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But with great honour comes great responsibility, and it falls upon me to nominate some blogs for this reward myself. Don’t floss (though I know I should), haven’t visited the dentist in a year or so, but not really afraid of dentists had four teeth pulled out when I was young and the anesthetic hadn’t quite worn in.
I once met the Duchess of Kent, and saw Reeves and Mortimer going into a pub, but I didn’t meet them in the strictest sense.
Yeah, I think I’ve locked myself out of my house a couple of times but my flat-mate was in at the time.
This website no longer exists unfortunately but it seemed to be quite  accurate, here’s a snippet.

Robin was helpful to me during NaNo, and I continue to follow her (not in a stalker way of course) and read her many six-word and three sentence stories. Do you use dental floss, visit the dentist regularly, and are you afraid of dental procedures? What’s the longest you’ve owned (and worn, if only occasionally) a pair of shoes?
There’s a bit of Irish in there from a few generations back but I think the only irish gene’s left in me are for my hair. What’s the longest time period you’ve spent playing video games straight through?

It was when World of Warcraft first came out and I didn’t have a girlfriend to otherwise distract me, so whole swathes of my time was lost to this one.
This one is not so easy, and I wouldn’t be able to compete with the fantastic words written by Robin. Well, as we don’t know H we can’t express z as a number only as a function so if h = 4 + 2 – z, then h=6-z or h+z =6 or z = 6-h.

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