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Jupiter will be in retrograde motion from beginning of 2014 to March 6, 2014 and again from December 8, 2014 till year end.
The first half of 2014 could be quite a challenge for the individual born under this sign of the zodiac.
There may be financial pressure and you may have to shoulder more responsibility than you think you could. Things improve significantly from the month of June when Jupiter the benevolent planet rolls into the sign of Cancer. The yearend may bring some good heart warming news and also great relief as Saturn rolls over into Scorpio ending your Saturn cycle early November.
The former half of the year 2014 could be challenging for the Virgo in terms of personal equations. There may be several expenses related to family members needs and you will have to plan carefully in order to avoid taking a loan.
The Virgo may have to deal with illness of a loved one and this may cause deep anguish and anxiety. Numerology provides various strategies to better understand our emotional and spiritual makeup, including the issues that arise about relationships and love. The 'Birth Path Number' (described in the section: numerology compatibility) provides an important strategy. And the 'Psychic Number' and 'Destiny Number' (described in the section: name numerology) can be helpfull as well. However, regarding issues of love and relationships especially the 'Soul Number' can be a great aid in helping you to be aware of your needs, as well as your partners needs, in any relationship!

Your 'Soul Number' (or: Soul Urge Number) is calculated by summing the numeric values of the vowels in your full name, and then reducing to a single digit with fadic addition. To be compatible in numerology (in terms of love and relationships), two values of the 'Soul Numbers' need to both be either odd, or even numbers. Therefore the ideal combination is when two values are identical, such that they reinforce each other. When one value of the 'Soul Number' is even, and the other 'Soul Number' is an odd number, disharmony will be the likely result.
Why it's great: Users are smitten with this useful, goof-proof brow kit, which they say is completely "worthwhile," even with the high price. You may be in a spot professionally as well as personally and this isn’t doing any good for your self-esteem. Family bonds and ties undergo visible stress and strain you may be pushing really hard but may not be able to meet everyone’s expectations. Eligible individuals have better chance of getting married in the second half of the year 2014. In close personal relationships (while you are entitled to opinion), go easy with the criticism and reprimands.
You could have a disturbed sleep and rest schedule along with irregular meals affecting your health.
The first half of the year would continue to be a challenge with personal rhetoric being quite significant. It would be detrimental to go back to the past and compare notes - about who you were and what you have become (This is what most individuals do).

The business of people-pleasing will further dent your ability to maintain healthy boundaries. Make efforts to show gratitude and appreciation to people who silently support you, especially your parents and the elderly in the family. Life is an evolution oriented process and standing still or looking back does not help the cause. Interpersonal relationships and interactions between family members become better from November onwards. Just remember that with little extra patience and forbearance you will be able to tide through this time too. People who felt stuck in their jobs may now see definite growth or chances to move into more fulfilling roles. The larger message for the Virgo is to remain strong-willed and not let mental fatigue creep in.
A difficulty is simply a situation with uncertain outcome and all it is trying to do is to make you come face to face with your courage, latent potential and creativity. Instead focus on digging out your personal treasure troves that this peculiar time manifests, to help uncover.

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