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The Aquarius woman and the Virgo man have actually a lot in common since they both tend to live in a world of ideas. However, the Virgo is quite different because the Virgo is always looking at the way the world exists and judging it based on the way the world should be. The Aquarius woman, on the other hand, knows that there is a distinct break between the way things should be and the ways things are, and the Aquarius, for the most part, is more than happy to live in the real world while still coming up with ideas to change the world. This both sums up the core issues of Aquarius woman and Virgo man love compatibility as well as its greatest promise. If you strip away the differences between a typical Aquarius woman and a typical Virgo man, there’s a lot they have going for them. It also leads to that secret ingredient that truly makes Aquarius woman and Virgo man love compatibility work out.
This open channel of communication, not necessarily the common interests, is what drives the Aquarius woman and Virgo man love compatibility forward. Invite one to a party and everybody’s having a good time and you see the Virgo there smiling and getting along with everybody, but deep down, he or she is disappointed. It’s not uncommon to find great authors and artists who are Virgos because of this need to bring this ideal into the real world.
One key lesson that both partners need to understand is that in maximizing Aquarius woman and Virgo man love compatibility, the Virgo tendency to be disappointed has to be addressed head on. The reality is that you can be both be impractical; you can both live your lives with your heads in the clouds that your feet no longer touch the ground. She can see that, he too, is impractical because he’s trying to hold up an imaginary mirror to the way the real world works and this always leads to disappointment and frustration. When it comes to Aquarius woman and Virgo man love compatibility, the Virgo man has to learn how to be less judgmental and to be more accepting of his Aquarius female partner’s flights of fancy and wild ideas. One wake-up call that’s needed to make Aquarius woman and Virgo man love compatibility truly work out is the reality of the relationship.
Just like with Aquarius and Aries matches, a real relationship involves digging deep into each others hearts and being happy with what you dig out.
This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Virgo man has to compromise and throw away his dreams. What this does mean is that both partners have to look at what exists and try to make the best of it. Another key component of maximizing Aquarius woman and Virgo man love compatibility is that both partners should not try to change each other.
The key to Aquarius woman and Virgo man love compatibility is for the Virgo man to not change his Aquarius female partner. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. This is a blog dedicated to celebrating and enlightening people about the 6th astrological sign of the zodiac, Virgo (August 23rd - September 22). Disclaimer: The astrological insights posted here are NOT the property of the blog owner, and I am in no way attempting to claim ownership of said information. September 1 people are tough, and able to handle the difficulties fate has in store for them. September 1 people must learn that not everyone thinks the way they do on this subject; this difference can cause misunderstandings with love partners.
Virgins born on this day are ambitious and career oriented, with an intense desire for success and recognition.
Those with birthdays on September 1 are perfectionists with clever minds and sharp tongues.
Whereas the impulsiveness of your nature can cause you to rush headlong into an intimate relationship, cautious solar Virgo makes you think twice. Whatever the business or profession of those celebrating birthdays on August 31, admiration is as important to them as financial compensation. The extremely capable people born on August 30 are rock-solid where their strengths are concerned. Most August 30 people are confident in their ability to handle most any situation, sometimes overly so. Although August 30 people often wish to set strict rules around the house, they have to fight any tendency to be overauthoritarian, inflexible, unaccepting or unfair. The lively mind of the person born on August 30 functions as a constant source of innovative plans. Virgo Astrological Horoscope Sign(August 24-September 23) The last summer sign in the zodiac, Virgo is a mutable, feminine earth sign, ruled by Mercury and usually depicted by a figure of a young maiden.Virgos are the organized, perfectionists of among the other signs. Virgo Horoscope and LoveThe wisdom of the Virgo can best be described as knowing what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Virgo Love MatchVirgo is an Earth Sign and so you can look forward to a steady life long relationship with the Virgo you love. Virgos love to set aside their analytical nature in the name of love, but they must be persuaded. Analytical VirgoVirgos are known for being analytical, often thinking things through before acting. Perfect matches for Virgos are Taurus and Capricorn horoscope signs, after these two are Cancer and Scorpio signs. This disappointment really doesn’t stem from people in general, but with reality in general.

