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I grew up thinking that Astrology had a lot to do with Astronomy, but the more I learn about astronomy the more I realize how astrology is (even more) ridiculous. I never thought twice about how the date ranges were evenly split into 12 month long segments.
The classic date ranges are supposed to tell you where the Sun was at the moment you were born, but they can be way off (or not even include your constellation at all). This work by Eric Teske is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

I figured that the typical date ranges represented the position of the sun in the constellations at some point in the past, and that people ascribed some kind of meaning to that. But once I started to learn about the night sky and the constellations, it became obvious that the Sun, Moon, and planets only pass through small segments of some constellations, and spend weeks in others.
To tell where the Sun actually was at the moment of your birth, just download Stellarium and go back in time to find out. While I don't do a lot of these, I'm not opposed to it - especially if the content is relevant to this blog.

The red borders define the borders of the constellations' regions in the sky - sort of like counties used to determine a celestial address.

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