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Our online Free Tarot Readings give users the most widely agreed upon card and reading interpretations as outlined by renown sources, using the Rider Waite tarot card deck.
De-ClutterWe love the idea of less is more and that de cluttering your life is intrinsic to our happiness.
What I really like about your tarot readings (besides their being free!) is your no nonsense approach to the readings. Tarot major arcana - Whats the best website to understand Tarot Card meanings please dnt say something rude ? Suggestion by Scarlet MacBluI personally am fond of this site’s descriptions of the court cards. Okay so im having trouble memorizing the card meanings, so i was wondering can i like simplify the definition to make it easier to understand? Bonus: If you give a list of all the Tarot Cards with simplified meaning (one or two words) I will give you best answer and 20 points! Suggestion by Hell Kitty–returned from Hell!What do you think all Tarot readers do?!! Suggestion by No Hope Without NihilismI would guess it’s a cop out, to explain the times when the opposite of what was predicted happens.
Popular Tagsfreetarotcardmeanings comPosts Related to Whats the best website to understand Tarot Card meanings please dnt say something rude ? Although the original Tarot Card Meaning was to keep secret records of history they have evolved over time to other uses as well. The minor arcana are made up of 4 kings, 4 queens, 4 knights, four aces, and the cards numbered 2 to 10. You can shorten the meanings of different tarot cards so they are easier for you to remember.
Don’t make them up, but on most decks (Rider-Waite is the most common) the cards are drawn with symbols of what they mean. I think what you are referring to is keywords not made up meanings, and there are already many systems out there for this. This link was of no use to me, I called two places listed and neither sell tarot cards and items of the like? As a professional Tarot reader and intuitive, I have given and received thousands of Free Tarot Readings. Although there are many different tarot decks, most have the same underlying themes and imagery.
Now let’s consider the free tarot card reading that is conducted over the phone or internet. If you sense, in any way, that the reading is being conducted by an inexperienced reader with limited understanding of the cards, hang up or disconnect ! I have done my own homework in this area and I can recommend some free tarot card sites and some that are not free, but offer excellent tarot readings that I have used, and still do use.

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Psychic Readings, Love Psychic, Astrology Tarot Cards - Get an online psychic reading from one of our top psychics today!
Keen Online Psychics, Tarot Readings, And Love Advice - Online Psychics on Keen provide psychic readings, love advice, and tarot readings via Phone and Chat. Psychic Phone Readings, Live Online Tarot Readings - We offer quality psychic readings from the very best psychics.TheCircle has over 300 expert readers, Tarot reader, astrologer or an angel reader, . Tarot questions psychic readings - psychic love finder, People use tarot not only to tell the future, but to shape it through knowledge. Best Tarot CardsThe best tarot cards to use when you're learning to read tarot ultimately is the tarot card deck you like the best. We acknowledge the Jungian power of tarot card readings through the archetypal card meanings of tarot cards (main themes and types of people and situations in our daily lives) that is able to provide insight and clarity should we choose to derive it from a reading. We aim to provide a bit of daily perspective using a centuries old methodology in the form of a card game. In the days of endless tv, computers, and non stop pharma ads, we invite you to use your noodle.
We want to provide this tarot site for free, as a direct service without a deluge of ads thrown at you, mystic combo jumbo, or other ulterior motives. There is something to be said for the tarot’s unique ability to uncover and discover information about our current situations and the decisions we are faced with.
Our psychic experts help people with clear and precise psychic readings, helpful love & relationship .
Use the psychology of Tarot to infuse insight and awareness as to the archetypes in your life, how they are affecting things, and how you, in turn, affect them as well.
Try our readings to encourage your own way of seeing the world and learn how powerful a perspective shift can be! I'm trying to write a Batman fan fiction with a scene were Batman goes to a fortune teller for information, so I need a list of specific tarot cards and their meanings.
But it took me a long time to realize that it’s not just about memorizing a keyword system. Through these studies, I learned a great deal about universal symbolism and how the unconscious permeates our daily lives. What I learned from these free Tarot readings, is that the tarot depicts more than just unconscious symbolism.
Begin by clicking the card to the right for the versatile, comprehensive Celtic Cross Tarot Reading. I would like to help you with the meanings of the tarot but sadly unless I know which deck you are using I can’t just tell you their meanings. Like many tarot card readers, I base my card readings on my intuitive interpretation of the tarot and I depend on my deeper understanding of the collective unconscious and how certain symbolic images reveal universal patterns and life experiences.

They actually can reveal where a person is emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually.
The more experienced will use the Tarot Card for casting spells, while others use the Tarot Card in paintings, gifts and even for decoration. Because these days the Tarot Card serve many purposes there are a large variety of Tarot decks. As different decks have different cards and so they have different meanings for the different cards.
Keep in mind that unconscious thoughts and imagery often reveals truths about our current life situations and a good tarot card reader will utilize there own interpretations of the tarot cards to relay specific meanings for the individual being read. Online TarotUniversal Tarot ReadingThis Celtic Cross Tarot Reading continues to be the most comprehensive of all the readings. A keyword system is a good base of information to start with, but after you feel comfortable with that, listen more to your intuition. This can be very helpful with free love tarot readings, particularly when a couple is struggling. Starting here is a good place, as this works on all devices (we’re working on the others so spread the word so we have reason to make those changes!).
Often, it is not as much as a couples incompatibility as it is the discrepancy between a couples ability to merge at two different life stages. It has always been there and a good online free tarot reading is one that has uncovered that information and passed it along.
Love tarot is a fascinating and invaluable tool to get information on, not just a couple or potential couple, but on an individual as well. The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Card DeckOne of those tarot card decks that frequently on Top 10 tarot cards lists, The Rider-Waite-Smith tarot cards are a deck of many variations.
It is my belief that most couples are mirrors to each other and no matter what comes up in a tarot card reading, it will always disclose information about each individual in the relationship. This is incredibly useful if there are certain blocks an individual is experiencing pertaining to his or her relationship. Question about the HIGH PRIESTESS tarot card meaning?Question about the HIGH PRIESTESS tarot card meaning?
Also, beware that online free tarot readings often imply that the first few minutes are free.
It is important to utilize the Tarot for exploring our past just as much as the present and future. If you feel that the card reading is slightly off mark, hang up or disconnect and try another tarot reader.

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