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Laws of the universe states that the processes need time to mature and you can’t rush them. Laws of the universe tell us that we carry emotional baggage from the past which sometimes runs our lives without knowing or being aware of it. Laws of the universe are telling us that now, after we have solved the problems it is time to come to peace with ourselves, with all of the advantages and disadvantages, and to live with no restrictions nor exceptions.
Laws of the universe are calling us to make sure that the foundations are well placed before we proceed – because there may be problems.

Laws of the universe states that in a place where there is no light, there will be darkness. Where there is no truth – Will be lies, submission to urges, neglect, drift and loss of control.
Laws of the universe tell us that in order to succeed at something, we must sacrifice something else.
Laws of the universe are demanding that we cannot let material interfere with our personal development.

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