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As Vern Krishna beckons me into his office I realize Ia€™m dying for a cigarette, and I wonder a€“ maybe hea€™s got one for me? A A A  I delicately broach the subject of tobacco by asking if there is a humidor for storing fine cigars on the Law Society premises.
A A A  He closes the drawer, leaving the cigarette for later, and walks across the floor of the Treasurera€™s office.
A A A  A compact guy, Krishna sports a pair of spectacles with circular lenses that make for a distinguished and vaguely antique look. A A A  They find it odd, explains Krishna, that he and the other Law Society benchers who govern the 31,000-odd lawyers in Ontario work as hard as they do, putting in long hours a€“ 500 per year per bencher on average, sometimes many more a€“ and they dona€™t make a dime doing it. A A A  Living a life of tax means grappling with one of the biggest challenges in all of law: the Income Tax Act. A A A  Nevertheless it is one of the most important statutes we have, he says, because taxation reaches into virtually every aspect of human affairs. A A A  Over the years many of the drafters of the Income Tax Act have been accountants, he says, and some have a€?gone on to practice in the private sector making a fortune interpreting that which they wrote and nobody could understand, and the authors themselves could not understand. A A A  Krishna is generally thought of as a funny man, although some insist that hea€™s not funny at all but really quite serious. A A A  Those who know Krishna say he has many other fine qualities besides humour: hea€™s trustworthy, polite, and a man of principle. A A A  Trustworthiness is an essential quality for lawyers, Krishna says, and ita€™s something he tries to impart to his students. A A A  Because it was so big it looked as if it was right there, a hundred yards away, but really it was much further. A A A  Even if accounting sometimes immersed him in great frustration, he still donated a lot of volunteer time to it, serving as President of the Certified General Accountants Association of Ontario.
A A A  The rule was nothing more than a a€?costly mirage,a€? he says, because it only required a cursory examination which had no legal validity and inspired no enhanced confidence. A A A  Now that he is Treasurer, one of Krishnaa€™s priorities is a pilot project designed to improve access to justice for the middle class. A A A  Beyond these nuts-and-bolts issues, Krishnaa€™s motivation for participating in the governance of the legal profession is nothing less than maintaining the rule of law.
A A A  Krishna thinks of himself as an a€?outsidera€? who has never been part of the establishment.
A A A  Things have come a long way from 1965 when he worked as an apprentice accountant in a large Toronto firm.
A A A  People whose lives he has touched can count themselves lucky as well, be they his students, his readers, his clients, or lawyers at large. I remember smoking with him one rainy night just outside this office, on the steps of Osgoode Hall, a venerable building from the early 1800a€™s nestled on six bucolic acres in downtown Toronto.
It looks south over a cobblestone pathway onto Osgoode Halla€™s treed lawn, garden, and imposing cast iron fence, which narrowly escaped being melted down during World War II to make weapons.
Working for no money is in fact a rational economic activity, Krishna explains, if it provides what he calls psychic income. Steinberg observes that he cares about others, and always asks after you and your family with genuine interest.
At a recent Bar Admission class on professional ethics he urged students to do more than just comply with the rules. He worked his way through university doing various jobs: conductor on a double-decker bus, railway porter, kitchen assistant in a hotel. The cost of hiring a lawyer has become prohibitive unless youa€™re very wealthy or very poor. That requires aA self-regulatingA bar, he says, because self-regulation ensures the bar stays independent, free to criticize and challenge the government. A senior partner approached him and said he was a bright young man and should consider specializing in tax, one of the most challenging fields. ThoseA in charge tried to adjust the thermostat to her liking, but they could neverseem to please this individual.A First it was too cold, and then it was too hot.
It is home to the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Law Society of Upper Canada, of which Krishna has recently been elected Treasurer.

