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Season 3 (13 full episodes) Episode 13 - George & Kym Rapier: Oakridge, OR3 years agoGeorge Rapier, the founder of a successful medical management company, and his wife travel to Oakridge, Oregon, in search of deserving people and organizations in need. Although updated daily, all theaters, movie show times, and movie listings should be independently verified with the movie theatre.
For the past 5 years world renowned author, success coach and trainer, Dani Johnson has unleashed the ultimate financial weapon at her live events that have freed thousands of her clients from millions of dollars of financial bondage. Equipped with the ultimate financial weapon, Dani Johnsona€™s clients are destroying the stronghold of debt and opening the door to true financial freedom. The word is out that thousands of Dani Johnson live seminar attendees are using this weapon and paying off an average of $20,000 to $40,000 of debt in less than 18 months.
Sadly, therea€™s a war on for your financial freedom and if you are in debt YOU ARE LOSING THE WAR! This is your chance to join the thousands of Dani Johnson clients who are WINNING the War On Debt. Click here to watch a FREE video and find out how you can put this debt elimination strategy to work for you and your family. If you haven't been to one of Dani's seminars and want to learn more communication skills - You are delaying your success by not coming. In January, the Lord spoke a word that frightened me; since then, He has confirmed the word many times.
In a vision, He showed me big, influential people, as well as less-influential people, crying in brokenness, saying that the Lord has convicted them and revealed that they have led inappropriately and are returning to the Lord.
The Lord said that this would be happening all over and this first stage was the easiest of all the stages. He then showed me that the offerings were unclean; that they were a stench in His nostrils.
He also showed me a worship leader arriving 15-30 minutes early to do a sound check and then the people show up for the service and the worship leader begins to play and sing. Then, He showed me very influential people that He had raised up; people that used their influence for themselves instead of using it for the Glory of God.
He showed me a large number of people going through a series of doors, and a smaller amount coming out the other side. I spoke this only to my staff in January; then in February, March, and April, God clearly confirmed His word by letting me hear and physically see three leaders, who are known by millions and millions of people, repenting and confirming that they have been off track and the Lord has asked them to return to Him. So far this year as I have given this to many high profile Christian leaders, I have heard and physically seen many torn down.
If you are reading this, please search your heart and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the depths within you that could bring His discipline, and repent for whatever He reveals.

Dani talks about one of the most important aspects of your business and your life: Time Management. Dani shares valuable secrets that give you insight on the area of closing with direct examples from her sold-out coaching class.
Ferber, an Internet advertiser, spent time with a man Amin, an everyday Samaritan who uses his time to give to others around him.
At Dania€™s last 2 day live event 64 attendees had already paid off over $2,000,000 in debt! There really is a legitimate way for you to become free from the shackles of debt for good without even increasing your income!
If you act now, you'll get a FREE bonus video and another FREE bonus audio with Dani valued at $68 with your order! Click Here to read and listen to a few of the thousands of testimonials that have been sent to us by clients. You have not trusted me for provision; you have used manipulative practices to build your kingdom, not mine. He is watching the crowd & seeing some with tears, some with hands lifted up and others excited. The last door had a smaller amount coming through and an even smaller remnant coming out the other side. There have been 8 pastors who have died on a Sunday morning preaching from their pulpits - 1 during a worship service before getting ready to preach. She teaches some specific details about communication skills, and how these few things will help you with every aspect of your life.
Episode 10 - Debbie Johnston: Richmond, CA3 years agoSelf-made millionaire Debbie Johnston leaves her home in Richmond, Virginia, for Richmond, California in search of organizations worthy of donations. Believe it or not, what comes out of your mouth has the ability to help make your life either great or a complete disaster. I will consecrate this area of leadership as well as all those who oppress my people; those who lead in jealousy, judgment, pride, arrogance, and haughtiness instead of the Holy Spirit. 3 of which had a warning given to them about repentance and returning to the Lord, and they did not listen. We commonly judge pride as over confident, bold, brassy, and successful, but it can also be false humility, self pity, and shyness. We have been fervently praying in groaning, laboring, and weeping for ourselves as well as the leadership of the Body of Christ since this was received.
All who have manipulated people to work for nothing or to work for less: What you received counts for nothing.

He showed me Paul praying as he walked for days; he showed me Paul praying and talking with the Holy Spirit while traveling on a ship. Unfortunately I have physically watched the exposure of several pastors involved in adultery. This topic is one that not only will change your life, but the lives of everyone you come into contact with from this day forward.
The Lord said, “I did not open those doors to make you feel good or build your reputation.
He said, “Those who will NOT take heed and consecrate themselves, I will tear them down FAST and they will NEVER return to their place of leadership and influence again. Some were heads of enormous churches, others of small churches, some presidents of organizations that manage 100’s of churches.
Our desire for vindication and honor from people in high places, even our desire to be used by God in a mighty way can be rooted in pride. So a€?dona€™t be deceiveda€? as the Bible says a€?the heart is deceitful above all.a€? Ask the Holy Spirit to truly search the depths of your heart. As Ia€™ve asked myself these questions, God has revealed my true motives that were hidden under noble motives and He has set me free from things I did not even know I was bound and motivated by.
I will pour out my Spirit on them and they will receive a powerful anointing of Christ and will do even greater things than what Christ did while He was on the earth.
I will trust them with influence and give them a greater influence than they have ever had. Pride is usually hidden behind a good thing, just like the example with Evea€™s temptation in the garden.
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Roy is annoyed that tiny barista Troy is making his coffee too milky and they argue, after which Troy falls in front of a van.
At the same time Jen Just got back from a Christmas visit to Pennsylvania, where one of the hot topics was a recent episode of the Fox reality TV series which featured the town of Shenandoah, just up the road from us.
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