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So midterm week is now upon me which is why I disappeared last week, between classes and a barrage of assignments, and one particularly long take home exam, I haven’t been able to blog. As you may or may not have noticed, I have failed to post over the weekend and up until this day. A blog covering the 2013, 2014 years of being a Virgo; includes the daily horoscope for Virgos and other information covering the aspects of being a Virgo.
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The momentum of the lunar high remains with you, even if getting on in quite the way you wish isn’t entirely plain sailing. This might incline you to take chances that weren’t possible even a few days ago, and to make a clear display of your enthusiasm for new projects.

Hopefully I will take the day to do nothing but schedule blog posts that way we stop running into this issue. I had an art project that took the entire weekend to finish and I’m swamped all day everyday.

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