However, there are also instances of depression, anxiety and general disappointment with life. This is why it’s very insulting to the Aquarius woman when her male Virgo partner criticizes her for being impractical. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Aquarius woman should throw away her ideals and stop dreaming.
The Aquarius woman, as I’ve mentioned earlier, has no problems with different and competing ideas in the world. They tend to be pragmatic, practical yet charming, with an approach to life that is straightforward and direct. They are, however, capable of listening to constructive criticism—always interested in knowing how they can do something better and open to suggestions for improvement. Combative types, they are ready to back up their words with actions and generally do not shrink from a fight. Furthermore, September 1 people have to learn to be a bit less serious about their careers, and not just restrict having fun to the weekend or vacation times. A born professional, you combine a meticulous eye for detail with wholehearted enthusiasm for your projects.
In love, you’re affectionate and attentive, and you show how much you care by being helpful and dependable.
Not only are they inevitably drawn in to the main currents of life, but they are also fated to stand out from those around them.
Since, in your view, function is vastly more important than form, you expect practical results from your labors. Particularly good with money, they usually enjoy dealing with finance and take great pride in the successful management of company, personal or family funds.
However, attracting people who become dependent on them due to their August 30 stability may prove to be an enormous load for them to bear. You are inherently inquisitive, with a nervous temperament that requires repeated doses of variety and change to calm it’s restive nature.
Although loving, these analytical people are highly intelligent individuals with a meticulous obsession with detail that often leads them to seem overly picky, demanding and critical. While wisdom is one of Virgo’s virtues, it’s important to note that this wisdom is mainly concerned with day to day activity, there will be no thought for tomorrow or the longer term future.
They have a tendency to be very precise and intellectual, bordering on being sceptical at times.
If you want someone who thinks and feels like yourself however, a Virgo can be a good match too, however, be careful as you are both very critical and this can lead to a great degree of stress in your love relationship.Opposites which probably attract you are the Aries, and Aquarius signs.
This is a slap to the face of her idealism because she can see right through her Virgo male partner.
This blog is for entertainment purposes only and the blog owner is not profiting from any of the information posted here. Those born on this day often have quite spectacular fantasies but demonstrate a knack for bringing such dreams down to the practical level, which can earn them a good financial return on their ideas. Considerably less patient that other Virgos, you’re more likely to act now and think about it later. However, you do not suffer fools gladly and can be down right intolerant of anyone who is not as competent or dedicated as you.
Regardless of how they express themselves socially, those born on this day are most often found working in the service of their fellow human beings, trying to improve the general state of things through their efforts. You excel at bringing order out of chaos by organizing systems and streamlining procedures and techniques.
You can be rather critical and controlling of others, but you have an independent streak that causes you to resist any attempts to restrain your activities. Although some members of the zodiacal family may be more exciting than you, none are more trustworthy or caring. Actually, however, it is mental organization and working systems that appeal to them, not a lust for property.
Naturally self-expressive and creative, you’re exceptionally fluent in speech and writing.
Virgos are most of the time very practical, reliable and typically excel in doing the kinds of work that would bore other horoscope signs to death. You will rarely find a Virgo writing a learned treatise on philosophy, while they can have, and often do have, deep emotional attachments, they will often base their obligations on the level of commitment that they receive. The Gemini’s eloquence can persuade the Virgo to let loose, something that most Virgos find pleasurable indeed.When it comes to romance, Virgos have a quiet emotionality along with strong and sometimes demanding standards.
While this often means they're better able to achieve success at work, these attributes don't benefit them as much in their personal or love and romance lives.Unfortunately, many Virgos tend to be narrow minded and look to tomorrow for answers which is self-limiting and presents major problems when trying to connect with other people on a more personal level. If you find yourself in a relationship with either a Leo or Libra be sure to learn from your many differences.
