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Both documents have historically been valid for 1, 2 or 3 years from the date of issue by DVLA. There is no limit for the length of time a vehicle registration number can be held on a certificate. This entry was posted in Number Plates News and tagged V750, V778 on July 10, 2010 by James Saperia. Successfully helping British motorists acquire their ideal personalised number plates for over fifteen years, James Saperia is the Managing Director and founder of Simply Registrations.
Hi Dan, If the lease car is brand new (unregistered) you will need to add a nominee before forwarding the V778 to the lease company. I have put a plate on retention and attempted to change the nominee at the same time, as the plate will now be going on a lease car. Hi Steve, I guess the time limit to fit replacement number plates is determined by how quickly you are able to sort it. Hi Simon, The V5C Registration Certificate (log book) is proof of entitlement and is the only document you need. Hi Stephen, When you retain a registration online the vehicle is allocated an age-related replacement registration. If I go down the online route, after taking the existing reg off my vehicle, would that trigger a brand new, age-related registration being generated before I assign the other plate to the vehicle? Will the DVLA return the paperwork to me for me to complete the rest of Section 1 of the V750 or will they fill in the missing details themselves? Hi Tricia, It usually takes two weeks to get a V778 back from DVLA when applying to add a nominee. Hi Dawn, If your private plate is currently registered to a car you just need the V5C Registration Certificate (log book).
If I apply to retain a personalised number plate, can that be done while I still keep my car with that registration plate. Hi Eduardo, You can apply to retain the personalised number plate before you notify DVLA the car is exported.
Hi Mark, The V778 has been revised and updated to reflect changes as and when they are introduced. Hi Hayden, If you already have the V5C (log book) for your new vehicle (in your name and address) you can apply to put your private number plate on a vehicle online. Hi there how do I fill in my retention document to put my private number plate on my new vehicle what do I need to fill in.
Hi Mohammad, The quickest and easiest way is to apply to put a private number plate on a vehicle online.
I just purchased a private number plate of a private sell who had it on his car for 6 years and decided to sell it. Hi Bee, Unfortunately it is not currently possible to add a registration held on a V778 retention document to your DVLA online account.
My private number plate has been assigned to a car for the past few years, however I need to re-assign it to a new car that will not be owned by myself. However, when I try to add the details to my online account, it is saying the certificate number provided is incorrect (which I have re-checked and it is not the case). Hi Tim, Your registration was probably supplied to you on a V750 Certificate of Entitlement (pink).
Hi Damian, If that was the last issued document (2006) then yes you would need to pay 9 years worth of renewal fees before you could sell it.

If we tried to sell the reg number would either we have to pay these 9 years of back payments before any transaction? Hi Steve, You should have received a confirmation email from DVLA when you completed the retention application online.
Have done the online registration retention form – been told i can remove my plates. Hi Joe, I wrote a separate blog post with a few suggestions about how to sell a private number plate. Hi Steve, That’s correct, you will receive a V5C for your car with an age-related replacement registration.
Hi Steve, The V5C registration certificate (log book) for your existing car is the document you need. What do i have to do to have a seamless as possible transfer to the new car and how much will it cost me.
Hi Luke, If you applied to DVLA to retain your personalised registration you will receive a replacement V5C registration certificate (log book) in the post, followed by the retention document a couple of days later. Hi Sam, What you have done is fine; you have given up your rights to the cherished number so the purchaser can assign it to a vehicle of his choice. Ive recently sold on my cherished number, have signed the V778 & sent to the purchaser.
Capture any vehicle number plate or car registration number with our specially designed Number Plate CCTV Cameras.
DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. The DVLA Documents V750 and V778 allow a personalised number plate to be kept whilst it is not attached or assigned to a vehicle. It is used by the DVLA when a personalised registration has been separated from a vehicle and placed on retention. This is particularly useful in the situation where a parent or grandparent may have bought a personalised registration as a future gift for a child.
The company is situated between Leeds and Wakefield and serves motorists all over the United Kingdom. Even though it is no longer necessary to do so, some lease companies do ask you to add the nominee in advance even if it is a pre-registered vehicle. Rather than sending the document off again, can I assign a nominee at the same time as asking the lease company to assign to the vehicle using the V778? Start the online retention application and if you get to the payment stage you know your registration can be retained online.
You may find this article useful on the topic of taking a private number plate off a vehicle. You have to wait a couple of days for the V5C to arrive by post before you can assign a different registration (you need the document reference number from the front of the V5C). Just want to clarify, before continuing, that I have filled out a V317 to retain the existing plate. Given the new 10 year legislation, do I need to do anything and if so what do I do to keep hold of it. One of the options down the right-hand side will relate to renewing or extending your retention document. If you want to submit the application by post to DVLA just complete section 1 of your retention document and post it to Swansea with your V5C.
You can only add a registration held on a V750 certificate of entitlement to a DVLA account. I have applied and received a Certificate of Retention number through DVLA online (?80 fee).
If what you have found is the last valid retention document you may need to send a cheque for ?225 (9 x ?25 fees) for DVLA to provide an up-to-date retention document. The email has an attachment (eV948), you can show this to the number plate supplier as proof of entitlement to have the plates made. I suggest applying to put your personal plate on retention a couple of weeks before you are due to change cars (?80 fee to DVLA). Sign the V750 in sections 1 & 6 and give it to your buyer after you receive full payment in cleared funds.
I have just sold my private reg on eBay – its on a v750 as i bought it new from the DVLA a number of years ago but never assigned it to a vehicle.
Once assigned, the registered keeper of the vehicle is responsible for all future transactions regarding the plate.

