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That's my real name too, but since the screen name was already taken, I went with the obvious choice. Choose baby boy and girl names from a variety of categories including American, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Bible name, Arabic name, African name, Korean, Spanish, Irish, Actor, Actress, Singer, Family name. Very little information exists about our last name, even wikipedia has very little info about the surname Zelaya. Also according to my personal research I’ve noticed that the last name Zelaya tends to be associated with families that are from the Honduras and Nicaragua area.

At the time I owned two Buell motorcycles and I liked the word(play), took it as my online name, and it eventually stuck.
There's a picture of a guy sitting on the bike after this happens (strangely the guy who rode it through the house wasn't the bikes owner).
Maybe you also hate being asked if you are related to former President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya. I know, because back when Zelaya was in the news I was getting nasty emails everyday from just about everyone on the internet.

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