the reason for attracting her towards modeling and later to the films. Moon is also in Rahua€™s nakshatra who is representing Venus in this chart by being in Venus sign Taurus. All these three planets are karaka for beauty (Rahu is representing Venus by being in Venus sign).

Out of three planets, Jupiter and Rahu are generally responsible for good height and 5"8 in my opinion is the result of these two planets. Moon is in Saturna€™s rasi, Rahua€™s nakshatra and Rahua€™s sub, again showing huge impact of Venus, the planet of beauty. We already discussed Jupiter is one of the excellent planets in her chart creating Hamsa yoga. As per stellar astrology, Jupiter is signifying 1st house (self efforts and success through hard work), 11th house (fulfillment of desire, success) and 12th. Venus is in 7th house house as per stellar astrology (KP Cuspal chart), lord of 6th (success in competition, getting money from others by being 12th from 7th), and 11th (fulfillment of desire, gain).
Venus is in star of Saturn in 10th (good for profession), lord of 2th (earning, savings) and 3rd (courage). Venus dasa will run till September 2010 and I am sure it will make her the queen of the Bollywood by that time. We have already seen improvement in her career after start of the Venus dasa from January 2008. We have already discussed that Jupiter is very well positions for Katrina Kaif, and it shows that 'Singh is King' movie is going to do a lot of good to her.

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