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Virgo woman is intelligent, practical with a terrible sense of duty, she is constantly busy and laden by the problems of  her family and home. Generally, she does not get  lured by words and passions, so it is futile trying to impress her with something like this. She hates clutter, dirt and misery and she requires her family members to comply with those requests. Her targets are specific, and of course she is always getting what she has put in her mind. She is cultivated in spiritual pursuits, she gets updated on current events and she does not talk much. But, she does not get deep in emotions and  sexual searches, they might disturb the tranquility of this house. Her partner must know  how to encourage and take care of her and then she will be always standing by his side.

Her hard work is incredible and her methodical mind, helps her cope with all her problems successfully.
Economy and  excellent management of financial data is and will always be there for her the necessary money for each activity with the family.
She often ignores problems in communication with her partner for the sake of a normal family life. She is full of courtesy, tact, kindness and understanding of everything which is  happening on her and others life. Her taste is classic and simple, and she usually does not like to show off.  She is always low profile and through this tactic and behavior achieves the best for her and her family.
The man in her life comes in her first priorities, often over her children and her career, without being  devoted completely.
She hates unpredictable and sudden situations in her life, so she looks for a partner who will ensure the safety and the comfort of a household without problems.

The criteria are always high, so the partner of her life should meet the necessary requirements.
First of all he should care about her problems and to certainly have a remarkable career or be in the high society.
She is formal but also distant and cold,she does not allow herself to get depended on anyone.
She is trying to protect herself at all stages of life and she is not tied to anybody mentally. She does not enjoy a very close relationship and she is always looking for inner isolation.

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