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Share it now!In Asian countries, there are various methods through which fortune telling is practiced and palm reading is one of them. A traditional palm reader will read your palm based on the above mannerisms to tell you about your inborn personality and potential. Of course, fortune telling is also within the range of the occult, where practitioners would attempt to predict your future good luck through prayers and divining ceremonies. Online Indian astrology is brilliant combination of ancient powerful Indian astrology with online service.
Worldwide Indian astrology is prominent for unique methods of astrology predictions that are valuable and accepted.
Lips shape are the another great part of face that shows that if your lips are wider and fuller then you are a relaxed person about the theory of life and like to talk much. Like right side of your brain is responsible for controlling your left side body and left side brain is for controlling your right side body. Your face shape also shows a lot like round face, oval face, and triangular face, square face oblong face. When we do not pursue spiritual growth for the purpose of drawing close to the Creator, our true Father, we behave as disrespectful, uncaring children. A child cannot truly grow and develop to its fullest without the tenderness, care, and nurturing that a loving parent provides. Anpu Says: We are in a time, where in the journey of consciousness, one debates the validity of the Father over the Mother and the Mother over the Father.
The Creator is a unique synthesis that sits in an invisible realm directly in between Man and Woman. The Priest mathematically understood the divine nature of both the Mother and Father and knew that the combining of the two, represents the creation process in totality.
Mama has always been there for the most part and yet we are in the current condition of debates, who and what is god, economic status, etc. Real Men would never allow for women to take the front seat in the face of opposition while he takes the back seat and cheers you on by calling you goddess, queen, and Empress. Life is a-bloom since our new zodiac year began at the Spring Equinox, (or Ostara from the old calendar) and today, is the celebration called Beltane—meaning bel-fire—ushering in the light half of the year, a time of fertility and abundance. This celebration is opposite Samhain (Halloween, or the beginning of winter) and draws a line down the center of our great wheel of life—separating it into two halves—light and dark.
In ancient times, when the Greeks traveled abroad, they had a ritual or practice of bringing a portion of their home fire with them as a blessing.
Consider our modern times ritual of Opening Ceremonies during the Olympics where this tradition remains alive today, the torch our eternal symbol. This firey ritual also found its way into women’s lives—as the virgin bride left her mother’s home to be wed—she brought with her a sacred flame from her mother’s hearth. Beginning today, Mercury, the ruler of communication, commerce and basically your normal day-to-day activities, will appear to begin moving backward in the sky, continuing to do so until December 13th. Mercury retrogrades for three-week durations (really 5 ? weeks if you count the Shadow Period). Last week was one of the most challenging weeks I can remember since my Saturn Return in 1998.
On June 2, 1998, when Saturn tightly conjunct my natal Saturn by exact degree, I was fired from a job.

Mercury has officially entered it’s regularly scheduled “out of phase” cycle of moondancing backwards in the sky (or at least it looks like that) otherwise known as Mercury Retrograde. It’s time for re-doing everything and basically no initiating what-so-ever (consider yourself warned) nor barely a hint of forward movement on the irons in your campfire. I dread Mercury retrograde the most for all its technical snafus and basic overall “STOPNESS” he hurls at my life during this three week period (April 18 thru May 11). Palm reading is a branch of palmistry that relates the lines of palm with different aspects of life. As far as palm reading is concerned, it conventionally and generally steers away from predicting good fortune and focuses mainly on the innate tendencies that can potentially create future opportunities.
Each kind of astrology follows its own terms like western astrology provides futurology on the basis of the sun sign but Indian astrology uses moon sign also that is broad and accurate to get the correct predictions of astrology. But you must refrain from long time staring because it may cause of the discomfort on the other persona€™s part.
To know about the roadmap of the particular person face reading is the best idea to implement. Like magnets, our hands  attract these forces because they carry out negative actions during our waking hours.
The ten fingers and toes correspond to the ten planets in our solar system and therefore represent cosmic forces.
Therefore, recognizing the Creator as our true Father should be motivation for spiritual growth and transformation. When we live a life without appreciation or comprehension of the Creator, we cannot grow and develop spiritually. The truth is, majority of us come from a culture where our Fathers are missing from our lives which left our Mothers to be both Mom and Dad. And of course, as I played in MagicHour last night, trying to get a nice enhancement of the clouds and got ready to post to Instagram (the flare was not produced by a filter), I noticed the face in the tree (check around 2 o’clock if the moon was the center of the dials). The palm’s shape and size along with the fingers also determine the fortune of an individual. In our great scriptures, Vedas and puranas valuable treatise are mentioned by the scholar saints. Destiny of human is divided into 12 zodiac signs where each person is owner of a unique zodiac sign.
Facial features reveals about your characteristics, weakness, character and other personality traits.
Free online face reading by astrologer is another excellent service of face reading to provide you quick results. If you see that there is a white between the lower eyelid and iris then the person is worried. Every feature on face shows something scientific meaning that is all about the capabilities and compassions.
The influences of this passage arouse an awareness of the Creator, our true source and origin, along with all other precious qualities found in children who seek security and comfort from a parent. What intrigues me the most is, when one puts the Mother over the Father at the EXPENSE of the Father. But the good news is, that even with the most challenging transits, there is always an invitation.

Palm reading and fortune telling might appear to be same as both deal with predictions on future opportunities, however, palm reading tells the potential opportunity. In branch of astrology zodiac signs reveal your life secrets including your nature and behavior.
When doing conversation with each other; by analyzing their face lines you can predict about the human nature and their abilities.
If that white is on upper side then it shows that person response fiercely about the situation.
For this reason, one must never recite prayers or blessings without first washing the hands. The day women have to take up arms is the day that she was FORCED to because of the LACK of FATHERHOOD! We offer the place RENT FREE, and in return all we ask is that the occupants learn how to remodel homes, in which they will be trained to do!
Traditionally, palm reading tells about an individual’s inborn abilities and personality. Now this service is available with apt benefits and gets them with proper initialization of the services.
During conversation by analyzing other face in certain circumstances can lead you better insight in the thoughts and attitude of the other person. Somewhat it is also well known that deeper lines on forehead also show that it is because of the inherited genes.
How is it that we can come from a culture where the Father is missing, leaving all of the responsibility on the Mother but at the same time be the most disrespectful to women? This is not to say that women can not and should not fight next to her man, but even in this situation there has been a tremendous breach of security. Conventional palm reading classifies the main lines of the palm into five main lines, specifically the life line, head line, heart line, fate line and marriage line. In this regard, fortune telling is primarily in the domain of astrology that predicts events, destinies and timelines. There are a lot lines on your face that are etched deeply on your face and it completely depends on your degree of emotions. Within this disrespect there is a deep hatred of our missing Fathers! The truth is, this anger comes from the fact that you would of loved to have had your Father around.
A woman, a divine woman, a mother, who has your baby suckling on her breast is now forced to go to war while the baby is on the breast???
This void is known for being the core reason for why Black Men turn to gangs, crime, disrespect for women, etc. As per the palmists, these lines do predict the characteristics of an individual, as per the name on the lines. A woman has another nature, this nature is rare and only bestowed upon her to nurture and sustain life, something  Man can NOT do. The whole movement of the woman being god and the man is just her son is a new age ploy used by men to manipulate intelligent women!

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