The kitchenette in his office is still under renovation and therea€™s a gaping hole in the counter where the sink should be. When he was elected Treasurer he became entitled to an honorarium in recognition of the fact that ita€™s a full-time job. Thata€™s a talent.a€? Long-time friend and colleague Larry Steinberg of Torontoa€™s Koskie Minskie, where Krishna is counsel, agrees. When the hotel chef discovered Krishna was enrolled at university a€“ a rare thing in those days a€“ he decided that he ought to be more than a mere kitchen assistant.
The walls of Osgoode Hall bear oil portraits of Treasurers past, and his portrait will eventually be painted and hung among them. On the night I smoked with him there was a reception going on, and we ran into each other, along with some other tobacco enthusiasts, out on the steps.
Rarely, he says, although he has been known to enjoy a cigarette every now and again, usually in the evening. The more time I spend with him a€“ and being a modest man he is somewhat puzzled that Ia€™m hanging around so much a€“ a€?what are you writing,A Boswella€™s Life of Samuel Johnson?a€? he once queried good-naturedly a€“ the more I realize this is a man who gives freely of himself.
But suppose another person is making $400,000 and making psychic income of $300,000 in the sense of internalized well-being and good feelings. The feeling seems to be mutual a€“ he has a sterling reputation among pupils as a droll and entertaining law professor.
When youa€™re teaching a complex subject for three hours to a group of people who know nothing about it and are frightened, if you make it slightly more palatable in the delivery it might be easier to absorb and more likely to stay with them. Some of you may remember that from your first-year Law of Contracts if you attended that first class and were not drunk. And I spent my childhood up in the mountains at 8000 feet in the Himalayas!a€? He eventually went to Harvard for an LL.M, and he also holds a Diploma of Comparative Law from Cambridge University. The fireplace was restored after the floor around it collapsed, he explains, and the workmen discovered tucked behind the mantle some calling cards of British soldiers who lived here in the aftermath of the Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837. His hair is cropped short but he has a remarkably full mustache a€“ not quite a handlebar or a walrus mustache but certainly one bushy enough to belong to the Wilford Brimley school. The thing is, though, he had to buy out his teaching contract at the University of Ottawa, where he has taught law since 1981. At a recent University of Ottawa Alumni reception one of his former students said that after taking the basic Tax course with him she went back for more, signing up for Advanced Tax.
And he always he tries to do what he exhorts other to do:A leave it better than you found it. She previously had no interest whatsoever in the subject, and even had a certain degree of dread and revulsion, but thanks to Krishna she is now happily practising tax law.
Ita€™s not such a bad thing.a€? His name, Vern, is actually short for Virender, not Vernon, although a few of his close friends occasionally call him Vernon.
By giving freely a€“ whether ita€™s his countless hours of volunteer work or his last butt a€“ he has become a wealthy man.
If that employee was going to reach the level God desired for her, itA would require a serious attitude change on her part. He calls it a a€?wash transaction.a€? It means hea€™s still in effect working for free, except now he has no income.
We had bent over backwardsA to make this person happy; now it was time for this employee to quit complaining and makeA an attitude adjustment. But if the air cana€™t be adjusted to your liking or if you cana€™t have an office with a window, ita€™s time for you to put a smile on your face and do a good job for your employer with a happy attitude.
He hired you to be a blessing!A The fact is, sometimes we dona€™t get to have everything just the way wea€™d like to have it.
If we are being paid to do a good job and to be cooperative with our employer and fellow employees, then we need to do what we are being paid to do! The day we give up that servanta€™s attitude to become a source of constant complaining is the day we cease to be a blessing and become instead a hindrance that is no longer needed on the team.A If youa€™re filled with the Holy Spirit and the power of God, ita€™s time for you to get tough! You can be victorious in any environment, even in working conditions that arena€™t exactly what you wish they could be.
In such times, they would simplyA run out of food and drink.A Yet this lack of food and drink didna€™t affect Paula€™s desire to go onward to the next town.

First and foremost, he wanted to accomplish his God-given objectives for each day and for each city where he labored.
Eating was not the highest priority on his mind.A I have personally known many people who took a missions trip and then swore they would never take another one because they didna€™t like the food they were given to eat on the trip. I amastonished when believers are so finicky about what they eat that they allow the issue to steal their joy and affect their obedience to God. Don't get me wrong, I am a finicky eater but the mission comes first.A It perplexes me when people bewail that the food doesna€™t taste like food a€?back home.a€?Of course it doesna€™t! Then after grumbling about the food, they go to an evangelisticcrusade where they expect to exercise spiritual authority to cast out demons. But how in the world do they ever think theya€™ll have power over demons if they dona€™t even have enough power to be thankful for a meal that is placed in front of them?A The phrase a€?in fastings oftena€? tells us about Paula€™s priorities.
Prisoners often contracted terrible cases ofA lung disease and died prematurely on account of these damp conditions. To make a captivea€™s stay inA prison even more miserable, the captor would often strip him almost naked before throwing himA into the cave-like cell.
The heat is turned on for the entire city on a setA day every fall, and the heat is turned off for the entire city on a set day every spring. Regardless ofA the temperature, the heat is not turned on or off until that date on the calendar. Sometimes when the weather turnsA cold earlier than expected, the citizens may live in the cold for quite a lengthy period of time. WhenA that happens, there is nothing people can do about it except dress in warmer clothes and try to keepA themselves warm.
Complaining wona€™t change the situation, so people learn to work and function inA the cold.A I admit that this isna€™t a pleasurable experience, but grumbling about the cold doesna€™t make the days pass any faster. Therefore, people mentally adjust to the inconvenience; then they live and work in the cold until the day finally comes when the city turns on the heat.
They make the mental adjustment to deal with the cold and are therefore able to live through the inconvenience.A Sometimes that is the way it is with life.
The second choice is the one God wants us to make, for this is the one that demonstrates the attitude of Jesus Christ in our lives!A So if youa€™ve been grumbling or complaining about a situation that just cana€™t be fixed to your liking, ita€™s time for you toquit grumbling and to start rejoicing. As you do, you will find the strength to endure any hardship you are facing with joy.A A As you make the choice to endure this hardship in the joy of the Lord, the Holy Spirit will fill you with a spirit of victory. And in the end, you will find that you came through the difficult situation you i»?i»?were facing much more quickly than you ever imagined you could!i»?i»?i»?i»?A Lord, please forgive me for the times Ia€™ve been a whiner and a complainer! I am so sorry thatA Ia€™ve made life miserable for the people who work with me at my job or at church.
I repent for my wrongA behavior, and Ia€™m asking You today to help me make a mental adjustment. Help me learn to beA thankful for the blessings I have and for the salary my employer pays me. I am never a source of contention;A instead, I am a constant source of blessing to those who are over me. What are some of the inconveniences you face at your place of employment orA where God has called you to serve? If your employer, supervisor, or pastor has tried to adjust things to your liking,A have you expressed your thankfulness to that person for his or her attempts toA please you? Remember a€” the person in authority over you didna€™t have to doA anything at all to please you.
Is God telling you to make a mental adjustment so you can function victoriouslyA where He has called you to live, to serve, and to work?

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