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It is a Water symbol, ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto, and is represented by a Scorpion.The Scorpio woman’s warrior spirit from Mars is wedded to the psychic energy of mysterious Pluto, helping her to confront her inner fears with courage and insight.
Once her independent heart has been given, however, she is devoted to her loved one, family, and friends.Intense, strong-willed and enduring, she succeeds in most of her creative endeavors. She searches for meaning and relevance in her life no matter what her present circumstances may be.

Her powers of regeneration are phenomenal!In this image, the goddess has no fear of the scorpion’s sting. She brings life to her world and has the determination to see things through.Celebrate her passion for renewal and significance! She is one of the most fascinating and charismatic characters in the Zodiac calendar of goddesses.

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