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On the basis of vedic astrology the expected performance of Yuvraj Singh during Cricket World Cup 2011 – group B matches was given over here.
During quarter final against Australia in Cricket World Cup 2011, Yuvraj Singh performance is of too much importance.  Yuvraj Singh is the main strength in middle order and except Yuvraj Singh, no other cricket batsman in Indian Cricket Team can be depended upon for scoring runs in the middle order. The transit position of planets on 24 March 2011 during the quarter final cricket match against Australia in Cricket World Cup 2011 can be perused below.
The union of Sun + Jupiter + Mercury in fifth house in vedic astrology transit birth chart of Yuvraj Singh is indicating reasonably favorable results during the day.  Though, the debilitated Moon in the ascendant can be of some concern.
Venus in Pisces can cause people to be so drunk in Love that they Love at all costs which translates into unconditional Love.
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Bollywood Star Hrithik Roshan was born on 10 January 1974 at Mumbai, India when Pisces zodiac was rising in ascendant of his vedic horoscope. The lord of second house Mars is strongly placed in second house itself, which helped him in having complete support of the family for his professional career in acting.
The current Antardasa of Ketu, operational from March 2011 to April 2012, is somewhat better for Hrithik professional career in acting.  Simultaneously, his latest release, “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”, have been reasonably better.
Regarding Venus – every planet, irrespective of the houses ruled by it, is having the capacity to bless the native with positive attributes governed by it (required, the planet concerned is well disposed and under auspicious planetary influences).
In vedic astrology birth chart of Alka Yagnik, the Lagna is Virgo and Lagna Lord Mercury is ill placed and combust in sixth house.
Vedic astrology readings of Alka Yagnik Horoscope show that till August 1984 she remained under main period of Mars. Co founder of Apple Inc,  the great visionary and American Entrepreneur Steven Paul Jobs (Steve Jobs) died of Cancer on 5th October 2011. Steve Jobs was born 24 February 1955 in San Francisco, America.  He was born out of wedlock and was adopted by Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs, the family where from he got his surname.
I have replied to your query yesterday; however, the birth time provided was different in your email against this message. Moon is not just in the 8th House (death house) but it’s ruling the 12 house (grief producing)! Influence of Maraka planets (lords of second and seventh houses) on the nativity; and, their individual disposition.
Plus, there are some other factors related to the divisional charts which are not possible to be elaborated here.
Besides, this (identifying the time of death) is a dark side; and, not a healthy matter to be discussed openly.
Notice how Mars is the Raja Yoga in this Leo ascendant by virtue of ruling the 9th house, plus mars is in it’s own sign, in the ninth house. Michael reed astrology - astrology consciousness, Michael reed astrology is astrology and consciousness for living straight from the heart.

Vedic astrology: indian astrology – hindu horoscope 2016, Indian astrology 2000 provides free hindu vedic astrology birth chart, love compatibility chart, daily, monthly, annual horoscope reading based on moon sign by indian. Forecast & predictions « vedic astrology, Astrology forecast on weekly, monthly basis based on transits of planets in vedic astrology. Year ahead 2016 horoscope predictions 2016 astrology how the year 2016 year ahead is going to be to for you? Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. And, as expected Yuvi blasted during the last cricket match in Group-B league matches in cricket world cup 2011 against West Indies. The skipper, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not undergoing favorable planetary position in his vedic astrology birth chart, hence if Yuvraj Singh also fails to perform, it will significantly impact the overall performance of Indian Cricket Team.