They act as a high quality CCTV camera during the day and in moonlight they act as a low light CCTV camera, as well as a number plate camera. If you have a V750 then the vehicle registration number shown on the document has never before been displayed on a vehicle. If you have a V778 then the retained personalised registration has previously been displayed on a vehicle. If after ten years you are still not ready to transfer your personalised number plate to your car you can extend the certificate for a further ten years free of charge. Have a quick look at some of the cherished registrations available for sale, there could be one that is perfect for you. It may be worth speaking to the cherished transfer team at the lease company to ask about their own procedures. You can abandon the application and reapply when you are a few days away from trading your car in.
I do not have the original plates and do not really want to have to buy a new set before trading the car in for a new one. If your application is rejected you could use the online facility to retain your existing plate and then assign the plate held on certificate. Is it possible for me to retain the reg plate number to sell it when the car is already registered in other country.
Could you please let me know the address of the DVLA Department I would need to write in to? Is there a way I can do this over the phone and I have read a few comments above, would it cost ?25 to add the company as a Nominee?
If it isn’t cost-effective to pay the outstanding fees, you can apply to DVLA for a refund of the ?80 assignment fee. It’s best to notify your motor insurer when the plates are physically changed on the car. I assume then until this time i leave my personal reg plates on, and obvioulsy no point informing insurance till plates are changed over.
Once your plate is separated from your car and you have the retention document, give it to the supplying dealer so they can make sure your new car is registered correctly using your personalised plate. The ?25 renewal fee was scrapped when new private number plate related fees were introduced on 9th March 2015. New legislation was introduced on 9th March 2015 so any documents due for renewal before this date still required the ?25 fee to be paid. It is a fantastic occasion when the number plates are eventually made up and fixed to the first car or motorbike belonging to your son, daughter or grandchild. Or is there somebody monitoring things at the other end who would spot that the two requests are related to each other?
It is only necessary to add a nominee in advance if you intend to assign your private number plate to a brand new (unregistered) vehicle. The new buyer wants to put it on retention but wants to be listed as the purchaser and nominee, in essence i am giving up my rights to the reg completely. A couple of weeks later DVLA will post out replacement certificates to the address currently showing at the top left of the certificate. If you are indeed the named Purchaser you will be able to obtain a duplicate but will have to pay ?25 for every year the document has expired up to March 2015. There is no longer a fee of ?25 to pay – full details in this article explaining DVLA fees. Bear in mind it may not be cost-effective to pay the back-dated fees based on how much you are likely to receive from the eventual sale. I am concerned if i change him to the nominee and he doesn’t put it on a vehicle the DVLA will contact me for costs to extend the certificate as i will still be the purchaser.
If the vehicle receiving your private number plate already has a V5C (log book), you can apply to assign your registration online. That is likely to cost even more as the supplying company may charge administration fees for their involvement.

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