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What does Patricia mean?Patricia [pa-tri-cia] as a girls' name (also used less commonly as boys' name Patricia) is pronounced pa-TRISH-ah. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. It is pronounced Pah-TRIH-SH-ah in English, Paa-TRIY-TSiy-aa in German, Paa-TRIY-THYaa in Spanish, or Paa-TRIY-SYaa in Spanish-Latin American †. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The Romans once were divided socially and politically into two major classes, the plebeians and the patricians. Popular alternative forms of Patricia (#739 via latest list) appearing in the Top 2000 are Latrice, Pat, Patrica, Patrice, Patrick, Patrina, Patsy, Patti, Pattie, Patty, Tricia, Trish and Trisha (#1657 via latest list).

Patricia is a widely used name; it has 57 forms that are used in English and foreign languages. English forms of the name include Padraigin, Particia, Pasty, Patee, Pati, Patie, Patrea, Patresa, Patrese, Patria, Patrica, Patrice (also used in French), Patriceia, Patriciana, Patricja, Patricka, Patriece, Patrika, Patrikia, Patrisha, Patrishia, Patrisia, Patrizzia, Patryce, Patrycia, Patrycja (also used in Polish), Patrysha, Pattrice, Trisa, and Trishia.
How popular is Patricia?Patricia is a very popular first name for women (#2 out of 4276, Top 1%) and also a very popular last name for all people (#27313 out of 150436, Top 18%). Other English variants include the shortenings Pat, Patty, and Tricia (also used in Latin), and the familiar forms Patsy (also used in Latin), Patti, Pattie, Teesha, Tichia, Tish, Tisha, Trecia, Tricha, Trisch, Trish, Trisha (also used in Latin), Trisia, Trissa, Trysha, and Trysia.
Forms used in foreign languages include Patricie (Czech), Patrina (Italian), Patrizia (German and Italian), Payten (Irish), Payton (Irish), Peighton (Irish), Pere (Slavic), and Peyton (Irish). Currently it is still somewhat popular as a baby girl name, but not to the degree it was previously.

The baby name has seen a marked drop in frequency since then, and is used only on a modest scale now. Within the family of girl names directly related to Patricia, Peyton was the most popular. Baby names that sound like Patricia include Pastora, Patrea, Patria, Patrica, Patricie, Patricja, Patricka, Patriece, Patrika, Patrisha, Patrycia, Patrycja, Patrysha, Petrea, Petria, Petrija, Petroa, Pitara, Pitarah, and Pastorea.

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