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4D Telecom is a Network Operator and one of the leading specialists in Interactive Content Services, including the UK's largest Virtual Chat Service.
4D wished to enhance its content offering and in 2002 invited a number of companies including X-on for proposals. X-on and 4D worked together to develop the TexTalk concept and X-on managed all aspects of message exchange including alternative billing methods via Premium SMS, Premium Rate Voice and Credit Card.
To answer a message or profile from a member, the process is a simple matter of replying to the text, although all messages are processed through X-on's hosted Text Chat Servers. X-on has been involved in a continual development program of the service since it was launched, keeping it ahead of the competition and interesting for the users. Members can now exchange voice messages and MMS profiles using the structure of the service. A web based Moderation package ensures that the service remains within regulatory guidelines and means that members are grouped with those of similar interests.
A chat console allows web based users to become involved in conversations and a real-time statistics package gives immediate key performance indicators and marketing return feedback on individual promotions.
Several clone services also run on X-on's servers, some targeted at particular markets or white-labeled for resellers and marketing partners. X-on hosts all aspects of the TexTalk service, including the high performance database servers required to process large volumes of text messages with minimum latency. The SMS exchange technology has found several other applications and the use of dynamic spoofing is unique within the industry. Several developments are underway to the service, including voice enabling all aspects using Voice Over IP and enhancing the exchange of multimedia messages.

For further information on X-on Interactive Mobile Content please use our Contact Form, or call Sales on 0333 332 0000. Site cookies accrue anonymous statistics: Privacy InformationStoracall Technology Ltd - Co.
Museums, Galleries, Zoos, Heritage sites and other Public Exhibitions commonly offer an exhibit and venue audio guide to enhance the visitor experience. Setting up and maintaining an in-house audio guide system is both costly and time consuming. X-on's Mobile Phone Audio Guide is a new system which uses the visitor's mobile phone to provide the commentary. Not only does the Mobile Phone Audio Guide provide a feature rich audio guide service, but it additionally generates a revenue stream for the venue, dependant on the fee set for use of the guide.
With the current extensive usage of mobile phones, particularly among the socio-economic groups that frequent art galleries and museums, MobiTour is an ideal solution for venues seeking to establish an audio guide, but preferring the simplicity and economic benefits of outsourcing the service.
For more information please visit the MobiTour site, or use our Contact Form, or call Sales on 0333 332 0000. Managing Director Chris Bradbury was impressed by X-on's innovative concept for the service which included a mechanism for Originator Number spoofing enabling participants to exchange messages with a large number of contacts exactly as though they had a mobile number for each contact. TexTalk rapidly grew to become the UK's largest billed low-cost chat service and has continued to flourish, processing several million messages monthly.
Customers will receive a small exchange of texts confirming their age and other profile details, and will then receive profiles from other members.
Members who are on Premium SMS billing will occasionally receive billed messages to charge them for the use of the service.

Integration with Instant Messaging systems is being trialed and volumes of message exchange will continue to rise over the coming year.
The Mobile Phone Audio Guide offers a simple to set up and easy to use alternative, including features not available in standard audio guide systems. For a flat fee the visitor can access the audio commentary, either in it's entirety or on a selective basis.
With no capital investment or staff involvement, the Mobile Audio Guide provides the venue with a useful service while generating an income.
The return on marketing spend was far in excess of 4D's expectations and they were able to take the concept to previously untried media such as Radio and Transport Adverts.
At the same time, they may send in their own profile which will be forwarded to other members. With the mobile phone enjoying popular status as a prime communication device, the Mobile Audio Guide will appeal to a large cross section of venue visitors.
Delivery reports are available for all messages and we boast an average delivery time of just 3.15 seconds!

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