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Life path is about a broad look at the opportunities and challenges that we will be presented with in this lifetime. With all the above calculations, I kept adding until I ended up with a single digit, or an 11 or 22 – which are special cases known as Master Numbers. Numerology, zodiac and other interesting things found around you can be good sources for ideas.
Judith from Wrexham, North Wales, UK"I just wanted to thank you for casting the Full Moon Triple Cast Love Spell from the bottom of my heart. Your Life Path number is found by reducing the digits in your birth date to one (or in some cases) two digits.
Of course having the number 22 as your Life Path Number makes the number 22, one of your lucky numbers.
HOMEThe law requires me to state that the contents of this website are for entertainment purposes only. In addition to their use in counting and measuring, numerals are often used for labels, for ordering, for coding and they can also tell our life paths, expressions and our heart desires. It reveals key characteristics of our personality, the hurdles we must overcome to achieve happiness and the probable journey we will take.

This number 22 and 11 are considered as “Master Numbers” by some numerologists, astrologists and palmists.How is my life path calculated?
While I don't live my life according to numerology and zodiac and things like that, I love learning new thigns about them. I know the full moon can be powerful but I didna€™t expect such great results so soon."Charles from Smithfield, Queensland, Australia"Thank you so much for the amazing and fantastic extreme success you had in the Return Lover Spell you did.
The reaction I got just days after you cast the Sex Spell was incredible." Nina from Picton, NSW, Australia"I just wanted to share with you the best news ever! Any career that has a high degree of leadership, power and organisational skills will be beneficial for you. Any relationship needs to have this equal balance if it is to be long lasting and successful.
You can act a part, and this will be a useful tool for you in all your life, even if you don't pursue acting as a hobby or career. The numbers of your birth date are then reduced to a single number, or in some special cases two numbers called Master Numbers.
You will also find your powers of healing exist in your artistic talents.Your sensitivity can lead you to misinterpret and exaggerate criticism, leading to fallings-out over nothing.

You are not prone to emotional displays of affection or silly romantic notions and prefer a steady, slow approach to courtship. So your energy will be greater, so will you be able to tap into a greater energy than your own both, for inspiration and for comfort in difficult times.
You helped me in a great way."Terrence from Sacramento, California USA"I wanted to thank you for the Money Spell you cast for me. Thank you so much Alizon."Yvette from Singapore"The Psychic Ability Spell you cast has begun to work. Breaking up or divorcing is not in your vocabulary as you will work very hard to make a relationship or marriage succeed, come what may. And because 22 is a master number, I retained it as is.Mind ExerciseStay tuned for part two. For the meantime, you can start calculating your life path number following what I did above – you will find it interesting too.

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