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Through VPN, you'll have access to the University's e-services or computing facilities that are not made available on the Internet or WWW (World-Wide Web). VPN client behind the Corporate Firewall Except for Singnet, Starhub or the overseas ISP, most organisations and universities have some form of firewall implementations on their Internet gateway. In order to build-up a Remote Access VPN you can use Local Bridge function in order to connect between Virtual Private Network segment and physical Ethernet network segment. In order to allow remote accesses from client PCs to the corporate network, you must define a local bridge between the Virtual Hub and the physical network adapter on the corporate network.
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Actually, when we send data through the public network (Internet), it mostly travels in clear text, which is easy to sniff by hackers and intruders. VPN’s are cost effective, when compared to private networks like Leased Lines and MPLS Circuits. VPN helps to centralize all IT resources and allows for centralized administration of critical IT resources at Data Center’s in the head office. VPN’s allow for business continuity and faster response from employees during after office hours, holidays and even disasters. VPN’s allow for selective access to vendors and partners via an external portal in order to increase their efficiency and get work done faster. Creating a VPN with UTM (Unified Threat Management Appliance): Like how we created the site to site VPN between the head office and branch office using routers (or VPN Concentrators), we can also use certain UTM appliances (which come with inbuilt VPN Licenses) for establishing site to site VPN.
Creating a VPN using Wireless Controller: This is an interesting alternative to above two methods.
IPSec VPN or Internet Protocol Security VPN is one of the most popular technologies available for establishing VPN over the Internet. IPSec VPN is an established and field tested technology and has been in use by majority of the customers for a long period now. Since IPSec VPN inspects and drops a packet at a lower level in the protocol stack (network layer), the packet drop performance is better thereby enabling smooth functioning even in a high capacity usage scenario. IPSec VPN’s are the preferred choice of companies for establishing Site to Site VPN and IPSec has found more implementations in this segment. IPSec can implement automatic fail over to another VPN device in case the original one fails. An SSL VPN uses the Secure Sockets Protocol (SSL) technology to create a virtual private network between various sites and sites to clients using encryption and authentication over the network. SSL VPN’s can cluster VPN devices both within the LAN as well as across the WAN for improved performance, scalability and redundancy.

In case you want to add to this discussion, please add a comment below or if you want to contact us, you could do so using the contact form. Hello, I’m very interested in VPN as IT specialist , I need a VPN between me and one friend of mine ,my question is. I am a software professional and we the software team has developed an intranet based web application which is supposed to access remotely from different locations with in the vpn. It would be very helpful if you can advice me with the best methodolgies of establishing a VPN which will solve my stated issues. I need a advise as we are planning for a centralised network and planning to use MPLS and branches to access resources and internet at HO. It makes use of the Internet's infrastructure to move secured data to and from the campus network.
However if your company has a lot of computers on the corporate network, it is not practical to install VPN Clients on all PCs on your company. The difference between ad-hoc VPN and remote-access VPN is similar to Wi-Fi Ad-hoc mode and Wi-Fi Infrastructure mode.
After that, any remote computers which are connected to the Virtual Hub via VPN will be treated as a part of the existing physical Ethernet segment. It is recommended to set up VPN Server on a computer which has two network adapters where one is connected to the corporate network and another is connected to global Internet segment. Making a local bridge is done easily by Initial Configuration Wizard or you can add it manually after the initial setup.
After a VPN connection is established the client PC is regarded as a part of the destination network. That’s why companies connect their various branches by using Leased Lines or MPLS Circuits (which are private networks).
It can be established from one site to another site, one site to multiple sites and multiple sites to multiple sites depending upon the configuration, models and connection types supported by the various VPN devices. So, administrators can be quite sure that the devices connecting to the network are trusted ones. IPSec VPN’s can also establish a Site to Client VPN with devices installed with IPSec clients. Much of this protocol was adapted to Transport Layer Security (TLS) standard as well and hence it is some times referred to as TLS VPN.
You can also use open source router packages like Vyatta or XORP to create VPN’s among other things.
Using split tunneling, all communication from remote SSL VPN users to the head office internal network and to the Internet uses an SSL VPN tunnel between the user’s PC and the head office FortiGate unit.

Using VPN, off-campus students and staff can still access the University's online resources in the comfort of their home computer, through their ISP (Internet Service Providers) like SingNet, StarHub, etc.
This is the reason why Remote Access VPN is necessary for middle and large-scale corporate network. However if you cannot prepare such an ideal server, you can try SoftEther VPN Server on a PC which has only one network adapter to the private network.
Then a PC can use remotely any applications for LAN-oriented, for example groupware, SAP, SQL client and enterprise systems. This type of VPN assumes that a trusted relationship is present between the various sites or individual computers forming the VPN and it defines procedures to provide data integrity, authenticity and confidentiality across the public network (Internet). Connections to the Internet are routed back out the head office FortiGate unit to the Internet. Unlike this, Wi-Fi Infrastructure mode allows communicating computers on both Wi-Fi segment and Physical Ethernet segment. Because SoftEther VPN Server has Dynamic DNS and NAT-Traversal function, you can reach to such a private PC from the Internet.
So, companies have adopted to creating VPN’s between branch and head office networks through the public network (Internet), as Internet can be accessed by a variety of methods (Internet Leased Line, Fixed Broadband Networks, Mobile broadband Networks etc) and is easily available in all locations. SSL VPN can provide secure access through standard web browsers enabling VPN’s to be established from any computer connected to Internet. Our existing VPN establshment is in such a way that one need to use microsoft remote destop connection to connect to the remote locations through vpn. I have a thought in my mind that the way VPN is established is not in a shape to give the maximum advantage of using a VPN. Whenever the user computer sends the data, the VPN client software encrypts that data before sending it over the Internet to the VPN gateway at the edge of the destination network. Once the VPN gateway receives the data, it decrypts the data and sends the packet to the destination computer in its private network (office or home network), after that the destination computer will encrypt the returning data as well. Remote Access VPN realizes virtual network cable from a Client PC to the LAN from anywhere and anytime.
Both VPN gateways will encrypt and decrypt the communication data to ensure the security and integrity of data.

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