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Creative, a problem solver, imaginative, hyperactive worker and respected for its resourcefulness.
Gentle, peace loving and possesses great physical strength that makes it dangerous if angered. Powerful, gifted, full of vitality, possesses outstanding leadership capabilities, quick-tempered, prone to worry, and is perhaps too fastidious.
The Goat (sometimes referred to as the Sheep) with its strong forehead and horns represents strength and fortitude.
The Monkey is intelligent with a sense of humor, original thinker, practical, carries out plans successfully, curious, observant, friendly and introvert.
The Rooster carries out the assignments conscientiously and when faced with an adversary it fights boldly. They are courageous, independent, quick-tempered, do not like to compromise, loners and have few friends that will keep for life. When most people think of astrology, the daily or monthly horoscope is what usually comes to mind. As research on the connection between seasonality and its effect on our bodies continues, it is becoming more apparent that medical astrology can in fact lead us to a greater understanding of our overall health and risk for disease. Taurus Venus governs over Taurus and controls the lower jaw, the throat, and insulin production.
Gemini The twins are ruled by Mercury, which deals with dual body parts (arms, legs, and so on) and the respiratory system. Cancer Crabs are tied to the stomach and digestive system, which is why they’re highly intuitive and emotionally charged. Virgo Virgo governs food intake and the related organs, especially the stomach and intestines. Libra Libra governs the food processing intestines that absorb nutrition, and the excrement.
Scorpio If naturally intense Scorpios get too jealous or obsessive, or if negativity motivates their actions, Pluto can wreak havoc on their reproductive systems and hormones. Sagittarius Thighs, hips, liver, and eyesight can be a concern for Sagittarians, thanks to Jupiter’s dominance. Of course, medical astrology is just a theory and many people do not conform at all to their astrological sign. Next, find the coordinating sign and read the description. For example, if you are born in the year 2014, the year of the Horse, it is believed you will have excellent communication skills and enjoy being in the limelight. Intensely defensive where friends and family are concerned, they will not stand by while others are maligned, but sometimes a refusal to listen to warnings regarding the behavior of children or other loved ones can lead to severe domestic problems.
Who doesn’t enjoy reading tidbits of wisdom found in entertainment magazines foretelling our future, love compatibility, and monetary status?
Interestingly enough, many doctors at one time used astrology as a tool to help determine the likelihood of developing a number of serious diseases. Capricorns are ambitious and determined, but those characteristics can also lead to stubbornness, which then brings about fragile bones and weakened joints. They tend to overthink things to the point of headaches, tooth issues, jaw grinding, and even facial blemishes.
A strong Taurus gives good hearing and fine teeth, but still an openness to colds and flues.

Therefore, a strong as well as weakened Gemini tends to attract common colds, whereas a weakened Gemini is also sensitive to flu and cough and tendonitis. When they bury their feelings and don’t let go of anger or pain, the moon’s influence can lead to indigestion, intestinal maladies, and acid-reflux disease. They’re naturally authoritative and confident, so if anything is causing them to feel otherwise, it can invite back problems, heart ailments, and lethargy.
Whatever month you were born in, it’s a good bet that healthy eating, regular activity, and a well-balanced happy life will keep you in the best possible health! According to the Chinese Astrologists, the characteristics of an individual could be determined from the year, month, time and place of birth. Snake-types are also adept at giving the impression they know far more about a subject than they intend to divulge, and while a strict sense of propriety prevents them from telling lies, they are not averse to double-dealing when it suits them.
Horse-types are good talkers, never short of conversation, though less quick with ready ideas. Success however can easily go to their head, bringing out a latent arrogance that often alienates friends. The Rooster is alert, joining a fundamental punctiliousness with precise attention to detail.
They have a sympathetic ear for other people’s woes and are always ready with a shoulder to cry on.
In business, they are the finishers who put the last necessary touches to a project, and in this respect they may become extremely successful financially. Medical astrology, or iatromathematics, is one of the longest standing intellectual traditions, dating as far back as the field of medicine itself. In fact, over 200 studies have confirmed this correlation, including a large study in 2003 accounting for 86 million births from all over the world.
If Aquarians don’t take time to breathe and relax, astrologists believe their fast pace could lead to arthritis, heart problems, swollen limbs, varicose veins, asthma, and increased allergic reactions.
If that disappointment becomes overwhelming, it could cause foot problems (such as corns and bunions) and a weakened immune system that leaves them vulnerable to a number of diseases. A weakened Taurus is often prone to throat infections, thyroid conditions, stiff necks, tonsillitis, and ear infections when they’re especially worried or acting stubborn. Without enough relaxation time to balance their busy schedules, ulcers, constipation, and food allergies could result. Librans thrive on pleasure (both giving and receiving), but too much of one over the other can cause excretory problems.
The latest news is always a good opening gambit, and the Horse is always keen to hear other peoples’ opinions. But it is rarely long before the Monkey’s agreeable humor and other engaging sociable qualities win them back. The problems arrive when so many projects are taken on that, inevitably, the less troublesome get lost in the sheer volume. Rare displays of violent anger are almost always justified, but wrongs are quickly forgotten, and resentment only borne against those outside the intimate circle of family and friends.
On the debit side, they are naive and trusting, falling easy prey to the confidence trickster.
One result of these studies shows that people born in the winter months tend to have a higher risk for schizophrenia than those born in the warmer seasons.

Social or domestic activities will generally need to be tailored to allow for powerful sensuality. They can also be a touch too fastidious, which in many respects explains why their creative natures are not normally fully explored. Older and wiser Monkeys are able to channel their energetic and fertile imaginations into the solving of extremely complex problems. In business and personal relationships the quieter more reserved members of the Rooster’s social circle or family may be neglected or forgotten. Colour blue.TAURUSYou are restless and move into varying occupations and pay wandering visits to friends today.
Otherwise the Pig’s genuine concern for others will become apparent through voluntary work and being a good neighbor. This is an auspicious time for important events, or to tackle difficult tasks and encounter tough people.
Colour green.CANCERYou maintain your position of power and security today as business situations stabilize. You are able to negotiate business deals and come to terms with conflicting ideas and interests in collaborations. LEOYou bring material stability and well being for the family and yourself with discipline and understanding.
You are practical and nurturing in chaotic situations where order and maintenance is needed. VIRGO The past may haunt you as you are reminded of happy days gone by and the sad situations that hurt you. Colour greens.VIRGO You experience a sense of freedom and well-being that enables you to make independent decisions and be original and creative at work today. Colour silver.LIBRA Yin energy brings positive changes in relationships and business after a short period of fluctuation, increase and decrease in finances and alternation in moods. Colour pink.SAGITTARIUS Major changes in business look destructive to begin with but prove to be positive in the end. SCORPIO Trust your intuition, your feelings and make a promise in the moment, to yourself, and the other, in love and relationships. A combined or collaborated effort in the work area is amazing, as you learn to flow with the other in creativity. You are able to focus on higher levels of consciousness and grow from a spiritual experience.
SAGITTARIUS Two Cups with lotus flowers are entwined in love with each other suggesting happiness, sharing and fulfillment in relationships today. Meditate and regain your inner strength and balance as positive developments are on the cards! Colour red.PISCES If you are unable to concentrate or infuse energy in professional and personal situations, give yourself a break to achieve stability and balance today.
Colour green.PISCES You are supported through a busy and tiring day with healing and earthy energy.

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