No matter what they create, its physical manifestation is something in which they must be personally involved. You’ve been blessed with sound business judgement and regularly pick up on things that others tend to miss. New ideas come easily to you, and you have a knack for formulating them into workable plans.
Although the creative impulse may incline you toward an artistic career, your common sense and realistic take on life are particularly well suited to the world of business and finance.

The pragmatic individuals born on this day are indeed ones to have around when tangible results are the goal. Shrewd and insightful, you are particularly good at detecting and understanding other people’s underlying motivations. Career fields most likely to attract your attention include education, philosophy, law, science, religion, metaphysics, sports, and travel. I believe that all art has as its ultimate goal the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine. Although Virgos don't avoid love relationships, they don't lose themselves in the identities of their significant others, keeping their sense of self and identity well intact. Of all the horoscope signs, Virgos are the most loyal and the most desirous of love, loyalty and support in return.
A Virgo female will look for a partner who is steady and reliable and she will be less concerned with sexual passion than say a Scorpio or a Leo. Since some problems simply can’t be solved, Virgos will often sit in one spot emotionally for years and not move, waiting for the problem to resolve.So, if you love a Virgo, the best thing is to keep things that might worry them off their plate. Virgos can often seem cold and socially withdrawn, particularly when enduring a poor romantic relationship or longing for true love. Relationships with Sagittarius and Gemini signs are considered to generally be problematic; however the very worst pairing is thought to be Pisces. Do some DIY beauty treatments or think about home decorating.The Love Horoscope for May 18, 2016.
Although you’re more confident and self-motivated than many of your Sun sign counterparts, you are not nearly as certain of your own talents and abilities as you appear. Full of good advice and well-intentioned criticism, you rarely hesitate before letting others know what you think of their efforts. You usually know the best way to get a project up and running and keep it functioning properly. There is something of the eternal student about you that requires constant mental stimulation. In the creative area, you have a definite flair for drama, art, writing, and public speaking. While Virgos are generally known to be careful, modest, logical, perceptive and sensitive, they can also be harsh, finicky, overly critical, cynical and self-critical. So loving a Virgo can be a very satisfying relationship, but only if you are willing to live up to the same standards today, tomorrow and the future. Your forte is your single-minded ability to focus on your concentration on what you are doing, to the exclusion of everything else. You particularly enjoy exploring the physical world in which you live and the inner world of ideas and imagination.
He will be concerned about providing for his family while being less concerned about sexual adventurism in the bedroom. Fortunately, a Virgo love horoscope for tomorrow can give them the confidence they need to make substantive change in their lives, which will lead to a more fulfilling happiness later down the road. The meaning of this position is thus interpreted by Astrologists to write your daily horoscope, your weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope or of the year . Those born on this day may have to learn to be a bit more tactful and exercise a greater degree of restraint in their language.
The Horoscope represents the forecast for every aspect of your life but generally refers to one's love life or romantic relationships.
These forecasts are commonly called "Horoscope of Love" and are based on personal characteristics of every individual on the calculation of the compatibility in personal relations of a matrimonial type or even of a simple passionate encounter. Their great struggle, however, will be to reconcile their public commitments and their private wishes and needs. And it is generally at that age when they fall in love at "first sight." In any case, these wonderful feelings are felt both in youngsters and adults, this is why we all need to meet the perfect partner. The horoscope is based on the theory that the planets have a strong effect on one's character, personality and especially on everyone's destiny. Your love horoscope will give you better understanding of yourself and of your romantic relations, helping you to guide yourself better in your life in general, understanding the meaning of your behaviour and compatibility with others in loving relationships.
To be able to discover more about your future in love, you can also consult the Couple's Love Horoscope and, if you are still looking for your soul mate, the Single's Love Horoscope! Every day is a surprise but you can forecast in advance the general trend of the month of May.Single by choice?You are happy, even when single, but has the time come for you to experience the giddy heights of coupledom? Read our Horoscope for Tonight!Precious BirthstonesMineralogy is now a science which many trust in to discover the benefits which stones and gems can give.
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