Even though it is called the birth horoscope the horoscope is not drawn till the child is about 3 years old in age. Besides being an actor, Hrithik Roshan is an eminent dancer and quite popular for his muscular physique and dancing capabilities.  The contribution of his signature moves and dancing style has prominent say in success of most of the hit movies of Hrithik Roshan. Though, this Antardasa of Ketu is not looking good for Hrithik Roshan’s health and physical safety. Probably, 7th lord mercury sitting with rahu and sun (class malefics) and aspected by saturn has contributed to it. Jupiter is generating Hamsa Yoga in its own zodiac sign in seventh house of Alka Yagnik Horoscope.  However, due to being combust and united with twelfth lord Sun, the positive impact of Hamsa Yoga has been reduced to some extent. Being malefic planet for Virgo Ascendant, despite her best efforts, Alka Yagnik could not get success during Mars MD. In September 1985  Steve resigned from Apple and  co-founded NeXT.  He also bought The Graphics Group which was later renamed Pixar Animation Studios. As suggested; you may take paid consultancy for clarifications and comments on your issues.
Free Libra Daily Horoscope For Tomorrow Chart Transit sanskrit Language Software tools and fonts. 20 1988 Speaking of creative fantasies (see below) RiRi voices a lead character in Homean animated alien flick that hits theatres March 27and also created a concept album for the film.
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More Future match charts software to worlds-import kundli get Free free life match making script you of professional Free Libra Daily Horoscope For Tomorrow Chart Transit version matching Full at this review. But what makes his horoscope special is his agility to learn and diligence to make persistent efforts.  Astrology readings of Hrithik Roshan Horoscope are very useful to understand the established principles of vedic astrology. Hrithik Roshan completed his graduation in Commerce stream from Sydneham College.  And, after that he worked as an Assistant Director with his father. I will visit your blog again into a couple off days to check if you have some new articles.

Plus debilitated jupiter along with 8th lord venus is casting 9th drishti on 7th house, which tried to save its marriage for 13 years. Astrology Readings of Alka Yagnik Birth Chart further indicate the very auspicious union of Venus, Saturn and Moon in the fifth house. He was a college drop out and landed a job at Atari in 1974.  Steve jobs was spiritually practical, and had the capability of turning dreams into reality. These planetary placement in Steve Jobs Vedic Horoscope caused separation from his biological parents in the very childhood. These strong planetary placement in Steve Jobs Vedic Horoscope made him a great visionary and also successful.
Aaj Ki tithi aashad rath yatra about puri jagannath Aj ka Vrat Astrology Blessings Daily horoscope Ekadashi Festival gems Goddess Durga Hindi Panchang Hinduism Hindu Panchang Holi krishna lord ganesha Lord Jagannath Lord Krishna Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Maa Durga Weekly Taurus Horoscope At $60400 the 2015 Kia K900 is the Most Ambitious and Expensive Kia yet. Venus is in infact not bad as we say for Pisces Lagna given the reason it is 3rd and 8th Lord. Alka Yagnik got married in February 1989 and her husband Neeraj is a successful business man. As lord of ninth house the conjunction of Venus with fifth lord Saturn in fifth house generates a Raj Yoga; and the involvement of Moon in the yoga has enhanced its impact. Besides, the second house being death inflicting house in vedic horoscope, Mercury also caused severe health issues in Steve Jobs Horoscope. I have been inquisitive in vedic astrology for many years now but have not seen a conclusive, irrefutable factor determining the planet in who’s dasha death will occur. Our love horoscopes are important as we all set out in life equipped with a basic nature Love and Compatibility Details Written by Claire Petulengro Taurus Leo Lia Sagittarius and Capricorn.
Decorations will reflect this and Goat sign people will take special care about what they do Arduino Project – The distance calculator. By Kshitij Sharma, January 15, 2015 If you're in a romantic relationship, your amour will be especially attentive.
One fact which we have to think and ponder is that, Pisces is rashi where Venus gets exalted. The aspect of debilitated and malefic Mars over this union, though, indicates struggle and obstructions in the positive result of the Venus + Saturn + Moon combination.
At the time of his birth, Steve Jobs was under Saturn Mahadasa, which is exalted in third house and having its aspect over lords of fourth and tenth houses namely Mars and Venus respectively.
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